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  1. My last mission is LT 15-3. I will help with 14 in exchange for help with 15 - high tier arty and TDs, plox. Then we try to get lucky and hit Prok/Salient/Malinovka. Lakeville can work, too, with the right tank and setup.
  2. I am trying to decide which Czech tanks are worth keeping, apart from the 9 and 10, if any... perhaps the 6?
  3. I meant to reply - I am still on the T55A - on MT15, TD15, HT12, SPG12 and LT14. So you are way, way ahead of me. If MT9 is the kill two tanks 2 tiers higher than yourself I recommend going with a big alpha medium so that you can steal the finish on bigger tanks. And spam the gold.
  4. I am basing my estimate on the numbers reported by http://en.wot-life.com/na/serverstats/ for T55A players. Scroll down and check out the the WN8 ratings by tank. The T55A and O260 lead the pack and the number of battles and the number of players with the tank are noted.
  5. Well done - no mean feat. Under 1000 T55As on NA.
  6. Hello Bunny - are you guys fielding a team for Safari? If so, do you need some tagless strap hangers? Stats in the sig.
  7. Arrrrg, K, thanks. One away. Frack. I swear, I hate running arty.
  8. Same, 'cept I am down to grind silver as much as I can W-Su to stock up before the sale.
  9. Scrub still on HTC. Thought I had finished SPG12.2 'The Striker'. Completion conditions are 1. be in top 3 for dmg, 2. get two kills, 3. survive , 4. (optional) win. Got all four conditions, but no can haz completion? Am I seeing this wrong? Has WG honored tickets on these kinds of things?
  10. I have moved from a mega scrub who run a T18 in 450+ battles (sold it year+ ago), and who ran a Hellcat and KV1S until the big nerf to running more respectable tanks. Heck, I even have 1400+ battles in a Lowe <- not a padstatser. Finally got my 60 day over 60%WR and 2kWN8, mostly solo. And then I saw, for the first time ever - purple on my little sig card. I really benefited from reading all the guides, from Garbad et al., watching Z3even's stream, Lert's, etc. I experimented with Sela's modpack, with Anfield and mixed and matched various until I found what worked. Many thanks to those that invested the time to relate some of the lessons of this (stupid fucking that I spend too much time on) game. It paid off for me. Muchas gracias, por cierto!
  11. Free XPd past this monstrosity. Ground the Val to unlock the Archer, then skipped right over it to the Achilles, which is far more playable. The Achilles is quite mediocre. No real stars in the new lines so far. Grant = Grant Brit M4 = M4 Brit HC, AT5, Jacks, M36 =,> Achilles E8>Firefly (mobility bad, not offset by +35HP alpha) Su12244, E25, T25/2 > Chally (mobility ok, depression, alpha both gimped) Charioteer - not sure, fingers crossed. Is there gonna be a launch event?
  12. Saw Smylee on Prok today - that 3200+ WN8 in bright orange just jumps out at you. He was solo-ing - he and I (lowly TEAL4LYFE in an FCM50t) were the only players over 1000 WN8 - carried.
  13. All you have to do is ask yourself, which is the sole benefiting party when tank inventories churn? Who likes to see silver and gold spent as they arbitrarily buff and nerf tanks? Why, WG of course. Thus, working as intended, comrade. Also, have a nice view range BUFF to the IS3, because reasons. As the devs, say, if you don't like it, you don't have to stay. I just decline to spend more $. Fuck you, SerB.
  14. Latest XVM now dated 22/10/2014 - I will install and report back.
  15. Another 6-7 KPH or pref MM would make the Lowe a powerhouse a lot less sucky in the right hands. It already earns quite well. My next prem VIII will be the FCM - as one's play improves, mobility > armor.
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