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  1. whyy does this alwys happpeennn a a a a a a hdasjpls
  2. Why not drop vents for the lawnmower equipment. Im wondering how useful itd be since a lot of the time bush wanker spots are just within 445m. For example steppes has a bunch of those (heavy brawling zone but the east zone is the worst offender tbh). Having them be able to shoot then hide is awful so maybe if you build it right you could completely supress those spots. Same with karelia mid and the hill lane.
  3. 121 with the turbocharger is ridiculous. It felt kind of sluggish before the patch and that was one of my main gripes but now it gets that lovely hovermed wedge feeling. Cruising at 60 comfortably is hella nice. T57 going 40 is also pretty nice too. I refuse to play the 430U out of principle so it'd be cool if someone could comment on that.
  4. Conspiracy theory time. The only reason they removed the 113 was so wg could separate the tank's gun from the wz-120s top gun. Basically they said "fuck you enjoy your stock grind or give us money for free xp."

  5. what are some really painful tanks to play right now (other than the sturer and cgc) I feel like atoning for some sins.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      Tiger II, TVP VTU, AMX AC 46

    3. monjardin


      Votes for CDC & IS-5

    4. FavreFan4ever


      Oh yeah how could I forget the CDC... makes the TVP look good imo

  6. I have not seen ensk, paris, and fishbay in atleast 500 battles. I do however see pilsen and mountain pass way way to much.

    1. ZXrage


      Ensk I can barely stomach, but Paris and FBay are horrible to play. I can only ban Paris, though :'(

    2. flare_phoenix


      you don't want to see fish bay meows

  7. Oh neat. So i can make a trail without spamming the map? Nice
  8. I would play the shit out of the t77. Perhaps shave off 4 seconds off the clip and you're good tbh.
  9. does that tank have black hole side armor going on like the is-3? i know literally nothing
  10. Havent read the thread yet but I immediately thought of stacking designated target and radio set and the idea of that makes me wet. The thought of an extra 6 seconds to empty a bat clip or 4 on a t57...
  11. skip all of them because they are BORING to play with a few exceptions. 1. IS-3 but that's because out performing tier 10s in your tier 8s is absolutely hilarious along with being able to snap shot anything in your wake in addition to facing FUCKING TIER SIXES AND SEVENS. (Is-8 didnt really have the same magic and I sold that shit after like 70 battles) 2. A-43 in triple platoons because you essentially have like 240 alpha every 2 seconds when you just yolo around like idiots. Like I remember eating a super pershing alive with my friends. 3. The Mt-25 used to be fun with the 37mm but they removed that for some unknown reason despite it being the opposite of op. Everything else can rot I don't count the T-50/T-50-2 because they are reward tanks.
  12. This is why I use the 155 on the rhm
  13. The defender was the mark of the end times bringing pestilence upon the land and conspiracy theory. The vk was brought in to justify it's existence
  14. But my T95E6 ;-; Let me have this one thing Please dont make me buy back the stb purely for ranked.
  15. Would buying the t54e1 be a smart decision. I loved that tank but I don't know how well it'll do with armor inflation and the like considering the fact that I last played it in 2017.

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Emil II has good armour and pen and higher alpha though. It is just better, although the gun is derpy as fuck.

      I picked 120 for the 4 shell and the fact it is pretty shit. I think the Swedish autoloaders play a little differently to other autoloader tanks as they can hull down, starting from tier 9 quite well.

    3. hazzgar


      @Snoregasm2 It is better but it's the closest tank in stats. It's Take t54e1, lower clip potential and unload speed for hull down, pen and hp. 

    4. sundanceHelix


      I played the T54E1 only very recently. It was ok. Not amazing good, but surprisingly it was bearable. Perhaps I'd expected far too little from it (shitty gun handling and all)

  16. 5KD8BFo.jpgAlmost 10k spotting damage in my T57 on Prok LUL

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    2. sr360


      @hazzgarNo, TOGs are only for farming. Ah, good memories of TOG rental weekend...

    3. hazzgar


      Yes. Any T5-T6 derp with heat had a ton of fun. 

    4. sr360


      I had a 5k damage game in an E25...


  17. Empire's Border is just a bony version of Karelia and you can't tell me otherwise

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    2. Kymrel


      The hate is mostly that it's yet another corridor-feast, where switching flanks takes a long time, as does going back to defend. In addition, the biggest fight usually takes place in the middle (especially on encounter) which is horribly unbalanced. The team spawning in the south-east has a massive advantage on the middle.

    3. Snoregasm2


      @Kymrel I understand it is still a corridor map, but as far as those maps go it allows a fairly fun fight, with consistent HP, with cover from arties and TDs.

      Agree on the SE spawn, which is why if I spawn NW I also go to the SW corner rather than the middle, as you have the advantage there and fast tanks can get easy early shots on the enemy getting to that corner. Once on that corner you have better cover from enemy TDs than the equivalent push does from the SE spawn. That often allows you to flank the enemy middle.

      I'd also say the NW spawn has the better approach to the middle of the map from the centre, i.e. through the gap right in the middle of the map.

      The map isn't balanced in terms of both sides are equal in fighting in the same location, but i'd argue it is balanced in that both sides have good areas to go to early where you'll either have an advantage or if you're overmatched you can fall back fairly quickly safe from arty/TD fire.

      As for defending the base, again if you see it early enough it is piss easy to fall back and then defend when you get there, particularly the SE base. I guess slow tanks struggle but the slowest tank I play is the Defender so I guess i don't really notice that aspect of it.

    4. kolni


      No because while you win SW corner most of the time it is close to impossible to push further without getting farmed. North spawn has the advantage at the actual corner but you gain very little map control because 1 TD locks it down close to every game. South spawn has a much better mid and a much easier time pushing it giving it some strategic value still. 

      North spawn has a better north but tanks don’t go there and you won’t have time to flank because your team will fastcap it..

      It’d an okay map for damage but absolute dogshit for reliable gameplay.. 

      North spawn has an easier time decapping with solid cover to use and not having to drive into a double bush for 300m straight at least.. stupidest bush in the entire game lmao 


  18. Just to give you an idea of how abysmal this tank is the lowest ace I've gotten so far is 1017 base xp
  19. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5186505#karelia-meows_really_heckin-churchill_gun_carrier Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written. over half blind btw http://wotreplays.eu/site/5186508#widepark-meows_really_heckin-churchill_gun_carrier
  21. Remember when this forum went through a taylor swift phase? Like what was that about. Pretty wack.

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    2. Raj


      3dpd ever


    3. Haswell
    4. Expendable_Lad


      So...Tay reunion tour on Wotlabs then?

  22. 3 marked the wz-120 and honestly disappointed that it didn't give me the dopamine spike that 3 marking tanks did a couple years ago.

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    2. hazzgar


      @SkittlesOfSteeI I'm getting anti depressants and anti panic attacks meds too but I have a shit ton of ADHD. Though Adderall is fun only for shit people imho. If you are at normal levels of dopamine or you take too much you're just an annoying fuck with too much motivation and energy you can't really use. Also panic attacks will be more common and you will have to take more panic attack meds. 

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I've actually become really good at sublimation so my anxiety isn't debilitating and kind of the opposite some times. Thing is I haven't been able to find a way to channel my 'brain static' and adderall and things really help with that.

    4. hazzgar


      You do realize that may be a symptom of ADHD? I'm not hyperactive at all, you don't need to be for ADHD. 

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