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  1. Oh hey I forgot about this thread. This tank is trash btw. It shoots potatoes so enjoy trying to hit things. On the other hand the mark reqs are so low jumped from 83 or so to 96 in one mediocre game. 3k to get the mark to stay still at in the high 90s so anything after is pure profit.
  2. You forgot that this game is predominantly played by idiots! Just cause a tank is frustrating doesn't mean it can't perform. Once you're within 200m the gun stats don't really matter and the patriot has marginally better gun stats than the 112 to begin with.
  3. Tvp looking kinda cute though. I really hated it for the first 100 games but its actually kinda relevant still. I blame turbo pog

  4. 240 alpha tier 8s arent the move tbh unless you're like an fcm or... yeah an fcm. Personally I want a 112 if you're into 122mm bullshit. Genuinely a scary tank, meanwhile, I see is-6 i see food. Is-6 has a pennable front plate and stupid cheeks so anything with 212 or so pen doesnt really care. Stupid china knock off can just face smash into things because its like 200 anywhere on flat ground so you're basically immune to mediums unless they spam gold and even then its still dicey. 250 heat is arguably a better gold round too. Oh yeah and I tried to turn in the jgtig 88 once.... Once
  5. I dont know how much hp it has but anything that can stop 4x390 or 5x320 from killing you most of the time is huge.
  6. lAI61Zg.jpg
    Alright I need a break from that. T54E1 next whenever I get around to it.

  7. I want a refund on the stupid names I gave my crew members. I put minimal effort thinking of mildly amusing jokes damnit
  9. I am fucking disgusted with myself. T54E1 is actually gross again.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rexxie


      thats gross

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      T54e1 was one of my favorite tier9s like a decade ago. The rework almost makes me want to reinstall


    4. Shrewarmies


      Just bought this thing but grinding out the big gun. The lord wants me to suffer :P

  10. I miss the ability to rush the enemy's back road up top and farm the hell out of slow nerds but I guess thats the kind of thing they want to reduce because its frustrating to deal with. Otherwise yeah it feels the same and I love how mid is opened up
  11. Purchased: The Object 140 successfully purchased. Spent credits: 4,270,000.

    only took 7 years

    time to not play it

    1. echo9835


      How many tier 10 tanks do we buy, play a few times, and then never touch again?

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wait till its buffed

    3. ZXrage


      I wanna get the tank while it's still on-track but I can't be assed to grind my T-54 lmbo

  12. past me would be surprised with me saying the 57 kind of outclasses the 50b by a fair bit but here we are. Obviously the turret on the 57 pokes way better but the real kicker is engagements can be so short being able to spam that c button is actually a huge advantage. The 57s extra clip per minute just provides so much more flexibility in comparison to the 50b's speed.
  13. as a they myself I was just doing a lil nod of appreciation
  14. Kewei's e1 take actually still holds. 1600 clip with that mm is ridiculous. Stb1 got nerfed with the gun change cause the increase in dpm isnt worth the loss of alpha. Buzzsawing through things just doesnt happen enough.
  15. For the record the gun basically handles just as well as other tanks in tier Only difference being the 121 has a longer aim time which doesn't really matter because for me it's incredibly rare to find myself n a position where I'm still waiting for the circle to shrink . You're guaranteed to be rocking back and forth and wiggling almost all the time.
  16. The former. The gunhandling is already pretty good. I dont really expect to make ridiculous snaps but you usually have the aiming circle mostly arounf what you want to hit so I just let it fly (basically quantity over quality). Also knowing how to minimize the time you spend aiming is an incredibly useful skill. I main autoloaders so I'm already used to "bad" gun handling but theres also the t49 which is a great tank to practice on
  17. How could you forget the dick measuring. Whoring ourselves out for dee pee gees, pubbies asking about wn8 everytime a new tank was released and honestly though this forum had more homoerotic undertones than Shakespeares plays
  18. AGAGAHAHAHHAHKSF TGHAT FUCKING CHINA 122 HEAT SHELL SPEED NERF 64) M/S I AM WZ-ING Good to see the 121 further solidifying its place as the best russian medium though. (430u is disowned) Having the turbo on it is already mad fun on so being able to bully people at 62 km/h is extra spicy.
  19. whyy does this alwys happpeennn a a a a a a hdasjpls
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