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  1. BeastMode707

    Who Wants To Be My Friend?

  2. BeastMode707

    NA west platoons

    Feel free to invite me too.
  3. BeastMode707

    Is WoT worth coming back to?

    Reinstall for soccer tanks, so worth it.
  4. BeastMode707

    WoTLabs World Cup Football Thread

    I agree with everything you said except the "doesn't strike me as a place remotely interested in football" I have been in the middle east many times and I can tell you that Soccer/Football is nearly the only support they play, whither you are talking about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or any other country. You see kids playing 10v10 in the street without shoes every other block.
  5. Fastcapping Skirmish 17 final FTW. Cancer strats best fucking strats. Sorry DOS, no ragrets.

  6. BeastMode707

    FV4202 10K DMG - The way it's meant to be played !

    Still a terrible tank. Very well played by that guy though
  7. BeastMode707

    So I just got banned...

    Appeal that shit. Fucking WG.
  8. BeastMode707

    Mig's Overly-Aggressive Replays

    2/10. Would not bang your replays. Would bang your stream though..
  9. BeastMode707

    Garbad's Thread of Solopub Domination

    This, I would watch alot more replays if they were on Youtube.
  10. BeastMode707

    Soccer (football 4 yurofegs)/World Krup Thread

    I swear on my mum m8 Brazil is winning.
  11. BeastMode707

    What keeps you playing WoT and not other games?

    Platooning with friends and the community, if I hadn't joined Relic and been running solo I would've rage quit a few months back.
  12. Guess who told you that your mods were OP 3 hours before you got banned? Dis guy! Welcome back man!
  13. You have to watch this, Thanks Anfield. This is fucking hilarous:

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      Hahahaha, that was hilarious! ^^ A little too much chlorine in some gene pools. Give us moar, MOAR meme-vids, Anfield!