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  1. Hello, I am returning from a 1 1/2 year break! I just need a few simple questions answered since I am completely lost in my old fav game! Best mod to install and how to for mac? (yeah ik mac blows) Any guides I can watch for advanced gameplay and basic gameplay? to get my groove back I have the type 59 premium tank, any other premimums I should buy for credit making? Any trees I should go up, not looking for clans or anything organized just looking to have fun while I do college since surgery puts me out for a long time! Any general advise? http://worldoftanks.com
  2. Can someone remind me of the strongest tanks currently because i came back from another break and would like to know how the meta works? i would appreciate it! also any new information i might know. off topic question: i play world of tanks on a mac can someone redirect me to where i can find mods for mac? good to be back
  3. I am trying this right now and will get back to you if it works.
  4. Does anyone know how to play WoT on a iMac I am very disappointed its not officially on mac yet.
  5. Before I go on this might be in the wrong section and my apologies for that. I haven't played world of tanks since the T57 came out (8.6 8.7?) and now it is on patch 8.11. So what I am trying to ask is can someone in one paragraph or more tell me what i missed that is very important in those patches. A few questions major nerfs? major buffs? Did T57 get nerfed? did is-7 get buffed? did t110 get nerfed? I would love u forever if u answered and will give everyone who answers +1
  6. In my mediums, I do damage late on in the game (once most of their big boys are done). In my heavies, I have the exact same problem, I get to the front line deal about 2000 damage then die, but I have been experimenting and recently I have been surviving more and more which = way more damage. For tank destroyers, I overheard someone say in the first few minutes of the game, get your td to the spot where you know the most fighting will go down early in the game and fire 1-3 shots, then relocate to a sniping position. You have around 1300+ damage from those 3 shots and you helped your team take
  7. How much experience till you research the IS-7? The 8.8 test server is coming out soon, so when it does be sure to hop onto it and get the is7 and experiment with it. I used it in the 8.7 test server and I realized no matter how good people aim, the IS-7s frontal armor is extremely troll, so I used it best when I played it as a brawler.
  8. Wonder why it matters, all that should matter is winning. VK, certainly has to much time on his hands
  9. It is never to late to become better than you were before. Maybe your stats are so messed up that changing them will seem impossible, but whats worse? Having bad stats and playing like always and continuing your streak of horrid playing or having bad stats and playing like a unicum?
  10. The IS-6 really does not print the type of money you are looking for because you have to shoot premium consistently to do damage. The FCM, I have never played so it is out of my jurisdiction, however if I were you I would wait for the 112 (only probably a one month wait) and buy it because that tank I heard is going to be printing mad credits.
  11. Credit grinding is a huge drag. Even with the Type 59 grinding credits is long and tedious. I hope the special has tier 9's half off and equipment, then I will go crazy.
  12. The T32 is truly a beast. Only downside I can say is the guns penetration, but the armor, turret, depression and mobility of the tank make it so damn durable and for me tanks that can take a beating are my favorites. (seriously considering repurchasing it.
  13. Are any of you guys going to play the mediums in the test server? If you guys do, mind rallying if the grind is worth it to us? because they seem to put the test server a few days right after they release the new patch.
  14. First let me say this, amazing. One of the first pubbies I've met that took some time to look for help to get better. Addressing your questions. 1. The T49 is not spoiling other tanks for you because that's how the game usually goes in higher tiers. You try to hide and not get hit while delivering absurd amounts of damage. The T49 is like the 1S, the type of tank you master to get better at your higher tier tanks. 2. I honestly don't know if the Batchat has good camo, but it has a lot of downsides to it. I was playing it in the 8.7 test server and it has no gun depression, modules
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