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  1. Hey Assad, I'm currently at 64% after 120 games in this tank, with 3.3k average damage. I'm having a really hard time finding the correct positions on maps that are not huge open areas like malinovka, phrok, sand river, etc. I simply cannot be consistent on maps like ensk, himmelsdorf (fine when there is no arty aiming hill at least), and a few others. It's a night and day difference when you can go as high as 7k damage in a easy game on erlenberg, and 1.2k on Abbey. 

    I like the tank a lot though, and will probably not stop using it.

    Do you happen to have any tips and tricks for maps like these?

  2. Why you'd buy "good" mice:

    • Ergonomics
    • Build quality
    • Eyecandy
    • Adjustable DPI
    • Extra buttons

    Why you wouldn't buy "good" mice:

    • "Performance"/"Response Time"/any of that baloney.

    Anyway, story time - for the past 6 months to a year, I accidentally have been using my mouse with the windows mouse speed setting cranked up. For anyone who doesn't know, this is probably the worst setting you can change - not only does it make your sensitivity different than what you're used to, but it makes your mouse "skip" pixels. It's basically like having your mouse move around as if it was on a smaller monitor. I only noticed because I was swinging my mouse around in the garage and noticed that moving it on diagonals made the mouse act really funny. RIP

    Reminds me of this:

    I always follow this tutorial to remove all the mouse acceleration crap that comes with windows/mouse software, and also the correct windows setting for the dpi slide:



    I simply can't use my mice without doing these steps.

  3. Wait, I just noticed this.



    • Penetration of the BR-472 shell for the 122 mm M62-T2 gun reduced from 258 to 240 mm.

    Why the hell would they do this? Nerfing medium pen is one thing, but these are frontline heavies which face angled E-75s all the time. They *need* good pen to work.


    You just answered your own question: They are frontline heavies, they will do ok with that pen at close range

  4. I can totally see where this is theoretically headed: They want to bring more skill into the game with quicker aim times and worse penetration so that you have to aim for weakspots again.


    Really like this, makes total sense.


    I has the sads about gold rounds though, calling 10 mm a nerf is hilarious. I have no doubt we will see even more gold flying.

  5. heheh, expect the changes to happen in two or three years, given WG's soon™ technology:




    - it's possible that the planned penetration nerf will bring compensations in other gun characteristics (such as accuracy)
    - exact penetration changes for specific tank guns were not decided yet, only the general concept was
    - it's too early to tell whether it will be possible that the same gun on different vehicles (for example TD and HT version of the German 88mm L/56) will have different penetration in each version
    - it is possible that the penetration nerf will come with a vehicle XP- and credit-earning buff to compensate for the less overall damage dealt by nerfed shells



  6. who says they nerf those?


    pure base on this number it seems all the paper snipers:

    - leopard(s)

    - brits

    - amx-30

    - STB


    keep there high pen, while the heavy like meds M48 (gets armor buff) and E50m, aswell as the all-rounders (ru meds) get a nerf


    I myself really hope WG will finally use pen as balancing factor (again), same on tier 9, M46, T54 and E50 have low pen and rest good, others have high pen and rest bad


    gold ammo ruins this balance, but that can be fixed, but giving some tanks good armor / mobility and less pen, while others, like Fv42 are a worse platform, but get high penetration will make stuff much more interesting


    leopard vs E50m, 270 vs 240 pen


    This is from march, before patch 9.7, when penetration nerfs were first leaked:




    -Most arties got a major view range nerf between of 30 and 50 meters;

    -Foch 155 aim time buffed from 3 to 2,8s, penetration nerfed from 293 to 272mm;

    -Batchat got a stabilization buff (accuracy on the move improved by 12 percent), penetration nerfed from 259 to 249mm;

    -Leopard Prototyp A and Leopard 1 penetration nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;

    -Leopard Prototyp A got a stabilization buff (accuracy on the move improved by 9-10 percent), and reload time got buffed from 11,1s to 10,9s;

    -Leopard 1 got stabilization buff (22 percent);

    -E50M penetration got nerfed from 270 to 259mm;

    -Jpz E-100 penetration got nerfed from 299 to 278mm;

    -Type 61 top gun and STB-1 gun penetration got nerfed from 258mm to 248mm;

    -STB-1 got stabilization buff (12 percent) and the gun aimtime was buffed from 2,3 to 2,2s;

    -Charioteer, FV4202 and Centurion 7 top gun penetration nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;

    -FV4005 and FV215b (183) AP shell penetration got nerfed from 310mm to 288mm;

    -Firefly viewrange increased from 360 to 370m;

    -M48A1, M60 gun penetration got nerfed from 268mm to 257mm;

    -M48A1 Patton got accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 33 percent less accuracy);

    -T110E3 and T110E4 penetration got nerfed from 295mm to 276mm;

    -T110E4 got accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 17 percent less accuracy), aim time was buffed from 2,9s to 2,8s;

    -T-62A, Object 430, Object 907 and Object 140 penetration got nerfed from 264 to 253mm;

    -Object 263 penetration got nerfed from 290mm to 270mm, stabilization got buffed by 12 percent and reload time got buffed from 10,7s to 10,5s;

    -Object 268 penetration got nerfed from 303mm to 282mm;

    -Object 704 and ISU-152 (top gun) penetration got nerfed from 286mm to 266mm;

    -Chinese 121 tank penetration got nerfed from 258mm to 249mm, reload got buffed from 9,6 to 9,4s and there's also  accuracy loss from moving turret buff (you now lose 14 percent less accuracy).


    I see no reason for them to simply nerf half of the high penetration guns and leave such tanks alone. It would only cause a shift in tank usage, tier X would be infested with leos and E50Ms would be rusting. I know WG is stupid, but doing that would be way beyond stupidity.


    So yes, I guess we just don't have a confirmation yet.

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