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  1. i guess i should not say i want to the the worst, i want to be constantly improving by playing with players that i could learn some things from.
  2. Hello friends, looking to get back into a clan that does clan wars and stronks but also platoons. I am looking to be one of the worst players if possible so i can improve and learn how to tonk.(i am on east coast) Also if im just not quite there could you please let me know what i need to work on My 10s: 62a,140,e5,is7,50b,leo1 and e100
  3. One day I will be able to apply to simp <3
  4. yeah i would recommend the kv1 not to to slow but very good armor if used correctly and has a very decent gun, possibly grind up to the hellcat for a faster more supportive roll than a heavy. Those are the two lower tier tanks that i enjoy playing and you can learn and do well in them.
  5. SHHHH people are not supposed to know that
  6. Hey i am just looking for some fun people to platoon with while also improving my gameplay, i play more often solo and would like to change that, possibly have at least 2 other decent/good player on my team. I am by no means awesome at the game but have somewhat of an understanding on how to play. Thanks, PopeEvan
  7. I do also have an E5 and my t54 needs about 70k exp till i can get the 62a. Also for tiers 8s i have an is3, t69 and amx50100(need to re buy amx and t69).
  8. Im guessing fv4202 and e50m are not viable clamwars tanks?
  9. well my response was stupid but i will deff check back in once i get some more 10s
  10. wish i could get tier 10s as fast as your response lol
  11. Congrats guys very awesome site, starting to learn alot about the game
  12. Very nice set up! and if so i want one too
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