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  1. The OODA Loop summed up: "It's always my turn and never your turn."
  2. Its slower and has less depression. Pretty much no good reason to get it.The Ltwt plays almost exactly like a faster T-54. For me, that IS the reason to get it. It is a scouty medium more or less. Great fun to drive. The RU (until it gets nerfed; yes, it will get nerfed) is the best T8 light. I just prefer the comfort of the T-54 Ltwt.
  3. Move the crew. The T54 ltwt is pretty good for Campaigns and T8 Stronks.
  4. For a medium like the T-34-85 where you really, REALLY do not want to play peek-a-boom, GLD gets much less benefit than Rammer. That said, everyone has their own playstyle. Maybe it works for him. Rammer is extremely useful when you get in close or are in a turning battle. You REALLY will appreciate loading 0.6 seconds faster. Exactly.
  5. Unless WG opens up the API to show spotting damage or WHEN damage was dealt in the game then WN8 is probably the best we are going to get (assuming every 3 - 4 months the expected values are revisited/adjusted).
  6. While the armor can troll bounce every now and then the SU-122-44 really doesn't have the armor or hitpoints to lead the charge. You should almost always play second line if possible. Use the good speed to relocate as necessary. Very rarely, you might need to use the speed to rush a spot/tank in order to bully. SU-122-44 excels in cleaning up in the last third of a match.
  7. Rammer, Vents, Optics. GLD is only good if you are standing still. That is a bad idea.
  8. Thanks for the giveaway and the great forums and stats tracking. As a note, I would not like the B2 code.
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