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  1. I like how WG can make balance changes within individual test server iterations, yet they still try to tell people that it takes years to balance clearly broken stuff on the live server because they "need more data".
  2. How in the world is this OP? I have a Panzer II J, and this thing looks nothing like that level. Compared to the T-46 (which is about the same size and gets the same gun), it's got noticeably less mobility and somewhat lower RoF in exchange for a decent improvement in gun handling. I can see you arguing that it is too powerful for a premium or gift tank, but game breaking OP? If this was WG's idea of too OP, they'd have to nerf or remove half the tanks in game.
  3. RSR quotes the guy as trying to make it clear that it's a bat chat rebalance, not a nerf. I also don't think that WG is shit at balancing, just that they have many aspects of their balancing process that leave much room for improvement.
  4. I recall in one of the old Q&A things with Storm and SerB from ye olden days where they say pretty much that. Nerfing tanks is bad for money, people see their favorite tank become worse or the vehicle they're working towards is no longer appealing. Buffs make the owners of said tank happy and encourages others to get one as well.
  5. Reminds me of the good old days on the official forum where people were trying to argue that the KV at tier 5 (back when it was effectively the KV-2) was perfectly fair and balanced because derpy gun and long reload or something.
  6. All I see are memes. The whole knights and crossbow analogy is a poor one in this case. Unlike ye olde knights in shining armor, WoT is a game, not an arms race. Maybe we should start adding modern MBTs? After all, WWII tank drivers are just butthurt that the tank they've learned to like is completely outclassed.
  7. WG probably realized that no one was bothering to go for the AMX 30 mini line, so now they need to make up for those lost profits and get people jumping on the tanks I guess. They probably did need a buff I guess, but it just looks silly now.
  8. I know that the kill cam does not account for shell drop, so that's likely your issue.
  9. Well it's been at least a year since TI's even been on my PC and even longer since I've even opened it, so perhaps I am remembering the color stuff wrong. Regardless, I highly doubt we need to worry about WG releasing the thing with 225mm front armor.
  10. I've seen certain tanks end up with like 300mm of roof armor at certain points in test servers, so still possible it's that, assuming the gradient thing they have is even accurate. I don't have the thing downloaded so I can't give any examples, but I've never liked using it as any sort of reference. Also, just look at the model, does it look HD? It's still low poly, still has doors and vision ports as weak spots, still looks exactly the same as the existing one. I can assure you that the HD model will be different in all three areas. A red to green gradient is very obvio
  11. Calm your tits people. I've got to assume that none of you have really looked at that in an armor viewer before because that not only is the current SD hitbox, but that tiny pixel of 225mm isn't anywhere that you'll ever hit in the first place (it's a very tiny triangle inside the tank that the game uses as a pivot point for the mantlet and gun. Open tanks.gg, load the tank, and it'll still tell you the armor is up to 225mm. Have fun spending all day looking for that 225mm. Front still shows as red in the tank viewer because of how it assigns colors to thicknesses. Tanks.gg d
  12. I don't know if it's legit P2W since I barely play high tiers in the first place, but the T29 and especially IS-6 are apparently rather good for what they are. With mid and low tiers, generally speaking, if a premium is OP, it's because gajiin is shit at balance and not intentional P2W. I'm fairly happy with not really going above BR 6.0. Regardless, I'd say WoT is worse with all their Chryslers and Defenders and other such nonsense. At least in WT, tier 4 (or tier 8 in WoT) is more tech tree tanks than premiums.
  13. Tiers in WT really only matter when it comes to economy and all that. BR is what determines what you will see, so whatever BR in your lineup is the highest is what decides the MM for you. I'd argue the grinds aren't nightmares compared to WoT. No stock turret with shitty armor to worry about, no stock guns that can't pen tanks of the same tier, no stock engine on your LT giving you 12hp/t, etc. What you see instead is needing to research fucking repair kits and fire extinguishers. Sometimes you'll get a gun with awful stock ammo (the aforementioned T92) or a gun that can't hit
  14. I've not played it much since the tier 5 grind got unbearable for me, but it does certainly get better with APDS (don't have HEAT yet). The walker bulldog gets the same APDS anyways, so you should already have an idea for how it feels. Don't put your KV-1 in the same lineup as your T-26 and BT-5. Problem solved, it's that easy. You wouldn't platoon a tier 3 with a tier 8 in WoT and complain it sucks for the tier 3, would you?
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