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  1. Yep, usually Pandora on shuffle or sometimes my itunes. It is widely held that I have unusual taste tho.......
  2. Perhaps this is the wrong place to put this. I do not even pretend to be wise in the ways of tanks and/or forum topics. Just a fat old man digging his PvP. Is there any tank in the game as pure fun as the FCM? Hory sheet this thing is just a blast. T-54 prem spam? Yes, a blast, but at my skill level, credits intensive. The FCM is just a rocking good time. Are there others I am missing for just pure unadulterated fun? Yes, I have a BDR, it rocks too, but not nimble enough. As somewhat of a tank collector, I never sell a tank I enjoyed, I have not played them all yet, but have played ma
  3. Guess I would have to lose the 'L'.
  4. Only smoke cigars anually during an event with my brothers. haven't really learned to like them. But hey, to each his own.
  5. It's a bucket full of meh. I'm a tank collector and I didn't keep it.
  6. Very nice, fodder for the Crommie nerf tho......
  7. Hmmmm, check my stats before you consider my opinion. I however love the Super P for it's money making potential. I got the gold, firing premium rounds really doesn't hurt me, but I rarely fire them, in the Super P (full gold on the Pz1C causes SOOOOOOO much angst). Super P with it's weak pen makes me work aiming, gotta hit those weak spots. Look around, your decision.
  8. Lots of good advice here. As a hockey player and coach my best advice is to 'find your edges'. Everything about skating relies on your edges. Hockey stop is the only stop, once learned you never forget it. It is something you have to commit to and accept there will be a few spills learning. Once you find your edges it is important to learn to skate backwards as easily as forwards (I was a goalie, I'm actually more comfortable skating backwards). I would save learning to step over until you know you can stop decently. Playing hockey is one of the best ways to get very comfortable o
  9. If there is somewhere in between, with naked Amish people, I'm not interested.
  10. Movement warning on the T95 was hilarious.
  11. Just in case anyone didn't think these two were shitters already? Personally, I have mixed emotions. What did you expect allurai? and Sucks for the rank and file of OTTER, always been fairly cool in my eyes.
  12. As someone who watched a lot of May Day parades and said 'WTF', this may be the real deal, but I'll reserve judgement until we see more than 10 of them in operation. May Day has always been a showcase for wishes.
  13. IS-6 absolutely. FCM also. CDC is cool and all, but you specifically asked about prem MM. FCM has it, CDC does not. Further, sample size and all, but why do CDC drivers insist on charging/peek-a-booming my FCM? I am not the lord god shitstorm of tanks but it never works out well for them. Maybe I am just lucky to draw the tards with a credit card.
  14. Interesting read. Now I'm tired and as I'm old, I'm going to bed. Also, I am bad@searches, I would be interested to see if there was anyone that posted the word 'karma' back around the time allurai decided he didn't really want to work here anymore. Major bummer for all the rest of OTTER, hope it somehow works out.
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