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  1. I've checked this forum for the first time in a long while, and it's obvious that at this point it's not exactly roaring with business. Is Never still running the forum? Who's paying for it? Is the Patreon support still enough to keep the forum up?
  2. I don't doubt it, but if neither gives broadside for citadels and the DM doesn't eat torps, I think DM is favored with her better DPM. Her AB-X turret configuration puts more of her firepower in front than Hindy's as well. With that said, I'm sure the DM will not come out of such an encounter hale and healthy. Hindenburg is definitely more forgiving though, since she has tougher armor over her cit at close range, and a broadside of 8 torpedoes you could always get lucky with. That's true, although I try not to get to point blank range against an opponent with torpedoes. A kiting ship a
  3. I share some of your sentiments, but some of your ideas aren't feasible. You can't just ban people for complaining, nor can you unleash a targeted nerf on premium ships like Kutuzov or Belfast without major backlash. Same for removing radar from premium ships. It's the main gimmick on tier 7 premium cruisers like Indianapolis. The smoke changes being considered would help with the unbalanced cruisers like Kutuzov and Belfast, I'm just worried about collateral impacts on DDs.
  4. Eh, I'd take on a Hindy in my DM, as long as it was inside of 12 km. Long range I couldn't compete with hindy arcs. To the contrary, I'd say cruisers have a reasonable shot at taking on anything. Cruisers can burn a BB down from range or cover, and obviously seriously outgun DDs.
  5. I wouldn't recommend specing AA. It's way too situational, Akizuki can't run DF, so all she's good for is shooting down planes, and she can't do it well enough to effectively protect people from strikes- just punish the CV a bit for trying it. On the flip side, you will be facing tier 8 destroyers all the time, and if they know what they're doing, they'll stay angled, making you fire HE, which won't do damage to anything but the superstructure without IFHE.
  6. I think he means that the ships are really overspecialized. If a good player can get into an abusable position, they can melt everything, but if they get caught out, they're fish food with no armor, and if people angle against them, they can't do all that much. In a 1v1 cruiser fight with anything not British, assuming an opponent is deft enough to not get torped, the Minotaur is going to lose unless the opponent makes a big mistake.
  7. Sounds like that. I wonder if they'll just make it for bigger stuff than DD peashooters. Belfast and Kutuzov could use a nerf, but all these poor DDs already ate a bunch of shit with the removal of stealth firing. Oh, guess Minotaur's fucked in that case though. She's completely balanced around firing from smoke, and she's likely to get worst of it with her relatively big guns that fire really, really fast.
  8. Loaded "optimized defaults". If I cleared the CMOS I'd lose the overclock profile.
  9. Well, I've reset Bios to auto in all areas, so if I don't have any issues for about 2 weeks, I'd guess it is a problem of the overclock?
  10. Okay, I'll kill the OC for now. I can say that it just made it through 12 hours of prime95 blended with no crashes (with the overclock), so if it is an instability of the overclock, it appears to be independent of CPU load. Regardless, I'll go without the clock for a few weeks and see if it happens again.
  11. Perhaps this is not as random as I had hoped. It is statistically improbable that I would receive two completely random blue-screens so close together after nothing for a year. Therefore the Bluescreens are likely not random chance. Prime95 is running, Blend mode.
  12. Just had another BSOD. Same symptoms- no events registered in Event Viewer until the kernel power error on startup, minidump creation failed again. Earlier today I also had a freeze, but it coincided with a GPU driver failure, so I don't think it's related. I'm going to run Prime95 overnight.
  13. 0 errors after 10 passes of memtest86+ on single core failsafe mode.
  14. Sorry, I guess I was not clear enough. I was just concerned at an abrupt Bluescreen for no reason I could discern, and I know overclocking can cause such things.
  15. No, I have had one BSOD. That's it. No blackscreens, no hang, no crash, no restarts. I BSOD'd once. That's why I'm not so sure it was caused by unstable hardware components Sorry, was that not clear? Oh, also, sorry, I'm a fucking amateur. I didn't go as far as I could. I just tried 4.4 ghz@1.3V, found it worked fine, then left it at that. I have no idea what the chip's limit actually is.
  16. No long burn in tests, I'm afraid, but it has been running fine overclocked for a year. If it was unstable at base settings, there's no way I could have managed a 25% overclock under any circumstances, right? BSOD minidumps were enabled before last night's BSOD, as was a page file, yet no dump was created. Settings have not been changed. Last night's BSOD was the only one ever to have occurred so far for me.
  17. Not familiar with RAM overclocking, but from what I can tell, settings are default, speed is 2133 mhz, and I have no idea what timing is but I saw something that was set to "15". RAM test results will of course have to wait until tomorrow.
  18. Vcore is manual 1.3V everything else is auto. I can't upload anymore screenshots because I appear to have hit my allocated cap, but at least sorting all system events recorded alphabetically and looking for WHEA whatever, found nothing. RAM is 8GB G-skill Ripjaws V, 2 4-gig sticks in two channels. I never tested RAM when setting up OC, but RAM itself has no overclock applied. I have run built in Windows Memory tester which appears to be independent of the OS since it runs on a restart, but I can run it off a USB overnight if that is necessary. Checking xmp status, need to reboot to get bi
  19. As you can see, literally nothing was recorded for the bluescreen itself. You only start seeing stuff about kernal booting and the like in response to my computer restarting after the bluescreen.
  20. It's not an overheat issue. This occurred while the cpu was essentially idling while I surfed the internet. I'll run a longer prime 95 test on small FFA? Bios changes: modified more aggressive fan profile, core multiplier set to 44 with default 100 mhz base clock. I've never gone above 72 ish degrees on a prime95 test, less on something like OCCT. CPU-Z report and screen shot of event viewer kernal power error attached. There was no minidump file created from BSOD, it was around for like half a second so I couldn't catch an error code off of it either. I can post a screenshot of the dump
  21. Well, it made it through 15 minutes of Prime95 with no issues, so maybe it's not the overclock.
  22. Well no it wouldn't be overheating. Overclocks can sometimes be unstable which means bluescreens I'll give Prime95 a spin, see what happens. It happened once I did have a Graphics driver failure a month or two ago. I updated my driver after that, but I suppose it could be GPU? Thing is it didn't bluescreen that time. Just went blank.
  23. Already did. Nothing besides the Kernel Power and Dump Error I can see. Screenshot of the log attached. No other critical events besides the kernel-power.
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