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  1. ISoulLezZI

    Arty in Sandbox (WG Video)

    I wonder how they plan on balancing lower tier artas, getting stunned (which is a fucking useless game mechanic) every 6 seconds by the LeFH sounds fun. Only good change is the reusable med/rep-kit one even though having different reset times for normal and prem kits is a good credit sink. Also, are those changes live right now? Aint got the client at work.
  2. ISoulLezZI

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    stop posting already - I can't believe you're crying about this for so long now. Just chill the fuck out and calm down.
  3. ISoulLezZI


    one of the many advantages of being on the EU server... wait what
  4. ISoulLezZI

    leKpz M 41 90 mm (tier 8 light)

  5. ISoulLezZI

    Dear Neverwish

    Totally okay with this, I think.
  6. ISoulLezZI

    Help with Zayaz Damage Panel

    That minimap comes from copying over the 'battle.swf' file - remove the one you got from this damage panel and insert the one you get from xvm.
  7. ISoulLezZI

    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    I have always wanted a fv215b, that horrible grind though :|
  8. ISoulLezZI

    Best DPG ever?

    Watch the streams of some of those guys from that list, most of them play vanilla. inb4 different server meta/easier2pad on ru
  9. ISoulLezZI

    Info about IS-5 & campaign

    wow, this is so fucking stupid it hurts.
  10. ISoulLezZI

    Introducing the new head of Purple Poasters

    congrats and good luck!
  11. Who is she...

    1. ISoulLezZI


      got it from a gif dump on 4chan but shit's deleted now :(

  12. ISoulLezZI

    Was it xvm that changed or WOT?

    It's wargamings fuckup - they're working on a fix.
  13. I'm loving the butthurt on the forums, so much crying.
  14. ISoulLezZI

    Post yo GTA V character and what street'chu reppin', son. Rip.
  15. ISoulLezZI

    Warships Closed Beta HYPE

    Aaaand it's closed.