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  1. Hi. I'm running E-50 and T-54 atm if you would like to play. I prefer to silent plat too.
  2. Hi. I'd like to platoon if you're still looking IGN: MrChameleon
  3. Thank you If anyone else is looking to platoon, I'm available!
  4. Your projected winrate is 54%, that's teal. If your stats are accurate, and they probably are considering you already have 6k battles you'll get there eventually.
  5. it's happened to me many a time my friend a slot is open everybody
  6. Hi everyone. Been back for about two weeks from my hiatus and my friends list is dead. I feel confident again in my skills. I can use TS if needed, but I also enjoy to silent platoon and listen to music. I would prefer players above 1600+ wn8, so teal. I'm really just wanting to have a nice tanking session on my weekend off. I mainly play west server, but east isn't a huge problem. Add me in game: MrChameleon. I like to play Tier 8, 9 and 10 mostly. Thanks everyone!
  7. I won't be able to take a look at the recordings you have posted tonight but if you want a few pointers and maybe some teaching, add me in game: MrChameleon. I'm typically on everyday during frequent hours, more-so on the weekend (NA). I can help answer any questions you may have and help you improve your stats and gameplay. Best of luck
  8. Just took a 3 month hiatus. Got sick of arty and all the bullshit this game serves you on a silver platter. Came back and I am finding it equally retarded, except for the fact I have regained my patience.
  9. Welcome to WotLabs! Enjoy your stay and happy tanking
  10. If WoT was the only game I played, I too would kill myself. I promise. It's not hate. It's just how it is.
  11. I kind of hate myself for trying to play like, 5 games at a time. At the moment, I play WoT, Eve, Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars, ESO. I hate it. I feel guilty for playing one now and not the other, and I don't know what to do. I constantly feel as if I am going to miss out on something. My first world problems are real guyz
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