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  1. @Never Recommend Kajzoo ^ Extremely good EU player and nice guy.
  2. Throwing my hand in the ring again https://www.twitch.tv/bolagnaise/
  3. Doesn't work Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Type: System.NullReferenceException Source: MmRngLuck Data - progress: 3 at MmRngLuck.Logic.ForumSigs.ForumSigGenerator.GenerateSig(ScrubometerPlayerInfo info, SigArgs sigArgs, HttpContext context, String fileNamePath) at MmRngLuck.ForumSigGenerator.btnGenerate_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)


    1. nabucodonsor


      RIP the poor bastards who faced you. Was it easy?

    2. MatzerMike


      GJ on 3 marks! When do you think the nerf will come to live servers?

    3. bolagnaise


      @nabucodonsor Fairly easy

      @MatzerMike I assume next patch nerfs will be live

  5. This fucking map is just MingLUL.
  6. Some guy posted a 780 base xp IS-M ACE on Facebook yesterday. The 430Us ACE requirements are also ridiculously low as well. I played 5 games last night in it and ACEd it 3 times, one with only 4.2k dmg. It feels like reqs are really low on new tanks because all the shitters think they can do well in them.
  7. @Saffee Can you please post this in WG CC discord if you get a chance.
  8. Im 99% sure that is a client side effect only as the devs said in Belarus that it wouldn't be visible to the enemy, that includes boxes bouncing around.
  9. Waffles weren’t such a big deal from memory. Fairly easy to outplay and if you don’t want to fight it, do the unicunt thing and let someone else die to it, and then go farm him with HE on reload
  10. WuT are team battles? Never played one
  11. Someone make a nice looking stat Sig that uses PR and looks as well presented as wotlabs and I’ll use it.
    1. mistervanni


      ice turn around, curious if u had hit any of the blind shots at the beginning

  12. Definately needs an autloader. Doing 150 dmg pokes is ResidentSleeper
  13. The T92 LT is shit. 150 alpha and 210 heat pen when you are facing tier 9 and tier 10 almost every game is pure fucking aids. Combine that with 1000hp and your a 2-3 shot for most Tanks you will see. Combine all this with you getting Kharkov, Paris, Pilsen, ensk, stalingrad more that you see any light tank acceptable maps and you will soon regret your purchase decision. It either needs an auto loader or the gun replaced with a 240 alpha 90mm. EDIT: FYI I have one on my account now for trial.
  14. Also got to say, that’s a super impressive signature. I’ve never ever seen some with a 49% overall and super recents. Well done on putting the effort in to learn the game.
  15. STB 1 3 MoE Done, wasnt has hard as i expected



  16. 140 3 mark done, was triggering 


    1. SmurfReroll


      No AFE? How well does the firefighting directive work, in your opinion? Enough to justify the AFE drop? 

      I was thinking I'd take JoAT+no medkit if I 3 mark mine. 

    2. bolagnaise


      @SmurfReroll AFE are for pussies, real men run food and get set on fire every 2nd game


    3. SmurfReroll


      I thought real men ran gasoline and no extinguisher... 

  17. Bat 3 Marked



    1. sohojacques


      Enjoyed watching The New Bol. casually pick this up.  How good is the low ping and connection stability?! Never realised how unstable my connection to Singapore is, even when it’s “good”, until now. 

    2. Daerlon



  18. I see people commentating about the higher FPS limit in sandbox, just so you all know that was because of me. The +1button is down below :Flair:

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    2. BlackAdder


      Only  bolagnaise is fucked :doge:


      Man I expected some more votes, Wotlabs is ded confirmed :notlikethis:


    3. DirtyACE7


      Sorry I'm out of upvotes according to Wotlabs. Got a little pop up message about it. I guess I'm fucked too.

    4. TheMarine0341
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