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  1. Its gonna be one of those days for me, isn't it?

  2. Fuck the IS-7's gun, jesus christ I cant even poke from 10m away without the shell not even hitting the enemy tank.

    1. RC_Tank


      > aim at a weakpoint at <30m: shell goes high/low and bounces

      > shoot at a moving target at over 400m while you're also moving: shell leads itself and max rolls


      What are your skills/equipment?

      BIA/vents combo really helped my performance in the IS7, the gun is noticeably better. Running vents/stab/rammer and I think snapshot and smooth ride*, and of course BIA. I've heard that optics are good on the IS7 but I'm not good enough at vision to leverage them so I just threw vents on since I'm usually brawling with it anyway.

      The gun feels lacking sometimes but with APCR and good equipment/skills you can minimize the derpy gun.

      *IIRC smooth ride is only effective when you're moving in a straight line (not pressing A/D)

    2. jon4179


      I have BIA, have vents.  I have a 4 skill crew, I have smooth ride, off road driving, I am working on snapshot.  I might switch to all APCR now on it and be a scrublord now that my prem acct is back, i was firing mostly AP w/out prem because credits :/ the gun just takes forever to aim and even if you do, the shell still goes to the outer part of the reticle... shit's frustrating when it consistently happens.

    3. bolagnaise


      I 3MoE it with 4 skill + BIA,Vents,stab and rammer. The IS7 is a fuck your face, imma gunna hull down, face hug you into submission. The trick is to learn to position so you can use your Stalinium turret to properly aim. Optics are shit on it, do not recommend. Full APCR also. 

      Heres a 17 game 6k wn8/5k dmg 3MoE session.



  3. Feel free to hit me up, I'll be back to playing next week though.
  4. What's the max # of people that I can blacklist?

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    2. nemlengyel


      sounds like the arguments people cite in favor of XVM but whatever floats your boat m8

    3. jon4179


      Could be, but I don't run XVM because it tilts me really easy, call me crazy.  If I see the enemy team stacked or some shit like that, I automatically will be pessimistic and not try as hard I find, like I'm just accepting my fate of losing.  I COULD run it and base my predictions on one's reliability as a player off their XVM rating, but I rather take the approach of "everyone is helpful until proven harmful." Once they prove themselves as harmful, I block them, and from that moment on, I recognize that player as harmful.

    4. nemlengyel


      I don't run XVM either, that's the thing

  5. Where the hell do I take a T-10 on Abbey from both spawns?  I cannot for the life of me figure this map out.

    1. xmenxmen2
    2. Luna


      2 line, faceroll on their faces.

      Middle if you want to be a bully to enemy meds/LTs, but then you can't snipe for shit because RU tank.

  6. Gonna try my hand at WoT again... been a loooong time since June 2015... pray for me

  7. Coming back to tanks... anything significant change since 9.4? wasnt that long of a break

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    2. jon4179


      that's what i figured

    3. weesh


      Complaints about mission's effect on the game are overblown. You might get annoyed at some of the more RNG-based ones if you try to do it, but if you decide to not do them, you'll rarely notice.

    4. KaiKai


      same shit, different number

  8. A-43 gets ammoracked every time it is shot. I'm not exaggerating. Fuck this stupid ass tank

    1. rojo180


      wow I actually like my A 43. So much speed.

    2. Haswell


      you have sanic speed, just don't get hit.

      the a-43 is essentially a light tank with more hp

    3. adi


      A44 is even worse. And the engine dies with it as well

  9. Fooking procrastination. God dammit..

  10. I just realized that Burdenedfungus' name was BurDENED, not BURNED... reading skills 1/8

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    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      burnedfungus lol. I love his sig image (some random pubbie saying that mawderator wears cardigans)

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      It also took me a while to realize that the bulba twitch isn't Bulba Represent. For a while I thought it was Bulba are present

    4. Burdenedfungus


      You aren't the first one to think that haha

  11. I can't decide if I like the A-43 or not... Its so good at DPM'ing things down, but in tier 6 games, the yolo is too strong for your DPM to save you...

    1. Luna


      stay protected then, dont get overextended.

    2. jon4179


      yup, I had to learn that after about 10 games... when you can get penned in the gun mantlet by M3 Lees, it quickly makes you adjust your playstyle

    3. prolix


      It's not a bad tank, but basically a shitty Cromwell. Almost identical playstyle.

    1. Flametz


      Doesn't that have ~9000+ DPM though?

    2. jon4179


      yeah, with 1000 pen to go along with that...

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      downloaded 666 times....

  12. I have no clue why I can't win. I'm stuck at 51.3ish% for the past 400 Wn8 points I've gained... My stats are starting to justify the "padder" title that could be thrown at me...

  13. Holy shit, I'm so glad that I can drive a maneuverable tank that can flex, its so different coming from the IS-7

  14. 416 path or T-44 path to the tier 10 RU meds?

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    2. jon4179


      Unanimous conclusion, thanks

    3. CarbonWard


      T-44 is a better tank, but 416 unlocks the top gun of T-54.

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