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  1. As is usual with WG, there are some good aspects to what they are doing, but they go way overboard with some absolute trash aspects that usually outweigh the good. Firstly, I like the idea of making all crew skills useful and for there being more choice. This is an important step given that the choices are pretty limited at the moment because some are close to useless or so situational as to be close to useless. I also like the idea of all skills/perks starting to have some effect up to their maximum while you grind them, that's an important step too. In terms of the re-worked skills
  2. Poor financial decisions 2022 edition report:

    Went for 80 boxes (the 20 for each type package) which is all I can spare this year to drop on this game.

    $4,500,000 credits.

    29,850 gold

    58 days premium time

    Skins for the Object 268v4, FV 4005 (last year), the Super Conq, the new Strv one, and the Rino.

    1 SU-2-122 (the double barreled low-tier TD)

    1 PZ.38H

    1 PZ.KW1

    2 M3 Light

    2 Harry Hopkins

    3 'big' premiums - got the Char pretty early (within 20 boxes), then the Iron Arnie with my 50-box pity mechanism, and then the BZ in the last set of 10 boxes, so pretty lucky.

    Overall better than last year, on account of nailing 3 of the main premiums. I also got about 2k more gold compared to last year, although less premium time (although this doesn't really matter as I still had over 300 days on my account as it keeps getting topped up by Battle Pass). I'm also pretty happy with the skins I got, the Super Conq and the FV one are very nice.

    The event itself this year is way worse though - far more grindy and with a lot of dumb/useless gimmicks that I'm not interested in. Not a fan.

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    2. Balthazars


      @LoverJoy compared to @Jul_Le you definitely look less fortunate, most of the difference between your totals in terms of gold stems from him getting 67k gold in compensation for repeat tanks. 36 v 29 and 9 v 5, pretty big difference.

    3. LoverJoy


      @Rexxie I love a big fat whale cock in the morning, thanks!

      @Balthazars Yes, the biggest value and rng is in the high tier premium tanks

    4. Expendable_Lad


      Hi @Rexxie! Your cock is beautiful. 

      Spent my annual $250 bucks for enough in game shit that I remain addicted for another year for a few successive hits of dopamine.
      Proceed to play game - and remember that I have not idea how to play this game. 

  3. *650 alpha on the AP. I also got one in a lootbox. Can concur that it is actually quite fun to play as it is quite a meme of a tank, but yes, it is absolutely broken and toxic for the game. I actually quite like playing it with AP mostly, because the low penetration absolutely forces you to think very carefully about shots due to the low DPM, but at the same time, the large calibre of the gun means there are many overmatch opportunities if you know your tanks. 220ish pen HESH also feels super unreliable except against rears and absolute paper targets for me, especially against sides
  4. Obviously it's just a quirk of statistics, but sometimes WOT really feels like you end up with 'cursed' tanks - for example, AMX 50-120, crappy tank. DPG worse than a whole slew of my tier 8s. 52% win rate after 220 games. AMX M4 51 - great tank. 12th highest DPG tank in my garage, higher than a good chunk of tier 10s. 45% win rate after 100 games. :S

    1. Panzergraf


      Statistics do be quirky like that some times.

      While none of them are exactly cursed for me, here's a quirk of statistics regarding my VK7201K and AMX M4 54

      I have similar DPG in both tanks. Both are 1-marked, climbing towards 2nd mark. Both have winrates around 60% (a bit higher for VKK). 150 games in VKK, 107 in AMX (not counting Onslaught).

      The VKK has probably my highes ace/game ratio. I've had 6 or 7 ace tanker games in it so far.
      The AMX, with similar mastery reqs, not even a first class! Lots of 2nd class games though.

    2. hazzgar


      I had an overall acc curse recently. Had a string of 4 days (30 games per day ) of 45% WR at 2500 wn8 and agressive play. 

  5. Can you do the 279e missions at tier 7 (I can't remember as I don't have them unlocked yet)? If they can, the O-Ni may be a decent substitute as the 10cm gun there is actually okay and tier 7 MM is quite good these days so good players can probably consistently nail high XP games. The O-Ho however is absolutely gutted. The 10cm is very crappy at this tier and on this platform and WG apparently forgot to rebalance it after the HE re-work. 121 pen on a derp gun isn't penetrating anything frontally and good luck with that on a super slow and clunky platform. If tier 7 can't do the missions,
  6. To be honest, it seems less imbalanced than the Italian TDs which the tier 8 premium and the tier 10 are pretty ridiculous, because their gimmick here is really quite gimmicky, meaning there are situations where it will be crazy strong, and situations where it could get you killed, so a lot will come down to players being able to select the right moments to use it, which as we all know, for the majority of the player base, is probably not very often. But it is the continuation of WG wanting to put more extreme random crap into the game. It's ironic that after they nerfed HE significantly
  7. Recently started playing the Progetto 46 in randoms (ironically had only played it in Frontline prior to this) to see if it's still got it despite the power-creep. Conclusion: Pretty much yes - the squishyness gets you in trouble with the HE changes on occasion, but a 4,930 damage, 760 assist, 6-kill and 1,354 base XP game is apparently still only a first class badge. o.O

    1. sr360


      I don't think the Prog 46 got power crept. In fact, when the Italian Meds got nerfed, the Prog got buffed, because while it lost the ability to mount a rammer, it got the rammer boosts as its base reload, and now has an extra slot to play with. I recently 3 marked it, and still pull off monster games in it both as a scout and as a damage dealer. I just uploaded a near-6k dmg game in it a few days ago -- check my thread!

  8. So interestingly it seems that WG has decided that WoT needs a bit of love and attention after not doing very much other than churning out lots of special modes for a while. All of a sudden they're going whole hog - lots of vehicle balancing changes, map balancing changes, a new map (and a second on the way early next year), and a new tank line. I wonder what changed...

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    2. echo9835


      My guess is that there's new managment somewhere in the chain of command. Probably got the job after WG pulled out of russia and belarus. The new managment is most likely less jaded and beaten down and looking for "positive engagement" or something. We'll see how long this holds up.

    3. Ham_


      What changed: Ham became supertester xDDD

    4. DrWeb7_1


      They have realised that everything RU servers told to them for years was also said by EU and NA. That could be the turning point as WG 'abandoned' Russia and Belarus.

  9. I'm inclined to agree that trying to change out your map bans based on the class of tank you're playing is likely to be more effort than it's worth, particularly given there are so many maps that are bad generally for entire classes or for all but a handful of vehicles in the class. On that particular note, I would say if you're the type that you're spamming games in a particular tank (e.g. for grind or marks or whatever) then probably banning maps specifically bad for that tank is probably a better bet. For example, Pearl River is okay for assault and/or mobile TDs that can contest the heavy
  10. I think the stats show that the T29 is still over-performing, although probably not as much as in the past (many of the tier 7 heavies are actually quite good and competitive these days). As others have noted, the main issue is that it's strengths are just so well-defined and also just so strong that if you're up against a horde of new players, you can use those to grind the opposition into the dust. For me, I found the low DPM, slow speed and turret, and the arty-spam in particular to just ruin the fun in playing it. I really, really, really hope however that the nerf for the M44 is just
  11. So the proposed changes to the M103 and T32 seem like they will make them even nicer to play if you know what you're doing. Especially the T32, looks like it could become one of the best tech tree tier 8 heavies. They apparently want to absolutely gut the T29 with the 105mm gun as well, especially in regards to its DPM (base DPM will go under 1,500, lol). AND HUZZAH, THE M44 IS (HOPEFULLY) ACTUALLY GOING TO BE NERFED!
  12. I guess 'recent' is relative given how long it's been since WG touched specific tanks, but from memory yes, they were one of the last lines to be buffed significantly, but even that was in 2020 if I'm not mistaken (I did the line in late 2021). I suppose those buffs weren't enough for the pubbies, as looking at Tomato.gg, it has he 4th worst win-rate of the tech tree tier 8 heavies (the worst is the AMX which is being buffed too, but the forgotten children are the VK 45.02A and the O-Ho which are both doing worse than the T32) in the last 60 days. The M103 is actually last of the tech-tre
  13. The Kran and Emil are tanks which are designed around basically being invincible on a ridgeline, so I don't think there's a way to balance them when that is the entire design of the vehicle. That said, the nerfs appear to be too much in my opinion. Nerfing either the gun or the mobility on its own is probably enough to pull it into line with other heavies, doing both will probably make it kind of trash. Personally I think nerfing the mobility (heavies going 60kph is really just a dumb idea) and then maybe the DPM is probably good enough to bring it into line. What's of more interest to me
  14. So, because I'm silly, decided to throw about 500k free XP (I stockpile it pretty quickly these days as I'm not grinding many lines and generally do grinds anyway), a bunch of blueprints not getting used, and 4 million credits at WG to get the new tier 10 tank (which doesn't even look that special). I feel kind of dirty.

    1. Devo


      Looks like they are all just about 'sold' out now.  I hope you enjoy it.  It seems like a decent tank with good gun handling.  The hull armor appears trollish.

      Good luck with it!

    2. Balthazars


      @Devo Yes, they are completely sold out now on NA, so less than 24 hours. I'm sure WG is pretty happy with that. I haven't taken mine out for a spin, mostly because the MM is absolutely infested with them at the moment and I refuse to add to that crapshow, but  also because it is a weird 3-crew setup and I don't have a good 3-person Russian crew that I can use. I definitely get troll bounces firing at it so far, but I'm sure when I play it, everything will pen constantly. Looks like that kind of tank to me.

  15. The Charioteer in 2022. It is... ugh, so close to being great, but so, so frustrating. The positives: it is a relatively stealthy TD which is fast and has a full turret, which means you get quite a bit of flexibility in terms of positioning and engagement, obviously especially relative to casemate or limited traverse TDs. The top gun is the trusty tier 9/10 British medium tank gun, which means you get standard APRC rounds with awesome penetration (particularly for the tier), excellent shell velocity, making it an excellent sniper at range, and with very handy HESH rounds which is particul
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