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  1. Balthazars

    Facepalm - winter edition

    Well, given I haven't spent any money on gaming in general, and given my lack of time, it looks like WoT will continue to be my main gaming outlet next year, decided to go ahead and buy 75 of the boxes. To be honest, I can't really complain about the outcome. I got all of the unique skins (even though I don't own the IS7 or the Batchat), all of the tier 5 premiums, and the E25, the Defender and the IS3A (the only of the 'big' premiums that I didn't get was the one that I already have, being the Skorp G) - although no repeats though, at least not that I noticed. Given the outlay, definitely have to say that I got 'value' for money.
  2. Agree with others that if they just nerf alpha of gold rounds without doing other balance changes that it'll be a nightmare. That needs to come with either buffs to standard rounds (several tanks are clearly balanced around their gold rounds) and/or a nerf to armour values for several tanks. That said though, I do agree with the proposed change, as personally I've always thought a good way to 'balance' gold rounds is to make it an actual trade-off (alpha for penetration being the obvious one). Frontlines back is great news, but I'm not sure about it coming back 12 times a year if it's always tier 8s. Hopefully one of the changes of the Premium Account will be the ability to 'deactivate it' so that if you don't actually log in, you don't use it up. That would be amazing.
  3. Balthazars

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    Yeah, this one definitely looks like a blatant money-grab. As it stands, it's basically whenever there is a lull in the fighting, reload your whole clip so that then you get this amazing burst damage option. Then you can fight as per normal, where you are a slightly higher DPM IS3 with slightly worse gun-handling stats. And of course it's one of the tanks in the loot boxes this year. I suppose the 'up' side is that it would be relatively easy to fix, they could just reverse the reloads again.
  4. Balthazars

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    I've now finished grinding the 45TP at tier 7. 65 games, 55.38% win rate, 1,514 average damage. Overall it's an average package that does okay in a tier that has good heavy tanks. Nothing special but nothing awful here in pretty much all categories. The armour is enough to bounce some stuff but has logical weak-spots and it won't hold up against anything higher tier. The gun is decent without being amazing in terms of DPM, penetration, alpha and gun handling but I didn't have major issues in getting the gun to work. Mobility is also average for a heavy tank, it's won't win many straight-line races but it hits its top speed reliably and is just about mobile enough to go with mediums if bottom tier. It does have pretty bad view-range so you won't get much assist with it (average of under 400 per game for me). Stock grind is just about okay as well as the gun and turret aren't too bad and can work. It's breath of fresh air after the awful tier 6, and it's reasonably comfy to play, so not a bad spot to stick around and grind crew skills if you're starting off from scratch with this line. I didn't mind playing it, but it's nothing special so not really a keeper.
  5. Balthazars

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    It doesn't seem that hard to understand guys. The last couple of grinds had 'time-locks' on the stage, so even if you zipped through stage 1 in a single battle you had to wait for the next day to progress to stage 2. This simply means that if you're good/lucky and get through a stage super-quick you can immediately move onto the next one, so it might be possible to complete it in say 8 days instead of actually needing to play every day of the 10 days to unlock. Still, that XP requirement (base XP as well, so no boosters etc.) in that amount of time is absolutely stupid. Also lol, a 520 alpha super-mobile TD with what looks like half-decent gun handling. Also, not too much yolo-rushing either, given the conditions say you only get your base XP counted towards the mission if you are in the top-10, so you at least need to do some damage before you die.
  6. With the special anniversary gift, will have enough for first piece of improved equipment (was about 700 bonds away before). That improved V-stab for my T49 is incoming!

    1. TheChang
    2. simba90


      If you buy two at once it costs 9k bonds

  7. Choices, Choices... do I go down the AMX 50B line or the AMX M4 line?

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    2. Errants


      Take my approach, then. Both!

    3. Kolni


      50B will hurt your credits so badly but if it isn't one of the most satisfying tanks to play in the game anyway

    4. lavawing


      50B is painful to play if you're bad (like me), or if you play aggressively. The 54 is a meme tank and is bad, but it is easy to play. IMO neither of the tier 10 (or any tier 10) is worth it. They're a huge credit investment + you need to spam at least 50% gold + you get triggered as shit by 4005s, Type 5s, T92s, and hulldown Super Conquerors.

      The 51 is one of the best tier 9s and the 50 120 one of the most mediocre ones. The 51 has a very short stock grind and plays like a Super Persh on roids. No competition here.

      Neither the 50 100 nor the 65T are good under the current MM you have in NA; the 50 100 is generally better; the 65T is generally easier to play (and absolutely, though perhaps not irredeemably ,shit).

      I'd go for the AMX 51. For me, none of the tanks on the 50B line would really be worth it since tier 10 and 8 are both shit atm. Tier 9 is still gud


  8. Balthazars

    AMX M4 mle. 45

    So I recently, for some strange reason, decided to grind out a French heavy tank line, and have thus just finished the long grind to unlock both tier 8s from this tank. It's...manageable. As others have noted, I can still confirm that the 105mm gun, with fairly liberal usage of gold ammunition (which does increase damage done) is reasonable for the tier. The gun handling isn't great but is okay. Mobility is okay, which does help (probably the most hilarious was using it to circle a Type 4 Heavy to death on the top of the Mali hill) it play a little bit like a heavium, meaning you can run with the medium tanks sometimes when bottom tier. The armour is terrible though, and the tank is huge. You regularly get wrecked by arty and any HE spamming tanks. The trick is definately finding a way to avoid attention/being shot at but keeping the gun in play, where it can deal decent amounts of damage. Overall stats for me is 90 games, 61.11% win rate, 1,364 average damage (lowest of my tier 7 heavies). Now face the interesting prospect of trying to decide whether to go up the AMX M4 line or go the Autoloader line...
  9. Balthazars

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    I've actually not played the 30.02D, so unfortunately can't give you a comparison. My only other tier 7 mediums are the Leo, the T-43, the Comet and the Panther (the latter of which was my first ever line so my experience was pretty awful). The Comet I ground out a long time ago and before it's turret got nerfed to garbage. The Leo I ground out recently, and I would say the P.43 ter is significantly better. While it's not as mobile and has lower alpha, it has a far more reliable gun. From recollection I found the T-43 grind to be more fun, somehow the package had more positives in key areas, but my stats are better in the P.43 ter and I played almost double the number of games in it compared to the T-43 so it may just bit a case of rose-tinted glasses.
  10. Balthazars

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Finished my grind on this tank just recently. 85 games, 60% win rate. 1,337 average damage, which is the best of my tier 7 meds and close to on par with some of my tier 7 heavies. Overall, my earlier opinion still stands. It's a decent, well-balanced medium. Nothing outstanding but nothing particularly crippling about it either. The gun is just about good enough for the platform and tier, although gun handling, particularly at long range, leaves something to be desired. It has just about enough armour to troll things when top tier. It has just about enough mobility to do what it needs to do. Certainly something that can be made to work, but overall the package just isn't particularly interesting, hence moving on fairly quickly. If you're desperately looking for a tier 7 medium to hang onto, it might be worth keeping.
  11. Whut... since when did they give the AMX AC 48 a three-shot autoloader? o_O

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    2. Balthazars


      Geez, I never even noticed until just now when one managed to clip me...

    3. sohojacques


      That’s how I found out as well.

    4. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Yep, 'ah it's just a 48, they're trash'. Ten seconds later, 'The fuck!?!'

  12. Low tier arty to my mind became a huge issue after the arty 're-balance' because they saw substantial buffs to their reloads. It is absolute cancer playing a lightly armoured heavy (e.g. a Tiger) in a match that has two or three of the fast-firing arties. If all three of them decide to focus on you, they can permanently stun/track you and will very quickly whittle your health away. It's also cancer in a lightly armoured medium or TD because these suckers fire so fast and only need 2-3 direct hits to kill you outright they can delete you extremely quickly if you're in a bad spot or if they get lucky.
  13. Balthazars

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Funnily enough my first Ace Tanker this this thing came in exactly that kind of match. Top tier on Province, I potatoed down the slope to the other side and clipped into the cliff, rolling my tank and doing 700~odd damage to myself 30 seconds into the match. Went to do to 3k damage and carry the team to victory, which was quite funny. As for the tank, it is a huge improvement over the tier 6. Mobility is better, the gun is the same but even the stock version handles better, the upgraded version gets just enough pen to compensate for the higher tier and still handles pretty decent. Not outstanding but well balanced and certainly not a chore to grind through, which I am part-way through currently.
  14. Finally got that new Polish map a couple of times. I don't really like it. And the intro the music makes me want to go and play Witcher 3 again...

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    2. tajj7


      I've had a 8.5k game in the E75 in it, seems IMO to work better tier 9 and down, it seems to amplify the brokeness of the tier 10 meta. 

    3. Assassin7


      I mean, the bottom village area seems to be a fairly decent place to fight. Its just the entire rest of the map is sorta useless. The games I have played, they have mainly been won or lost because the winning team took that village and pushed around to the factory side.

      It amazes me how WG can somehow turn a map that is 80% open ground into a corridor map. 

    4. leggasiini


      @nabucodonsor lol no, Kurwandzki is quite bad but it's still significantly better than that shithole called Province. Tier 10 Province was beyond trash, thank god it's gone.

      Agreed with Assassin tho, the bottom village is the best place to fight and I like the dip in the mid. It's just that the factory is poorly designed and so is the camping spots in the spawn as well as the hill area in the north.

  15. Balthazars

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    I like the look of the tier 10, and I do like heavy tanks which is why I decided to grind the line upon release. I free-XPed to the tier 6, as that is pretty much all I can afford. Calling it a turd is an insult to turds. I normally grind tier 6 tanks from stock but could not handle it, so free-XPed the turret, tracks and eventually the engine after grinding out the gun. Totally agree that the mobility or lack thereof kills it completely. There is no way something so slightly armoured should have such poor engine power that it can barely hit 30kph on soft terrain. Given the alpha, it directly competes against the Italian tier 6 med which is the other new tank. I don't think the Italian tank is particularly good, but this is markedly worse, and they are both substantially worse than the VK30.01P which only has 10 less alpha but actually gets mobility and usable armour. I hate it so far, but the tiers 8-10 look fun so I guess I'll have to slog through the tier 6 and the tier 7.