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  1. What the heck? They are completely insane. 3 second intra-clip means it can reliably get the double-tap out. Improved gun handling after the shot fires also means more reliably landing the second shot. There is no way it can go live with that kind of gun stats and keeping 460 alpha.
  2. Yeah, the x2 by 460 alpha with a 25 second reload on the tier 8 premium looks insanely good, even with a 4 second intra-clip and even if it were given gutter-level gun handling, it's still very powerful. That its it a burst potential better than tier 10 heavies (where 750 alpha is the highest), and allows it to clip out some lower tier tanks (or at least severely cripple them, taking 80% or above of their HP, so can potentially clip tanks once they have suffered even a little bit of damage). There are too many situations where it will be too powerful. The line itself looks interesting eno
  3. Wait, there are lootboxes for the Black Market this year? RIP not logging in for 6 weeks because playing CP2077...

    1. NightmareMk9


      You better make SURE you can get a tank you want as one of your options.  My buddy just spent 5000 gold and 4 Million credits for the M4190 (5800 gold cost)

    2. Balthazars


      Lol, yeah I saw that it was still active and I have a bunch of gold from Christmas that I'm not likely to use anytime soon (have over 500 days of premium time, also RIP when not logging in for 6 weeks). Threw the 5k gold and got a gold Type 59 - which judging from the other status updates, seems to be high on the percentages to get - as the 3rd roll and plumped with that. The first roll was a T34B, the second a Mutz, the 4th the PZ2J, which while OP is low tiers and I'm not interested in. There are lots of interesting tanks I wouldn't have minded picking up, but that gaudy Type 59 doesn't seem too bad an option, all things considered.

  4. Yep, this hands down looks like the worst change to the game in years. As others have pointed out, it is bad on so many levels it is simply not funny. Yes, there will be some iterations, but again, WG recently has a habit of forcing stuff through despite negative feedback. Probably nothing short of a full-scale RU server revolt will stop it at this point in time. So many bad decisions. They cannot possibly think that the majority of players have 5+ skill crews, it is so painfully obvious that the majority of players will have 3-4 skill crews, simply because going beyond that has massive d
  5. I'm no expert, or unicorn, but the rationale for Hardening seems at least pretty straightforward. It's a percentage boost based on base HP, so obviously the higher the base HP the greater the benefit out of it, especially if it is a heavy tank with a survivability equipment slot that will let you get the maximum 10% (otherwise it's only 8%). You can then do calculations to see how much additional HP that is actually getting you, and then the golden question which is whether that additional HP, on average, would allow your tank to survive an extra shot. If it does, then Hardening is potent
  6. I can't remember how I got mine, but I have one and recently started playing it to prepare a crew to go down the STB-1 line while it was one track. It's okay, fairly decent combination of DPM, gun handling, view range and mobility although it is not outstanding in any category except maybe DPM (at least for a 240-alpha medium). Top speed is a major letdown though, it's like the Pattons in that it only does 44kph, and it is soft so gets murdered by arty and HE slingers very easily. I do think the view range buff will be good for it, as it will give it something which is a noticeable streng
  7. To me the T29 gun handling does feel pretty bad. I guess due to good aim time when you're sitting stationary hull-down you can probably snap okay at close targets because everything moves so slow (hull and turret) which would help with the dispersion, but the turret traverse especially makes the gun feel very derpy the moment you have to engage at anything beyond point-blank. I do have a crappy crew which doesn't help, but to me the firepower on the tank is one of the worst in the tier/class. I don't know how some people play it with the 90mm either. That thing also has worst-in-tier/clas
  8. You're completely right because I had a total brain fade and got the tiers mixed up. The tier 5 Churchill is the one that is okay for the tier, the tier 6 is the absolute turd, and the Black Prince, like you said, while not good is workable in the right situations. I chalk it up to my mind refusing to properly remember grinding that line due to how traumatic the lower tiers generally are.
  9. There are lots of good options for heavy tanks at Tier 7, and the 'best' likely depends on personal preference. For me, the top contenders are the Tiger I (especially after the alpha buff, it can hit hard and has excellent DPM and a big HP pool), the IS (alpha and mobility), and the O-Ni (actual armour and a scary derp, plus a pretty competitive non-derp option as well). I'm grinding the T29 currently and it doesn't feel that good outside of hull-down due to poor DPM, not-the-best gun handling and a paper hull and pretty mediocre mobility. It's strong but I don't think as flexible as
  10. The tier 6 Churchill is okay. It's the tier 7 one that is the absolute turd. The absolutely trashed the best medium tank in the game by turning it into a rubbish heavy, so forget the VK30.01P. The KV2 is arguably the best because the HE means you can do unspeakable things to enemy tanks even when bottom tier, and of course for the memes. KV-85 is really good with the 85mm, basically a high DPM heavium at low tiers but it's technically not a tech-tree tank anymore. The ARL-44 is decent but fat and soft. That sort of leaves the VK 36.01 (H) and the T-150 as the only other can
  11. Don't... tempt... me... Feeling increasingly salty about having only landed the Bisconte and not the GSOR or the Bourra as while it's not a bad tank, it just feels so limited I don't know how much I'll end up taking it out in future and its tech-tree line looks garbage at the moment. On a slightly more serious note, I hope the line about you going hungry due to buying lootboxes is said mostly in jest.
  12. I'm not a purple player, but I am a pure solo player - so for what it's worth, in my opinion you'll likely stick with the old combination of Optics/Vstab/Rammer/Vents in many cases unless you want to try some funky stuff. Most tanks do not have good enough gun handling to drop the Vstab, but dropping the Rammer is viable on tanks where pure firepower isn't the be all and end all, or Optics if you have strong crews and also run food. Vents is more viable than before because it gets the bonus in any type of slot, so it's a good option if you're not using equipment from the 'specialised' equipmen
  13. Overall I agree, gimmicks are bad and in particular they are bad because they are a nightmare to balance. It's a fine tightrope between making a gimmick useful and making it absolutely broken. Autoloaders alone, as the first real gimmick introduced to the game, shows that the line between useless and overpowered is narrow indeed and very easy to cross to one side or the other. I understand why they feel they need them though, as otherwise the only thing that differentiates tanks in the game are some very minor differences - but where once they tried to give flavour through that (e.g. Chin
  14. I don't have most of the tanks listed, but for what it's worth based on observing them: the best two options are probably the T54-proto and the 112 given they have usable armour and decent enough guns. The Liberte is solid enough too. The two 105 TDs are okay if you don't mind playing paper TDs as they are both fast and have decent guns for the tier. Anything that is 240 alpha in the current game is basically trash however, so the FV4202 and the Jagtiger 88 are probably better to avoid. The Patriot has some use as a semi-mobile heavy with a strong turret, but I didn't like it much back be
  15. Balthazars


    I actually liked it quite a lot back in the day, although I used the top 10cm instead of the derp. I thought one of the good things about it back then was that both its derp and its non-derp options were actually viable, which really should have been how they did the entire line instead of giving the top tier tanks rubbish non-derp options, then giving them ridiculously good derp options, and then nerfing the derp options back into the ground without properly buffing the non-derp options again, basically just ruining them. The top 10cm here has stats comparable to the 105 on the T29 or th
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