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  1. So, because I'm silly, decided to throw about 500k free XP (I stockpile it pretty quickly these days as I'm not grinding many lines and generally do grinds anyway), a bunch of blueprints not getting used, and 4 million credits at WG to get the new tier 10 tank (which doesn't even look that special). I feel kind of dirty.

    1. Devo


      Looks like they are all just about 'sold' out now.  I hope you enjoy it.  It seems like a decent tank with good gun handling.  The hull armor appears trollish.

      Good luck with it!

    2. Balthazars


      @Devo Yes, they are completely sold out now on NA, so less than 24 hours. I'm sure WG is pretty happy with that. I haven't taken mine out for a spin, mostly because the MM is absolutely infested with them at the moment and I refuse to add to that crapshow, but  also because it is a weird 3-crew setup and I don't have a good 3-person Russian crew that I can use. I definitely get troll bounces firing at it so far, but I'm sure when I play it, everything will pen constantly. Looks like that kind of tank to me.

  2. The Charioteer in 2022. It is... ugh, so close to being great, but so, so frustrating. The positives: it is a relatively stealthy TD which is fast and has a full turret, which means you get quite a bit of flexibility in terms of positioning and engagement, obviously especially relative to casemate or limited traverse TDs. The top gun is the trusty tier 9/10 British medium tank gun, which means you get standard APRC rounds with awesome penetration (particularly for the tier), excellent shell velocity, making it an excellent sniper at range, and with very handy HESH rounds which is particul
  3. Been a while, but thread necro with my review for the Object 263 by an average player in 2022. Overall it feels like a solid performer in the tier/class, but for me is just lacking something to compete with the best options in the tier/class. On the plus side: straight-line mobility is excellent for a TD, especially one like this that has armour. The upper hull is very good and stands up to a lot of standard rounds (although obviously not so good against HEAT), so if you can hide the lower plate (face-hugging is a decent option against a lot of opponents) you can tank quite a lot of
  4. Yes, much better overall system and not as bad a grind compared to the last few marathons. The other main advantage is being able to complete stages with gold as opposed to having to stump up actual cash. With limited time this week especially I only made it to level 30 but as I have gold sitting around and not much to do with it (given Christmas loot-boxes easily re-set your premium time counter), I'm perfectly fine with dropping the 4kish gold to finish it and get what is a pretty nice premium tank. Only played a handful of games in it so still getting a feel for it. It's got a few roug
  5. Looks like the kind of tank that will do very well in the hands of good players and result in a lot of quick deletions for the potatoes. No armour, relatively fast and poor alpha for a TD means lots of people rushing off quickly, getting spotted and obliterated quickly. Know what you're doing however and can leverage what is a very nice gun with decent gun handling, outstanding AP penetration and bonkers DPM (almost 2,900 base!?) - with poor shell velocity pretty much the only downside - and I think it will do very well. It also gets 3 very useful ammo types, with the 270-pen AP, 330 HEAT
  6. It seems they may be letting quite a few people go, otherwise I don't think they would explicitly mention severance and support for as many of their employees as possible. Their Cyprus office is just the corporate HQ and is entirely for tax purposes, so there's no way they're going to be setting up new teams/offices there. I agree they will almost certainly look to stay primarily in Europe as that's where the majority of their player base is. I think they have offices in the UK, Germany and somewhere else in Europe from memory, but I agree that Poland would be a good shout for them to try
  7. Wow, okay that's certainly interesting. I guess they see that it's better to take the pain of moving its operations out of Russia and Belarus (the Minsk studio is still its biggest, isn't it?) now than risk getting sucked into an even bigger storm in future. From that perspective it makes sense, but will be interesting to see how it affects development/maintenance of its games if the Minsk studio really does still contain a large part of its work-force. On a less serious note: will this also mean the end of Russian bias in WoT, if WG no longer has ties to Russia?
  8. Thread necro! The SU-101 in 2022 - it's decent enough for a fixed-gun TD, but tier for tier is a downgrade coming from the Tier 7, for two main reasons: the first is that the armour, while still decent, is nowhere near as good for the tier. While you can still bounce stuff - especially if you can hide the lower plate - you are absolutely nowhere near as impervious against same and even lower-tier tanks, and absolutely not when bottom tier, as tier 9 and tier 10 tanks will go through the superstructure pretty easily even with standard rounds, meaning you don't get to have that same bully potent
  9. Are you sure? I don't consider myself that much above average (maybe slightly) given that the statistical 'average' in this game is a complete potato. Given from your other posts that you've also unlocked the 279e (I've not even finished Chimera missions) I imagined that you would likely not be too far off my level of play?
  10. Nice, I'm also an average-ish player (not sure what you consider to be average, but I'm a 54%, 57% recent which I think is about right) so always interested to see the thoughts of others around this skill level. I'm certainly a long way from having/playing all of the tier 10 mediums so cannot compare them all, but the ones that I have and have played are: E50M, STB-1 (less than 100 games, but currently smashing out games in it), TVP, Obj 140, Obj 430U, Cent AX (although I first unlocked it and played most of the games when it was still the FV 4202), and the M48. I have the most games
  11. So, the SU100M1 in late 2021, early 2022 - to be honest, it is disgustingly OP when top tier. Let's go through what it has going for it: firstly, the rebalance when the 268v4 was made the tier 10 for the line gave this thing armour. Not just any old armour however, actual armour that is close to impenetrable frontally except for the lower plate against lower tiers, same tier, and even some higher tiers. If you can hide the lower plate, you can basically park yourself in front of anything tier 7 and below and just laugh off their return fire. I'm not sure why anyone thought that was a good idea
  12. Squeezing in a last of my reviews for average players for 2021! The Vz-55, the newest tech-tree tier 10 tank. Yep, it's overpowered and should be nerfed, but it's made it all the way to the end of the year untouched so who knows! Full disclosure, I only played it with the autoloader (free XP) as it's obviously better, although it's not exactly 'bad' with the single-shot gun either, just not special or particularly powerful. The selling point is obviously that 2.5 second 980-damage burst, which is honestly just ridiculous and should never have gone into the game. With high rolls you can ba
  13. I was thinking that too, but I think the general consensus is that since the HE rework, damage to internal modules from HE pens have been nerfed too, so even though the Caliban has very high HE pen rounds, it may not help that much. That said, I don't have a Caliban (drew the Swedish heavy instead in my 75 boxes) so no way to test it out for me.
  14. Christmas Lootboxes 2021 edition report (because I don't really have much else to spend my gaming budget on). 75 boxes for the following results: 5,400,000 credits, 27,550 gold (although this includes gold from duplicate premium tanks) and 76 days of premium time.

    1 tier 8 premium - the Swede heavy - probably the least interesting option (I was hoping for a Skoda or 122TM as I don't have either, or at least the Caliban as that has meme potential). I got this after 45 boxes, so did not activate my 'pity mechanism'.

    12 of the tier 5 premiums (including 6 of one of them, lol) which really is where my gold value of the boxes went up.

    3 of the styles, although only 2 of the new ones (Sheridan and ST-II, got the Maus one from last year).

    A second relatively disappointing year for me, although to be honest that's partially because the tier 8 selection is quite underwhelming this year. I feel the gold result was pretty bad to me, it only gets over the raw dollar value because of repeats on the tier 5 premiums. But again, once you throw in the other goddies, they still represent the best value if you're going to spend money on this game - and if you get lucky with the tier 8 premiums, that value significantly jumps.

    1. LoverJoy


      I got really lucky.

      45 days of premium
      29000 gold
      4.1M credits

      4 tier 8 tanks. I already had the Skoda so I got the rest. I didn't keep count on the lower tier tanks but I think I got all of them, there were some duplicates to push up the gold count. I also got all 5 styles.

  15. So it seems the stats on tanks.gg were accurate. I cannot imagine this thing being fun to play at all. 0.44 accuracy with 0.25 turret dispersion (lol, this is worse than the Caliban!) means that even on a ridge, the moment you move your turret your aim will balloon out. The only saving grace is that because on a ridge it is basically completely invulnerable you can actually afford to just sit there aiming. Also trash view range and super-low DPM (1,600 base so basically the same as the T34 and close to worst in class/tier, with I think only some of the autoloaders having lower DPM) Of cou
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