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  1. Recently started playing the Progetto 46 in randoms (ironically had only played it in Frontline prior to this) to see if it's still got it despite the power-creep. Conclusion: Pretty much yes - the squishyness gets you in trouble with the HE changes on occasion, but a 4,930 damage, 760 assist, 6-kill and 1,354 base XP game is apparently still only a first class badge. o.O

    1. sr360


      I don't think the Prog 46 got power crept. In fact, when the Italian Meds got nerfed, the Prog got buffed, because while it lost the ability to mount a rammer, it got the rammer boosts as its base reload, and now has an extra slot to play with. I recently 3 marked it, and still pull off monster games in it both as a scout and as a damage dealer. I just uploaded a near-6k dmg game in it a few days ago -- check my thread!

  2. So interestingly it seems that WG has decided that WoT needs a bit of love and attention after not doing very much other than churning out lots of special modes for a while. All of a sudden they're going whole hog - lots of vehicle balancing changes, map balancing changes, a new map (and a second on the way early next year), and a new tank line. I wonder what changed...

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    2. echo9835


      My guess is that there's new managment somewhere in the chain of command. Probably got the job after WG pulled out of russia and belarus. The new managment is most likely less jaded and beaten down and looking for "positive engagement" or something. We'll see how long this holds up.

    3. Ham_


      What changed: Ham became supertester xDDD

    4. DrWeb7_1


      They have realised that everything RU servers told to them for years was also said by EU and NA. That could be the turning point as WG 'abandoned' Russia and Belarus.

  3. So, because I'm silly, decided to throw about 500k free XP (I stockpile it pretty quickly these days as I'm not grinding many lines and generally do grinds anyway), a bunch of blueprints not getting used, and 4 million credits at WG to get the new tier 10 tank (which doesn't even look that special). I feel kind of dirty.

    1. Devo


      Looks like they are all just about 'sold' out now.  I hope you enjoy it.  It seems like a decent tank with good gun handling.  The hull armor appears trollish.

      Good luck with it!

    2. Balthazars


      @Devo Yes, they are completely sold out now on NA, so less than 24 hours. I'm sure WG is pretty happy with that. I haven't taken mine out for a spin, mostly because the MM is absolutely infested with them at the moment and I refuse to add to that crapshow, but  also because it is a weird 3-crew setup and I don't have a good 3-person Russian crew that I can use. I definitely get troll bounces firing at it so far, but I'm sure when I play it, everything will pen constantly. Looks like that kind of tank to me.

  4. Christmas Lootboxes 2021 edition report (because I don't really have much else to spend my gaming budget on). 75 boxes for the following results: 5,400,000 credits, 27,550 gold (although this includes gold from duplicate premium tanks) and 76 days of premium time.

    1 tier 8 premium - the Swede heavy - probably the least interesting option (I was hoping for a Skoda or 122TM as I don't have either, or at least the Caliban as that has meme potential). I got this after 45 boxes, so did not activate my 'pity mechanism'.

    12 of the tier 5 premiums (including 6 of one of them, lol) which really is where my gold value of the boxes went up.

    3 of the styles, although only 2 of the new ones (Sheridan and ST-II, got the Maus one from last year).

    A second relatively disappointing year for me, although to be honest that's partially because the tier 8 selection is quite underwhelming this year. I feel the gold result was pretty bad to me, it only gets over the raw dollar value because of repeats on the tier 5 premiums. But again, once you throw in the other goddies, they still represent the best value if you're going to spend money on this game - and if you get lucky with the tier 8 premiums, that value significantly jumps.

    1. LoverJoy


      I got really lucky.

      45 days of premium
      29000 gold
      4.1M credits

      4 tier 8 tanks. I already had the Skoda so I got the rest. I didn't keep count on the lower tier tanks but I think I got all of them, there were some duplicates to push up the gold count. I also got all 5 styles.

  5. Yay, so after going close several times (a couple of 5k + damage games) I managed to do 6k damage in the M48 Patton (man I love this tank) to finally clear MT13.3 for the Obj 260 missions, which thankfully also finally cleared the stupid Alliance 1 for the Chimera which needs you to do 25% of your team's damage in a win, so can move on to the 15 mission for that set as well (now at the 15 missions for every group except for Bloc for Chimera). Slowly making progress.

  6. So after many years, the first of the 15.3 missions for the Object 260 has been completed... and it's LT15.3 - probably the last one I would have thought I could complete back when I first started out. 2k damage, 7.6k spotting courtesy of the stealth build on Ghost Town encounter mode. Got it with honours too, which is nice. I have TD15.3 unlocked but realised that 8k damage is just insane and I have never done that in a TD before (that I can remember) so that could take some doing. I'm stuck on the 3x HP blocking mission (with 3k damage) for HT, which is usually my best class and in the past the set I usually finish first, and stuck on a 6k damage medium mission (also very high performance for me in a medium tank, only hit that mark in a handful of meds). Could take some doing, but it just shows I think how powerful the stealth build is given it made LT missions feel very attainable with the right map.

  7. So is the Kunze Panzer fun/interesting enough to drop the 18 tokens on it? Or should I instead get the reliable-looking AE Phase I and then try and grind to the remaining tokens to get to 12 for the Russian TD?

  8. Just starting to realise how hard doing 25% of your team's damage on a win (i.e. 25% of total enemy HP) is at tier 8 or higher. I was pretty close with the T32 in a 5-7 match but screwed up at the end and fell a bit short. Damn these missions...

    1. sr360


      Yeah, that's a hard one. I did it in an unlikely tank - the Tortoise in a game where I pulled my team out of a deep hole with overwhelming DPM


    2. Balthazars


      Very nice! At my level of play, I think to do it at tier 9 or 10 would require a carry that's too rare for me to realistically bank on, so the only other ways to do it would be to ironically luck out on say a fast-cap encounter game or something stupid like that. I will probably drop down to tier 7 where the HP pools are a bit smaller (especially if top tier) to try for it specifically. I finished all other 13 missions for Alliance Chimera but forgot I skipped this one, which is ironically the very first mission in the set! I'm also got this mission or something very similar on some other batch as well.

  9. So the HE changes feel like they have made the vast majority of HE rounds absolutely useless. Take the WZ-111GFT, which before this change had 3 very viable rounds: standard AP, 395-pen HEAT and 1,100 damage, 90mm-pen HE which was very reliable in doing chunk damage to hull-down tanks or just straight-up deleting stuff. Since then, I have tired using HE on several occasions (because with new Intuition the reload goes from 11+ seconds to just 4.5 seconds) but it is close to worthless. 200hp damage on hull-down tanks just isn't enough, and the amount of absolutely stupid zero-damage HE bounces on the side of low-health tanks is just ridiculous. Yes, they made HE more reliable. Reliably bad.

    1. Private_Miros


      Been driving paper tanks and I've never been one hit killed and 600+ hit more by arty this side of 2016 than since the changes... Even the stun rounds do 600-700 damage. So arty got a buff, but everything else with HE or potentially useful HE is 0-150 damage unless you pen...

    2. echo9835


      Yeah, HE is a lot less useful and fun now.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      And they won. Now all the shitters are swiping their credit cards and shooting HEAT out of their howitzers instead. HE is out, 99999 alpha cancer shells are in.

  10. Looks like we've got a Korean bot on the loose spamming the forums :happy:

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    2. Assassin7


      Mod team to the rescue

    3. lavawing


      that explains the recent spurt in activity 

    4. Private_Miros


      Yeah, I hadn't logged on for a few days setting up a new computer. Got a nice welcome back. Work to do.

      Was indeed a Seoul-based IP. Strange, I don't connect RoK with spammers.

  11. Wait, there are lootboxes for the Black Market this year? RIP not logging in for 6 weeks because playing CP2077...

    1. NightmareMk9


      You better make SURE you can get a tank you want as one of your options.  My buddy just spent 5000 gold and 4 Million credits for the M4190 (5800 gold cost)

    2. Balthazars


      Lol, yeah I saw that it was still active and I have a bunch of gold from Christmas that I'm not likely to use anytime soon (have over 500 days of premium time, also RIP when not logging in for 6 weeks). Threw the 5k gold and got a gold Type 59 - which judging from the other status updates, seems to be high on the percentages to get - as the 3rd roll and plumped with that. The first roll was a T34B, the second a Mutz, the 4th the PZ2J, which while OP is low tiers and I'm not interested in. There are lots of interesting tanks I wouldn't have minded picking up, but that gaudy Type 59 doesn't seem too bad an option, all things considered.

  12. Well, for people who have been trying to 3-mark the Borat, now may be a good time to do it, MM is flooded with players who have brand new ones and it seems like heaps of them absolutely suck in it lol.

  13. Christmas lootboxes...contains chance to win both the Bourrasque, the Bisonte and the GSOR 1008 (even though it's been nerfed, it's obviously new and never been available anywhere else). Damn it, I'm probably going to buy at least 75 boxes as there are at least 2 of the tier 8 prems that are pretty damned good and I would like to have.

    3D skins overall look pretty nice this year too, except the one on the Maus, that's damned ugly because of that stupid AA gun. 60TP, WZ1115a and STB-1 all look pretty nice. And f**k the CGC cause arty.

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    2. Balthazars


      @ProxyCentauri the Bourrasque is potentially the most powerful tier 8 premium they ever released, certainly in the hands on a competent players. Apparently has the highest win-rate of any premium on EU. Was one of last year's mission marathon rewards and has not been otherwise available. Which is why they've put it in lootboxes this year, they know it's a winner and people will be tempted. Like me. Damnit.

    3. CandyVanMan


      Didn't like Borat, but I haven't tried it with prem ammo yet.

      Bad accuracy and low pen wasn't amazing, might try it again with liberal prem spam.

    4. Sapros


      Borat's only marathon I didn't complete. I had no clue it'd be such a monster.

      I bet I'll only get an ISU.

  14. Thank goodness! Incinerator for Obj 260 complete! Now to try and do the 4k damage + base capture or defence for a heavy tank... :S

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    2. Balthazars


      @PityFool holy crap, I never even thought of that! Thanks, I guess time to re-activate encounter mode...

    3. PityFool


      @Balthazars yea haha, it's actually quite easy on encounter. 

    4. mistervanni


      yea the extra modes are basically a necessity for missions, also i failed that same one last night for 5 damage T_T damn allies chasing the last arty in the right spot...

  15. Fuck me this was the worst run I've had in months. 5 wins in 21 games, including 14 losses in a row, include 9 games (the first 9 incidentally) in the SU-130PM. :triggered:

  16. Man, Ruinberg has become an absolute camp-fest is both sides get to their newly-created preferred hull-down rubble locations. Why WG? Why? Also, how the heck does one play Erlenberg as a light tank? Been getting it quite often in my lights and feel utterly useless 90% of the time.

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Run zippy in the hill area, and hope they don't hit you. And beware of Yeti - i mean... EBR.

    2. simba90


      If you're north spawn sometimes you can sneak up to the bush on the town side of the farmhouse and light the campers on the A Line (I think, the far west of the map anyway) Its about conserving hit points, crossing your fingers for a half decent team and waiting for some gaps to appear. *Caveat - I'm not very good at this game so take my advice with a grain of salt

    3. Assassin7


      field on ruinberg feels useless now too, at least from north spawn. its just completely exposed in all forms to the middle road in the city and you literally cant do anything at all without being farmed in the side

  17. Man, trying to get wins as the Harriers in the special mode is getting tough. Basically need the WT player to be a potato or some luck with the bot spawns where they are not all next to each other or where the WT starts. On the other hand, as the WT, if the Harriers have some potatoes, it's an absolute roflstomp. Had a game on Studanski where the Harriers had 2 40% WR players. It was a massacre.They didn't even get to 5 boost levels!

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    2. lavawing


      > spent a game kiting a WTF and stalling long enough that all the spawns were always undefended

      > win

      > no box because damage not in top 5

      > wtf WG


    3. Balthazars


      @lavawing dude that's rough. I've never played on SEA so no idea what it's like, but it really sounds like a completely different experience. I decided early on that I would stick to NA despite the awful ping (230~ish on average) after an awful experience on the SEA server back when I was playing SC2.

    4. lavawing


      @Balthazars I spent 3 hours on Aussieland and got the last 10 decorations. ~50% winrate which is like 5 times as on SEA. I don't get why people are so conservative with their HP on SEA when the only objective in the mode is to win. Painful stuff.

  18. So is the E50 still the best tank for the medium tank mission to ram a higher tier tank and survive/win? Been playing a bunch of other tanks and it's not happening naturally so wondering if I should try for it specifically...

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    2. echo9835


      Panther M10 makes money and has preff MM

    3. Private_Miros


      Yeah, generally the lower tier the easier this is. Just ram a scout, light TD (Helcats, Scorpions, SU-130s) and you've got it.

      I think I competed that particular mission in a Pantera when an Emil II tried to ram me coming down a hill. Emils might be heavy tanks, but they don't exactly weigh much as he found out.

    4. Balthazars


      Thanks for the suggestions. No Cent 5/1 so that's a no-go, the Panther M10 might be a decent shout, could give that a whirl (never played it, I think I have it, but do need to save up on credits for equipment so possibly a decent idea). My main issue is that I don't have many low-tier medium tank grinds at the moment so have to go back and find something.

  19. Well, the CS-52 appears to be a big winner for WG given the number of them flooding the matchmaker currently (been like minimum 3-4 per side in any match with tier 8s in it thus far). Even if on average people got an 80% discount on it, that's still a lot of dosh.

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    2. lavawing


      maybe just the timing? CS' marathon was right around the end of the summer break (WoT players are all kind of old tho)

    3. dustygator


      Plus with COVID, many people have more free time now than ever before. 

    4. Rexxie


      i think it's mostly covid. people are either out of work or working from home, and i'd say middle aged guys outnumber school kids 10:1 when it comes to people who would actually pay for the tank.

      be real though i cant enjoy t7/8 in any tank atm. matches are just stacks of cs-52s and a few bourrasques. even as someone who ground out the LIS, i would probably delete it if i meant i didnt have to see them in pubs.

  20. WTF WG, if Frontline started on 25 May, why am I only seeing a reminder in the client on 27 May FFS??

  21. Wow, think I just had my highest ever assist tally - 10,446 (vast majority of it spotting), to go with 3.3k damage in a 1.33k base XP mastery badge (my first, I'm only 10 games in) in my M48 on Studzianki. I guess 510m view range is kinda good? XD

  22. So has anyone encountered WoT killing their nvidia video card driver (crashing the program and requiring a restart) and found a solution? Started 2 days ago. I tried running some diagnostics and it doesn't seem like my video card is overheating, although my system is old (6+ years). Never encountered anything like it before.

    1. orzel286


      Is it showing the "driver stopped working and has recovered" pop-up? If so, forcing the driver to prefer max performance in nvidia control-panel->application settings->energy management might work. Else: update/downgrade driver.

    2. Balthazars


      5 hours ago, orzel286 said:

      Is it showing the "driver stopped working and has recovered" pop-up? If so, forcing the driver to prefer max performance in nvidia control-panel->application settings->energy management might work. Else: update/downgrade driver.

      It started on my older driver, so I updated it after the first day of issues to the latest but still got the issue. The popup is not exactly worded like that ("driver stopped working and has been restarted" I think is the exact wording) but very similar. I'll give it a shot, cheers.

  23. Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Wait no vstab? Dafuq?

    3. Balthazars


      @PlanetaryGenocide Oh, I have the improved v-stab already. Currently running the improved v-stab, optics (now improved optics) and rammer. But will switch the rammer for improved vents once I save up enough bonds again.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      ahhh gotcha i was confuse

  24. Wow, 1,369 base xp on the Caern is only a first class mastery badge!

    1. kolni


      right after it was buffed i had a 1590 base xp first class lol, tank is just riciculously strong so because of gun alone you'll end up having very good games in it eventually

    2. Balthazars


      Thankfully 1,515 base xp has gotten the mastery for me, which just happened. Yeah, the gun is just absolutely nuts if you can get hull-down against targets that can't pen your turret. Just sit there and pull the trigger.

  25. Freaking heck, 4 games in a row where I was full-penned by tier 9 or 10 arty for 850+ damage in the Standard B. **** this **** >:(

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