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  1. Man, trying to get wins as the Harriers in the special mode is getting tough. Basically need the WT player to be a potato or some luck with the bot spawns where they are not all next to each other or where the WT starts. On the other hand, as the WT, if the Harriers have some potatoes, it's an absolute roflstomp. Had a game on Studanski where the Harriers had 2 40% WR players. It was a massacre.They didn't even get to 5 boost levels!

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    2. lavawing


      I win like 1 in 8 games, so it will take me like 100 more games to get the bonds wtf


    3. Balthazars


      @lavawing whoa nuts, I've been quite lucky with some potato WTs, and I did play quite a bit early on before too many figured things out. I got lucky with rolls on the crates and actually got my 3,000 bonds yesterday (and it only took 5 more games to get the last 4 items I was missing - 3 in the harrier (2 wins, 1 loss) and two in the WT (both wins) to get them), so feeling pretty grateful at the moment. I have plenty of WT keys left, so maybe I'll do what Rexxie suggested and run those games and suicide to help some other folks out.

    4. lavawing


      sea teams @Balthazars sea teams

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