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  1. So the HE changes feel like they have made the vast majority of HE rounds absolutely useless. Take the WZ-111GFT, which before this change had 3 very viable rounds: standard AP, 395-pen HEAT and 1,100 damage, 90mm-pen HE which was very reliable in doing chunk damage to hull-down tanks or just straight-up deleting stuff. Since then, I have tired using HE on several occasions (because with new Intuition the reload goes from 11+ seconds to just 4.5 seconds) but it is close to worthless. 200hp damage on hull-down tanks just isn't enough, and the amount of absolutely stupid zero-damage HE bounces on the side of low-health tanks is just ridiculous. Yes, they made HE more reliable. Reliably bad.

    1. Private_Miros


      Been driving paper tanks and I've never been one hit killed and 600+ hit more by arty this side of 2016 than since the changes... Even the stun rounds do 600-700 damage. So arty got a buff, but everything else with HE or potentially useful HE is 0-150 damage unless you pen...

    2. echo9835


      Yeah, HE is a lot less useful and fun now.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      And they won. Now all the shitters are swiping their credit cards and shooting HEAT out of their howitzers instead. HE is out, 99999 alpha cancer shells are in.

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