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  1. Just starting to realise how hard doing 25% of your team's damage on a win (i.e. 25% of total enemy HP) is at tier 8 or higher. I was pretty close with the T32 in a 5-7 match but screwed up at the end and fell a bit short. Damn these missions...

    1. sr360


      Yeah, that's a hard one. I did it in an unlikely tank - the Tortoise in a game where I pulled my team out of a deep hole with overwhelming DPM


    2. Balthazars


      Very nice! At my level of play, I think to do it at tier 9 or 10 would require a carry that's too rare for me to realistically bank on, so the only other ways to do it would be to ironically luck out on say a fast-cap encounter game or something stupid like that. I will probably drop down to tier 7 where the HP pools are a bit smaller (especially if top tier) to try for it specifically. I finished all other 13 missions for Alliance Chimera but forgot I skipped this one, which is ironically the very first mission in the set! I'm also got this mission or something very similar on some other batch as well.

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