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  1. Christmas Lootboxes 2021 edition report (because I don't really have much else to spend my gaming budget on). 75 boxes for the following results: 5,400,000 credits, 27,550 gold (although this includes gold from duplicate premium tanks) and 76 days of premium time.

    1 tier 8 premium - the Swede heavy - probably the least interesting option (I was hoping for a Skoda or 122TM as I don't have either, or at least the Caliban as that has meme potential). I got this after 45 boxes, so did not activate my 'pity mechanism'.

    12 of the tier 5 premiums (including 6 of one of them, lol) which really is where my gold value of the boxes went up.

    3 of the styles, although only 2 of the new ones (Sheridan and ST-II, got the Maus one from last year).

    A second relatively disappointing year for me, although to be honest that's partially because the tier 8 selection is quite underwhelming this year. I feel the gold result was pretty bad to me, it only gets over the raw dollar value because of repeats on the tier 5 premiums. But again, once you throw in the other goddies, they still represent the best value if you're going to spend money on this game - and if you get lucky with the tier 8 premiums, that value significantly jumps.

    1. LoverJoy


      I got really lucky.

      45 days of premium
      29000 gold
      4.1M credits

      4 tier 8 tanks. I already had the Skoda so I got the rest. I didn't keep count on the lower tier tanks but I think I got all of them, there were some duplicates to push up the gold count. I also got all 5 styles.

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