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  1. Obviously it's just a quirk of statistics, but sometimes WOT really feels like you end up with 'cursed' tanks - for example, AMX 50-120, crappy tank. DPG worse than a whole slew of my tier 8s. 52% win rate after 220 games. AMX M4 51 - great tank. 12th highest DPG tank in my garage, higher than a good chunk of tier 10s. 45% win rate after 100 games. :S

    1. Panzergraf


      Statistics do be quirky like that some times.

      While none of them are exactly cursed for me, here's a quirk of statistics regarding my VK7201K and AMX M4 54

      I have similar DPG in both tanks. Both are 1-marked, climbing towards 2nd mark. Both have winrates around 60% (a bit higher for VKK). 150 games in VKK, 107 in AMX (not counting Onslaught).

      The VKK has probably my highes ace/game ratio. I've had 6 or 7 ace tanker games in it so far.
      The AMX, with similar mastery reqs, not even a first class! Lots of 2nd class games though.

    2. hazzgar


      I had an overall acc curse recently. Had a string of 4 days (30 games per day ) of 45% WR at 2500 wn8 and agressive play. 

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