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  1. Poor financial decisions 2022 edition report:

    Went for 80 boxes (the 20 for each type package) which is all I can spare this year to drop on this game.

    $4,500,000 credits.

    29,850 gold

    58 days premium time

    Skins for the Object 268v4, FV 4005 (last year), the Super Conq, the new Strv one, and the Rino.

    1 SU-2-122 (the double barreled low-tier TD)

    1 PZ.38H

    1 PZ.KW1

    2 M3 Light

    2 Harry Hopkins

    3 'big' premiums - got the Char pretty early (within 20 boxes), then the Iron Arnie with my 50-box pity mechanism, and then the BZ in the last set of 10 boxes, so pretty lucky.

    Overall better than last year, on account of nailing 3 of the main premiums. I also got about 2k more gold compared to last year, although less premium time (although this doesn't really matter as I still had over 300 days on my account as it keeps getting topped up by Battle Pass). I'm also pretty happy with the skins I got, the Super Conq and the FV one are very nice.

    The event itself this year is way worse though - far more grindy and with a lot of dumb/useless gimmicks that I'm not interested in. Not a fan.

    1. Jul_Le


      My questionable financial decisions report:

      200 boxes:

      15 800 000 credits

      130 450 gold

      138 days of premium (expires January 2025 lmao)

      All skins

      36 tanks, 9 of which were tier 8-9. Total compensation 67 450 gold.

      The pity counter never went to zero, felt like I got pretty good rng with high tier tank drops.

      Also got the cat from the very first box. Idk what the odds of that were.

    2. LoverJoy


      My splendid financial decisions report:

      200 boxes:

      29 tanks, 5x T8-9, 2 of them were guaranteed drops

      All styles

      140 days prem

      86k gold

      8,5M credits

      I feel like I was pretty unlucky compared to last year when I got 4 T8 tank from 75 boxes. And looking at Jul_Le's gold total I'm a bit bummed, the difference is huge

    3. Rexxie


      My poverty-line financial decisions report:

      3 boxes:

      0 tanks

      150k credits

      1 day of prem

      750 gold

      Sorry to drop my fat whale cock onto the proverbial table like that.

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