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  1. Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Wait no vstab? Dafuq?

    3. Balthazars


      @PlanetaryGenocide Oh, I have the improved v-stab already. Currently running the improved v-stab, optics (now improved optics) and rammer. But will switch the rammer for improved vents once I save up enough bonds again.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      ahhh gotcha i was confuse

  2. I thought most people grew out of designing double-barrelled tanks once they got past the age of 6... It looks ridiculous, and it's hard to think of a way it could be designed where it would not be ridiculously OP.
  3. So, the T20 in May 2019... Still a good tank at tier 7. It has great (if no longer that special after the introduction of the Leo and the Italian line) alpha for a medium in this tier, with quite good penetration (especially gold ammo), excellent mobility and flexibility with gun depression. Has a relatively small profile so can do sort-of-scouting roles when absolutely required. On the downside, the gun handling isn't great, although still nowhere near as rage-inducing compared to say the Swedish Leo, and the rate of fire is as expected a bit on the slow side. Armour is also pretty much non-existent and you will get penned by most things. Overall though the package is nicely balanced, and the tank is probably one of the best mediums in the tier, and even when bottom tier the gun and mobility means that you're never going to be completely useless. 70 games to finish the grind, 57% win rate, 1,256 DPG - right on par with my T-43, only a little less than the P43 ter and way better than my Leo.
  4. Wow, 1,369 base xp on the Caern is only a first class mastery badge!

    1. Kolni


      right after it was buffed i had a 1590 base xp first class lol, tank is just riciculously strong so because of gun alone you'll end up having very good games in it eventually

    2. Balthazars


      Thankfully 1,515 base xp has gotten the mastery for me, which just happened. Yeah, the gun is just absolutely nuts if you can get hull-down against targets that can't pen your turret. Just sit there and pull the trigger.

  5. I'm pretty happy with it. There's probably only one map which I totally hate in all tank types at all times - and that is Mountain Pass, which is the single most restrictive and corridory map in the entire game, which I hate with an absolute passion. It is awful to play as a slow heavy (long drive to get anywhere useful, and that crossing point in high tiers often means losing HP), awful as a paper medium (no flanking opportunities), awful as a scout (few safe spots to actually spot anything), half the map isn't useful, and it is entirely possible due to bad deployment/imbalanced teams to get trapped in one third of the map for the entire game. Hate it in all circumstances. Delighted to have it as my single map excluded.
  6. So, in early 2019, I have just finished grinding the BP. As others have noted, after the torture that is the Churchill VII, this feels at first like a decent tank. Then you realise that it's actually a really bad tank, but you were so traumatised by the Churchill VII that even the BP feels decent in comparison. The main problem is that it still has the same crappy 20kph top speed. It gets to it and holds it a bit better, but it still does not go anywhere fast, and given you don't gain much in way of armour for such a poor top speed, it remains the number one drawback of the tank. Speaking of armour, while it's better than the Churchill VII, especially the turret, it is still flat and riddled with weakspots, and can rarely be relied upon to bounce things except when top tier. The gun is an improvement on the Churchill VII too, but is by far the worst for tier 7 heavies, with poor alpha, a rate of fire that doesn't quite make up for the poor alpha (4+ second reload is often not enough to squeeze out that second shot), and the low calibre of the gun means you also struggle to track opponents. Mostly the problem is that no one takes you or you alpha as a threat and are often more than willing to trade with you. Penetration is bad on its standard rounds and so-so with gold, but the gold is damned expensive and you will run deficits when spamming it (which happens often). It's not particularly fun and I am glad to be through it. 65 games, 1,098 average damage (by far the worst for my tier 7 heavies, which are all at the 1,200 to 1,500 DPG range), but somehow managed to win 65.45% of my games.
  7. Have now finished the grind. 220 games with a horrible 46% win rate, with 1,963 DPG (for comparison, that is the second best DPG for me in a tier 9 medium, better than the E50, Cent 7/1 and T54, only behind the 430 - I have better win rates in all of these tanks). I want to like this tank, and on many levels, I do like this tank, but for me it is totally cursed and I cannot win reliably in it at all. It has a lot going for it, the clip if you get to dump it is 1,080 damage which means in the right situation you can go from not having done much damage to spitting out a 3-4k damage game just like that. It's two-shot system giving you 700+ damage is also extremely good without totally crippling the overall DPM means it's also very flexible. It's highly mobile, the gun handling is okay-ish, and it can put up some good view range numbers. The major down-side is the total lack of armour, meaning you will get penned by HE-slingers very frequently and arty will ruin your life. I had one stretch of games where I was full-penned by arty for 700+ damage for five consecutive games. Also takes a ton of module and crew damage. I like it, but somehow I hate it also because I just cannot win regularly in it and I cannot repair the win rate.
  8. Ah, so it's not just me then... I hate wheeled vehicles just for this. High ping makes hitting them a freaking nightmare. As for the changes... my poor 430, I didn't think it was overpowered at all. The 430U nerf doesn't seem that significant and it will likely remain very good, unless its gun handling actually is enough to make it 'bad' like it is supposed to. STB seems strange, nerf its penetration and shell velocity and some other stuff in return for dispersion buffs and the medium tank siege mode? I get it will make it more unique but the penetration nerf seems way too much for a tank that is, in their own words, supposed to 'brawl' which means fighting super-heavies frontally on most maps. Leo could be interesting, but it's still a paper tank in a corridor meta.
  9. I have a personal hatred of Mountain Pass, so that will probably end up being my pick to veto.
  10. No, no, no, no, no please no. If there is one thing from the old days that this game does not need, it is getting one-shot by AP firing arty again.
  11. Recently finished grinding this tank. How does it stack up in 2019 for an okay-ish player? On one hand, it's kind of good, on the other hand, it's kind of bad. The good is that is has a massive clip that can do serious amounts of damage to someone if you get them in the right conditions, including in some cases clipping out the entirety of a lower tier tank, or with some high-rolls, even same tier tanks. 1,800 burst damage is definitely something that can make you very dangerous in the right circumstances. The problem is that the right circumstances are rare where you can unload the entire clip due to it being 6 shells. Plus then you're powerless for 45 seconds, and given you have zero armour, you have no option but to cower like a little ***** during the reload, because even pretending to poke is risky because you never really bounce anything and don't have a lot of health. Gun handling also leaves something to be desired, despite decent penetration, you tend to bounce and miss a lot too, wasting shells. Mobility is decent but not as awesome as I had hoped for a paper tank, and while you can sort of keep up with mediums, you won't outpace most of them in a straight-line fight, and can't run away from them too much either. As with all autoloaders you can't really operate independently, but this is especially true with the 50-100 due to the huge inter-clip reload. Basically oscillates between awesome and utter trash, with a bunch of mediocre in the middle. Not really a keeper in my opinion. 110 games, 55% win rate, 1,568 damage per game, which is decent enough for me. Not as good as my best tier 8s but not my worst either.
  12. Would take it just for the reduced damage from splash/non-direct hits and reduced stun duration. Especially on paper tanks (like the Standard B which I am grinding currently, which suffers badly against arty) it could potentially make a big difference. Suffering 400+ hp damage on a non-direct hit is pretty frustrating. However, one of the biggest issues with arty at the moment is tier 6 and tier 5 arty and their rate of fire, which I note hasn't been touched at all. These arties, like the Lef, the FV304, the M44 and the Grille etc. fire so damned fast and do so much damage to low tier tanks that don't have a lot of armour that it is entirely possible for one of these focusing you to kill you inside 3 minutes, with not a damned thing you can do to stop it (especially against those that have very high firing arcs). Low tiers are even worse for arty spam at the moment because of this, in my opinion.
  13. Now finished the grind, it is definitely one of the few keeper tanks at tier 8. Has a very nice all-rounder combination of mobility, a bit of armour, and an excellent gun with a great combination of of alpha and DPM without completing sacrificing gun handling for it. The turret is very good against same or lower tier tanks and is still competitive against higher tiers without the gold-spam. Penetration is a little on the lackluster side but standard for tanks released in the last two years where they are 'nerfing' gold ammo penetration. It's enough for most situations apart from super-heavies from the front. As noted however, it is a painful stock grind with the stupid 175/217 122 gun in the middle for no reason apart from WG wanting to screw with you. The stock turret isn't particularly reliable, and mobility while stock is also not particularly good. Improves immensely once you get to elite status but expect it to shorten your lifespan a bit until you get there. 100 games to complete the grind (with a bit of help from Frontline in there, a game-mode the tank does very well in). 1,507 DPG (bang on my average for heavies except for my IS3), 56% win rate. It's also my only tier 8 without a mastery badge in the grind, despite having a 4.5k damage game in there. Keeper for me, especially with Frontline seasons this year.
  14. So, in early 2019, is this thing any better? Any different? Short answer: no. It is still a steaming pile of garbage, that has also been power-crept and forgotten. The biggest complaint, by far, is that it is slow. Slow, slow, slow. In a world where T95s, T28s, and O-Ni's (you know, tanks with actual armour) can do 30kph, you are still stuck capped out at 20kph (even downhill) and will take forever to get anywhere. In return for this glacial pace, you get... nothing. You get a rapid-fire pew-pew gun with mediocre gun handling and poor penetration, especially against the hordes of tier 8s you're likely to encounter, and poor alpha. You get zero armour that is of any value except against pubbies who still haven't learnt about weakspots and just auto-aim or aim centre of mass (and the latter guys are still 50-50 to pen you). Even worse if you go 'hull down' and they shoot at your turret, which is a huge weakspot. Just utterly painful to grind though. The one saving grace is that is doesn't have much of a stock grind because if you've played any other British line you'll have all the guns unlocked. I finished it in 48 games, a horrendous 44% win-rate, despite actually respectable DPG of 986 (for comparison, barely 100 damage less than my KV-85 which has nearly 60% win-rate and actually more than my ARL-44, which also has nearly 60% win-rate with a similar number of games at 68). It really is the speed and lack of alpha that hurts it, because you can't kill things quick enough or get to the right spot to win games, but can still spit out damage in a landside due to the high rate of fire when all the enemy tanks come to you. Painful.
  15. You still need the time to be able to make it work. Timezones mean that I'm pretty screwed because evening when I get home is usually when the curfew is still active, so knowing that, I'm simply using it has a means to grind credits and free XP, for which it is actually pretty good. I agree that defending is much harder to guarantee a good rank, especially depending on how bad your team is. I've had a defending team capitulate in just over 11 minutes just now, no one in the entire game got over Captain rank (defenders had just 1). I agree with @Jesse_the_Scout that the respawn mechanic does weight things in favour of the attackers because they can yolo, die and then respawn into another zone, overload it, get XP by jumping on the cap rinse/repeat. As a defender, if you get stuck in a lane that gets vacated, you waste a lot of time driving around and may not get any XP to show for it if you fail to find anything to shoot at.
  16. Agree on this very much. As I got one in the loot boxes I thought I'd try out in the IS3A, but in this mode the worse mobility compared to the regular IS3 is very, very noticeable because of a lot of the soft terrain (particularly in the first rank of zones) as it struggles to get up to speed or redeploy around the map. The regular IS3 is much better for this mode. Mobility in this mode is king, I'm pretty much only playing the T-44, the Progetto and the Skorp G at the moment.
  17. I kept my usual gold layout in tanks from randoms (so about 25% gold ammo) and rarely have to use it last time, but I imagine that's enough even with increased heavy spam. Last time around I found any tank with mobility, especially on defence (otherwise you die if the sector falls) is pretty much mandatory. The regular T-44 is a good option if you don't have the premium version. The Pantera probably does okay instead of the Progetto if you don't have that too. The regular IS3 does well, and probably a bit better than the "A" version due to better mobility (and last time I played it with a sub-100% crew and did fine). The Patriot is okay, the Skorp G does very well. Last time I pretty much just used the T-44, Skorp G and IS3. This time I'll be throwing in the Progetto and possibly the 53TP. Also, I found last time around that the Inspire reserve is pretty good for racking up assist if you time it well and hit a lot of allies with a lot of targets, as all the damage that inspired tanks do is counted towards your assist tally, which can be good for ranking up.
  18. So I do have this thing fully upgraded at long last. I really want to like this tank, I enjoyed the tier 8 and I like the mechanic of the auto-reloader. But good grief the game is trolling me hard whenever I drive it. I can't remember the last time I was penetrated for full damage by arty on such a regular occurrence (4 games in a row for 850+ damage just recently), not even in light tanks. While my DPG has been slowly increasing from the abysmal 1,100 with the stock gun (slowly climbing, currently at 1,600~ish), I continue to be stuck at barely 40% win rate after 105 games. So frustrating.
  19. I'm pretty sure neither the 430 or the 430U have been nerfed since they changed it/introduced the mini-branch. The 430 is one of those strange tanks where on paper the gun should be terrible. Bad accuracy, -5 gun depression, poor gold round. But while the gun does troll you on occasion, it snaps shots that it has absolutely no business doing. It's Russian hover-med mobility on a low platform (good camo and useful for going hull-down) with a strong turret, hull armour that is perfectly capable of trolling opponents with some wiggle, and a very good standard round (so it makes good bank for a tier 9 with a premium account). I performed so much better in the 430 compared to the T-54 I couldn't understand why the latter was viewed so highly, especially after they nerfed the DPM gun on the latter.
  20. Freaking heck, 4 games in a row where I was full-penned by tier 9 or 10 arty for 850+ damage in the Standard B. **** this **** >:(

  21. As @zbran noted above, since they made SOS and BIA work together, girls should basically only be commanders, as you can get 6th straight away and have the free BIA/SOS skill available as well. If you grind whole lines and move the crew, you'll have a solid team by the time you reach tier 10. As for suggestions: Russian meds are indeed good, although I recommend going Obj 430 --> 430U instead of T-54 --> Obj 140. For me personally, the 430 is vastly superior to the T-54 as the latter had a significant nerf to the gun handling of the DPM gun which I found extremely frustrating. But the whole line is pretty good from tier 5 upwards. The IS7 line now probably peaks at the IS3, which if you don't have one is worth having. The T-10 used to be the highlight of the line but it's not there anymore. I haven't bought the IS7 yet so not really sure what it's like in this day and age. I'm thinking about the German armoured TD line (the waffle line is tough to use in the current meta and I hated the Grille-15) myself, not played any US TD lines. Generally, use the girls as commanders in lines/nations where there are several good tanks that you will enjoy playing, or where you intend to grind a whole line.
  22. I would caveat that by saying it is delightful when upgraded. I'm finding the stock grind pretty painful, so painful in fact I couldn't bring myself to finish the last 5k XP for the top gun and used free XP. I was doing sub 40% win rate with DPG of only 1,100 (worse than my tier 8 mediums). At least with the top gun you can actually do some decent damage, but the mobility still feels sub-par with the stock engine.
  23. Yeah, I don't know why aspects of the World of Tanks community are so sensitive about nerfs. When it comes to game balance, there is basically two methods of doing it: either everything is overpowered (see Starcraft: Brood War for an example), or you have a constant cycle of buff/nerfs that take place in order to shift meta around and try and keep things from getting too out of hand (see, Starcraft II as an example). I also don't get the argument about 'we paid real money for it so you can't change it'. In the two games I mentioned, not only did 'things' people paid real cash to get (full priced box plus expansions), with certain units etc. being completely unrecognisable several years down the line after balance patches, but those games also have active professional scenes where some players arguably lost games (and thus prize-money) due to changes in balance. Sure, you see balance whine, but there's nothing like this type of "OMG THEY'RE GOING TO NERF MY PIXEL TANK, I DEMANDS REFUND" rage. I honestly don't get it.
  24. Happy New Year from Melbourne, Australia y'all! Here's to a better WoT in 2019 (well, one can always dream I guess...)

    1. sohojacques


      Just don’t hold you breath waiting....

  25. I think most of the 'gems' are going to be low tier tanks (probably up to tier 7 at max) because a lot of people don't stick around at the tier to keep playing and just keep on moving up. I think 'hidden' is going to be pretty subjective, and in most cases, the tech trees are pretty figured out - and I do agree with @Rexxie that the differences between tanks are getting smaller. Again though, at lower tiers there are tanks with more unique combinations still so that helps with that. I'll second the VK 30.01P as a hidden gem because it's my first ever three-mark, and I love it. It has an excellent combination of alpha, mobility, usable armour (the turret will bounce quite a bit) and penetration for the tier. It's only real weakness is poor gun handling. For me, the best of the tier 6 mediums (which is a very strong collection of tanks).
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