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  1. Yeah, yeah, no one cares, blah blah whatever. Okay, so the TNH 105/1000, as per the title, this thing is pretty much the complete personification of WG's recent strategy for selling a swag of tier 8 premium tanks, by making it 'not completely awful' but 'grossly underpowered' when compared against its flashy new premium counterpart. This thing kind of makes me feel conflicted. On one hand, on paper it is pretty much a straight-out better tank relative to the tier 7, but in practice it somehow ends up feeling much worse tier-for-tier. Let's consider - when you move up from the tier 7,
  2. I can't really explain it, but it's sort of like a bit of a challenge. I do think I have enough blueprints plus free XP to go straight to the top of the line, but I kind of want to experience what the game would be like for someone that is doing the 'intended progression'. The other reason for me is crews. I don't have a lot of crew skill books, so I often grind the line to get the crew to a half-decent shape by the time I get to the tier 10.
  3. The stock 88 is a bad joke. 145mm of pen and gun handling as bad as on the top gun means you're aiming for ages for a tiny amount of damage. Plus the gold round is 200mm-pen HEAT which is a huge risk on side-shots with tracks or at a target with spaced armour, although at least I found that it allows you to kill other Vz's relatively reliably by going through the turret face.
  4. You must be very unlucky. I got an Ace Tanker with only 1,417 base XP on 12 August, so I can only suppose that some good players have started to have some nice results in it.
  5. Okay, so I know no one likely cares about lower tier tanks, and everyone is rushing off to play the OP tier 10 before it gets nerfed, but what the heck, I started at tier 7 and am grinding like your typical average-ish idiot so why the heck not make a thread and do my usual little review. As the title suggests, I greatly dislike the Vz.44-1 and feel it is absolutely a contender for worst tier 7 heavy in the game. Let's see how it compares to some of the other contenders for that title, being the Black Prine, the AMX M4 45 and the Tiger (P) - with the top gun it has better alpha than all o
  6. @CraBeatOff Yep, I'm even more salty about missing out on one at last Christmas than ever before.
  7. The client for NA server currently says that it is postponed for at least 6 months, and "will only form part of our 2022 plans should a future iteration meet our expectations" so for now, there is a stay of execution as far as this crappy idea. Hopefully they will revisit as there are some positives in there, but saying they will push it back for at least 6 months is a good thing for sure as in it's current form the awful far outweighs the positives.
  8. Thanks for clarifying this by the way. I guess in some regard at least WG sort of thought through some of those second bonus slots - mobility on TDs would be close to an automatic pick for the majority given IRM is so good for casemate TDs and quite a number would also benefit quite nicely from an improved Turbo. Also noting they avoided giving the firepower slot to Mediums or scouting to Heavies. In terms of the field modifications, it's good that they put trade-offs so that they're not just flat out improvements, but I will admit that some of them are quite severe to the extent that whe
  9. Having not ground enough to unlock any of the second boosted equipment slots, does there appear to be any particular pattern or rationale behind what you get as the second boosted slot, or is it just a random lottery? This, along with the second equipment loadout, seem like the best parts of Field Modifications by a long margin, plus I suppose some of those passive boosts that you get for the base levels (some of which, like % HP boost, are actually pretty darned good).
  10. It's 950 alpha HE though, although 180mm pen is pretty freaking amazing for HE, but with those gun stats you won't be reliably penetrating the HE rounds. The bigger problem, potentially, is the 292-pen AP alternate round with 650 alpha, meaning it can potentially kill some tier 7 heavy tanks with just 2 shots. Even with crappy gun handling, with that level of penetration at the tier, you won't need much aiming to land shots. But yes, overall just bonkers design.
  11. Are we talking about the tier 8 premium still? I've seen a little bit as well and it looks pretty broken. Looking at it against the T77 which is the other burst-y tier 8 premium - you get 1 round less in the magazine (3 v 2) but have about a 40% quicker clip reload (under 24 seconds v over 38 seconds) although also suffer with 1.5 seconds worse intra-clip (3.5 v 2). However, overall when comparing the clips you're doing 920 average damage within 3.5 seconds compared to 1,080 in 4 seconds so you're doing 85% of the same burst damage in 87.5% of the same period of time, and when you conside
  12. True the 3.5sec intra-clip will hold it back a bit, and as you say, is at that really awkward length where you miss out on a lot of second shots, but let's be honest, it's a heavy tank so it's not going to be that hard to manufacture situations where it can get out both rounds quite reliably. I'm pretty willing to bet that It is going to be way shittier to play against than it is going to be to play as. I am not looking forward to tier 8 MM when this thing goes live, as it looks like it will have the ability to dramatically face-roll the meta.
  13. Yep, the premium looks like it will be pretty ridiculously overpowered with 460 alpha. I cannot believe they are keeping that when the tier 10 will have 490.
  14. So is the Kunze Panzer fun/interesting enough to drop the 18 tokens on it? Or should I instead get the reliable-looking AE Phase I and then try and grind to the remaining tokens to get to 12 for the Russian TD?

  15. From memory it's usually around a 2-week cycle (maybe 3) from something going to Test Server to going live I think? Pretty quick usually once something gets to Test though from memory.
  16. Thread necro - The T32 in 2021 for an average player. It's surprisingly effective. My experience in fighting against them kind of made me think that I would probably struggle in the T32, especially in the day and age of armour and alpha creep at tier 8, but surprisingly I found it to still be quite an effective tank, especially when top tier and in same tier games. The positives: it has so-so mobility, being enough to get you to places without lagging behind everyone else, a better turret than the T29 (the roof weakness is much tougher to hit and fewer enemies can penetrate it) so you can
  17. Yes and no. On one hand, when top tier, or even mid-tier, it's much easier to carry in something like a T29 with clear strengths even if your team is full of potatoes. On the other hand, if you get singled out for M44 spam and due to how slow it is, and if using the 105, how bad the DPM, you will get rolled if rushed and your team collapses around you. Honestly it's the M44 and other tier 6 and tier 5 arty spam and their ability to either constantly do 100~odd damage to you or keep you perma-stunned that makes me most reluctant to play the T29.
  18. I know a lot of people here don't like QB, but his recent video on Crew 2.0 shows just how broken the game will become for players that either pay to get their crews to level 80 and have instructors, or simply have ground only one or two crews and can get there straight away - so at about 9.45 min into the video, he shows that he is able to get his EBR 105 up to 68.9% camo and over 500m view range with some of the new talents, meaning that effectively he can drive around completely in the open at about 150 meters from enemy tanks, and as long as he doesn't fire, or fires carefully, cannot be s
  19. Just starting to realise how hard doing 25% of your team's damage on a win (i.e. 25% of total enemy HP) is at tier 8 or higher. I was pretty close with the T32 in a 5-7 match but screwed up at the end and fell a bit short. Damn these missions...

    1. sr360


      Yeah, that's a hard one. I did it in an unlikely tank - the Tortoise in a game where I pulled my team out of a deep hole with overwhelming DPM


    2. Balthazars


      Very nice! At my level of play, I think to do it at tier 9 or 10 would require a carry that's too rare for me to realistically bank on, so the only other ways to do it would be to ironically luck out on say a fast-cap encounter game or something stupid like that. I will probably drop down to tier 7 where the HP pools are a bit smaller (especially if top tier) to try for it specifically. I finished all other 13 missions for Alliance Chimera but forgot I skipped this one, which is ironically the very first mission in the set! I'm also got this mission or something very similar on some other batch as well.

  20. The stun duration reductions to the missions seem fine, but yes, the reducing critical hit ones is basically saying "ha ha, good luck!" and the damage reductions isn't much either, probably about the equivalent of 2 stun rounds or 1 direct hit with the non-stun rounds, also a minimal reduction. This stuff is going to be the death of me, I swear.
  21. So, the AMX 50B in 2021 for an average player. Well, for me at least, it is awful, and I am awful in it. In fact, I use some silly Christmas gift-wrap camo on it because i feel like I'm basically just wrapping myself up as an XP pinata for the enemy team when I play this thing. I am so bad in it, it is not even funny, but here's my take on it. It is the definition of power-creep in the game. It is a huge, fat heavy with zero armour (well some on the hull that can troll but in the day and age of hull-down monsters, it is more about turret armour these days, and this has none) and the
  22. So the HE changes feel like they have made the vast majority of HE rounds absolutely useless. Take the WZ-111GFT, which before this change had 3 very viable rounds: standard AP, 395-pen HEAT and 1,100 damage, 90mm-pen HE which was very reliable in doing chunk damage to hull-down tanks or just straight-up deleting stuff. Since then, I have tired using HE on several occasions (because with new Intuition the reload goes from 11+ seconds to just 4.5 seconds) but it is close to worthless. 200hp damage on hull-down tanks just isn't enough, and the amount of absolutely stupid zero-damage HE bounces on the side of low-health tanks is just ridiculous. Yes, they made HE more reliable. Reliably bad.

    1. Private_Miros


      Been driving paper tanks and I've never been one hit killed and 600+ hit more by arty this side of 2016 than since the changes... Even the stun rounds do 600-700 damage. So arty got a buff, but everything else with HE or potentially useful HE is 0-150 damage unless you pen...

    2. echo9835


      Yeah, HE is a lot less useful and fun now.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      And they won. Now all the shitters are swiping their credit cards and shooting HEAT out of their howitzers instead. HE is out, 99999 alpha cancer shells are in.

  23. I can confirm even an absolute idiot at driving light tanks (like me) can do some hilariously funny stuff with this build, and it's made light tanks really fun for me as you realise it becomes possible to actually do scouting instead of always feeling like a gimped medium. For that reason alone, I cannot recommend this enough. You will struggle for consistency if you don't really understand VR mechanics, and in particular if you don't know maps well in terms of where you can and cannot go to take risks to get spots. For me, the latter I really struggle with in particular so there are lots
  24. I'm totally regretting not focusing missions more last year where I was mostly just derping around grinding some new lines and not really achieving much. My play has actually improved to the point where I have been able to make consistent progress through the 260 missions (whereas it took me an eternity to do the T55A missions), and Chimera set hasn't been too bad either. These changes though make some of the existing arty-related missions an absolute chore, and the HE changes will also make those internal module damage missions a pain too because stun rounds now don't do internal module damag
  25. Been playing the S-51 and the M35/55 for missions (both arty specific on the 260 missions and for the Chimera set). Both mostly with the small gun. I'm so bad at arty, ugh. I feel that the non-stun rounds aren't very good. Splash radius on the two I'm playing is smaller (not sure if this is the case across the board) and without the stun, near-misses are basically useless. The additional penetration doesn't seem to be enough to reliably increase damage that significantly to make missing out on assist from stun as well. I dabbled with AP on occasion and it is pretty funny when you pen but
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