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  1. Thread necro! As I continue my grinds through some light-tank lines through 2020, now finished the BatChat 12-T. So, for an average player who also happens to not be particularly good in light tanks, this one is...kind of good, but in some ways, a bit frustrating. The overall package has a good balance, camo is pretty good as the size is small (well, it is long, but it's low to the ground), the gun is decent for the tier and the role, although the pen definitely means you will struggle to pen anything with armour from the front. Gun handling is okay, but not outstanding, especially at long range, and mobility is pretty good. I found the view range limiting - only 380m - which means you need a good crew to get the numbers up to something respectable, although kind of expected for the tier. It's one of the better tier 8 lights, although that's not necessarily saying that much in the current state of the game. I would say that it really struggles when bottom tier, as tier 9 scouts (especially EBRs) crap all over it, but it also struggles against the Even-90 and the LT-423 as they both outperform in terms of gun and camo and will outspot you regularly assuming they are not driven by potatos. Ran Optics, CVS and Vstab. 120 games to finish the grind, 55% win rate, 891 average damage (yes, I'm bad), 822 average assist (pretty good for me). It's fun at times, but if you want to play a light tank at this tier, you're probably better off with one of the premiums mentioned above.
  2. Thread necro in late 2020! So, what to say about this tank for an average player (albeit quite a bad light tank driver)... Well, it's certainly not good, but at the same time I don't really think it's bad either. Frustrating probably sums it up very well. The positives: it's got good mobility overall, is reasonably small so has good camo, and with a decent crew can put out some nice view range numbers (mine has 461 with Optics, BIA, Recon and Situational Awareness not yet maxed out) so it can work well as a passive spotter. The turret can occasionally troll the odd lower-tier gun. When it works, the gun is punchy for a light tank, with good alpha. The negatives: overall has zero armour, so T49 derps and HE from wheeled bastards will pen you with ease and with the former, can one-shot (or very close to it) you and make your life miserable. Suffers badly to arty too. Penetration isn't very good, especially at range. The turning circle is pretty bad, and the turret traverse is really darned slow for a light tank, meaning that for example, an EBR-90 can not only out-circle you, but your turret can't rotate fast enough to keep up with him either while he's circling you. Speaking of wheeled bastards, they crap all over this tank. The awful: the gun handling. Oh the gun handling. So. Bad. Takes an age to aim in. Even aimed in, it sprays stuff all over the shop, which when coupled with the penetration loss at range means lots of bounces and forget about hitting weak-spots. Trying to hit stuff on the move is also quite the dice-roll. 120 games to finish the grind, for a 53.33% win rate. Only 993 DPG (laughably bad I know, but as I said, I'm a bad light tank driver), but with 932 average assist , that is my best after my M48 Patton (which has over 500m view range). Running Optics, Vstab (I feel like I can't drop it if I don't want the gun to be completely useless) and CVS in the spotting slot (I felt that given I am over 450m view range that the CVS would give me more utility on those foliage-heavy maps - don't have the spare credits to try alternatives though). Part of me enjoys it from time to time, you get those games where the gun behaves itself mostly and you can put out some decent damage and play almost like a quasi-medium. Also games where you can get to a good passive/semi-active spotting location and put out some strong assist numbers. Then come the games where you get locked out of areas because wheeled bastards crap all over your tank, the gun misbehaves and you can't connect anything, and of course the moments when you spot everything and no-one shoots anything (the last game I played was a tier 10 game on El Halluf where I spotted 9 of the enemy team first, including their EBR and TDs and Heavies moving in the open and I got a grand total of 93 assist, and 97 damage kill-shot on the enemy EBR. 6 shots fired, 2 hits, that 1 pen) which just make you want to break your keyboard.
  3. Man, Ruinberg has become an absolute camp-fest is both sides get to their newly-created preferred hull-down rubble locations. Why WG? Why? Also, how the heck does one play Erlenberg as a light tank? Been getting it quite often in my lights and feel utterly useless 90% of the time.

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Run zippy in the hill area, and hope they don't hit you. And beware of Yeti - i mean... EBR.

    2. simba90


      If you're north spawn sometimes you can sneak up to the bush on the town side of the farmhouse and light the campers on the A Line (I think, the far west of the map anyway) Its about conserving hit points, crossing your fingers for a half decent team and waiting for some gaps to appear. *Caveat - I'm not very good at this game so take my advice with a grain of salt

    3. Assassin7


      field on ruinberg feels useless now too, at least from north spawn. its just completely exposed in all forms to the middle road in the city and you literally cant do anything at all without being farmed in the side

  4. Man, trying to get wins as the Harriers in the special mode is getting tough. Basically need the WT player to be a potato or some luck with the bot spawns where they are not all next to each other or where the WT starts. On the other hand, as the WT, if the Harriers have some potatoes, it's an absolute roflstomp. Had a game on Studanski where the Harriers had 2 40% WR players. It was a massacre.They didn't even get to 5 boost levels!

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    2. lavawing


      > spent a game kiting a WTF and stalling long enough that all the spawns were always undefended

      > win

      > no box because damage not in top 5

      > wtf WG


    3. Balthazars


      @lavawing dude that's rough. I've never played on SEA so no idea what it's like, but it really sounds like a completely different experience. I decided early on that I would stick to NA despite the awful ping (230~ish on average) after an awful experience on the SEA server back when I was playing SC2.

    4. lavawing


      @Balthazars I spent 3 hours on Aussieland and got the last 10 decorations. ~50% winrate which is like 5 times as on SEA. I don't get why people are so conservative with their HP on SEA when the only objective in the mode is to win. Painful stuff.

  5. It's pretty awful no matter how you cut it, but with new equipement I think there are more options for it now. If I were doing the grind now instead of last year when I actually did it, I would likely go Turbo (needs that extra mobility given it is huge with no armour) and stack gun handling equipment such as IRM/Vstab/EGLD/IAU as @lavawing suggested. The gun handling on the French heavy autoloaders is awful, so anything to mitigate that should help improve it's one strong point.
  6. Nuts, it looks really sexy, and the new line seems like it will be fun/interesting too...looks like I may be throwing some money at WG again in the near future...
  7. While I am not a F2P player, I am quite stingy in what I do throw at WG, so I am someone who pretty much always retrains crew for 90% using credits only. In my experience, it does not really matter too much as if you have experience boosters or the like and are semi-competent, it doesn't take that long to get your crew back to 100% from 90% That XP hit is also less noticeable as your crew gets better too, and with BIA and Vents on a tank for example, you barely even notice the drop in base skill level of the crew and you'll still gain the benefit of things like 6th, repairs etc. that you have trained up. Personally I find it quite a good balance between being efficient with XP-loss and throwing money at WG.
  8. I agree that Turbo really helps it, as you say, being able to more reliably get to those important spots and relocate more reliably can make a big difference in some games. I ran about 20 games it with a Turbo, Rammer, Optics and Optics directives (turbo replaced Vents) setup to compensate for the loss of VR from dropping Vents and found it quite nice. I'm too cheap to run food and the optics directives can be bought for those otherwise useless anniversary coins so I figured why not. As per my little review above, even though it's clearly not the best in the current meta, it's just fun to play.
  9. I'm pretty sure it does, and that it's one of the reasons for the high number of ridiculous bounces, because there is spaced armour all over all of the models, on the front and sides especially. Not sure about less health recovery from corpse looting, given that without it winning a fight if pretty meaningless as you'd be easy pickings for whoever you came across next, but less XP from the corpse I agree with as it would nerf vultures significantly. Also yes to improved rewards. Apart from tokens and maybe bonds, there is just no reason to play this game-mode. As I noted, at least with FL people jump in because of the credit and XP gains.
  10. Ugh, I just need one more level to get one more of the tokens to get my tier 9 reward tank (going for the Char, that looks interesting and I don't have any fun/good tier 9 French tanks) and then I can ignore this crappy game-mode. I echo all the comments about how luck plays so much into it, especially early on where spawn can have such a huge impact. For example, one game for me: French light tank. Spawn. Pick a direction and drive forward. Literally inside 15 seconds 6th goes off, I am spotted. I can see nothing which means he is behind me. He gets the first shot for free, which basically means he wins the duel unless he gets unlucky with RNG or screws up. But due to the crappy vision mechanic, I get unlucky in which way I chose to rotate to try and lock onto him, which means he gets a second shot before I can fire my first. Dead inside 2 minutes and there was literally nothing I could have done because he got lucky in the direction he went in and got the drop on me. While monotonous as all heck, at least FL gives you genuine rewards, i.e. being a near-unparalleled credit grinding option with premium tanks, and at least climbing ranks is mostly down to your own skill as opposed to luck. This game-mode does have potential, but for me personally it would require major re-works to be fun - currently I rage (way) more in this game-mode than I do in randoms!
  11. So I've just finished grinding this. 90 games, 53.33% win rate, 2,324 DPG with 421 average assist. As I've been commenting elsewhere, I actually really like it. It has excellent gun handling for a 750-alpha strike meaning it does very well in brawls and/or second-line support. Derpy shell velocity does mean that it is a poor sniper and it should not be used as such. The armour is very weak to gold and high-pen AP rounds but will troll quite a lot of people and can be used to bully when top tier if you can hide the lower plate (or if people just panic). Stock grind is okay, as the stock gun is the top gun from the tier 8 which has respectable alpha and gun handling, but the top gun really makes this tank. Standard rounds are very serviceable, you get 395-pen HEAT which is just ridiculous for those times when you don't want to aim, and a very nice HE round which lets you do fun things like one-shot paper tier 8 tanks/tank destroyers or take 500-HP chunks out of hull down tanks like Chieftans, Super-Conqs and mediums. Running Rammer in the firepower slot, Hardening for the extra HP and track-module health (very useful) and IRM for the further gun handling buff and improved traverse speed. Yes, it won't win you a lot of games consistently but it's actually fun. The damage stats for me are pretty amazing, more or less best in the tier (better than the T-10 and Object 430, my best performers for a long time), the only tier 9 I have in which I perform better is the Leo PTA. Win rate is obviously pretty crappy, but given it's a casemate TD, and I generally suck at TDs, this feels pretty amazing. Highly recommend.
  12. I don't think the speed helps this that much. It's kind of fast enough for what it needs to do, which is get forward to the main brawl and second-line. As @sr360 notes, the gun handling feels amazing with IRM, and the rotation speed is also very useful on a casemate TD. With IRM you can pull snap-shots on anything inside 200m very reliably which makes it great for brawling. My other equipment was Hardening, mostly for the track repair and increased health, making you very hard to track for long periods of time, which can really save your bacon in a brawl. The overall HP gain is a nice bonus too (gets you to just under 2k health, very nice for a tier 9 TD). Last is the Rammer in the firepower slot, which can push your DPM to just over 3,000 with a good crew. I'm finding a lot of success with it, although not quite finished the grind. Winning is a bit of an issue because I'm not the best player, but damage performance is close to best in the tier for me. @GehakteMolen - unfortunately the tier 8 does not get any faster even once elite. It is very slow for how little armour it has. Pretty painful stock grind too, although it gets better once you at least have the middle gun (the same gun as on the premium WZ TD).
  13. So is the E50 still the best tank for the medium tank mission to ram a higher tier tank and survive/win? Been playing a bunch of other tanks and it's not happening naturally so wondering if I should try for it specifically...

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    2. echo9835


      Panther M10 makes money and has preff MM

    3. Private_Miros


      Yeah, generally the lower tier the easier this is. Just ram a scout, light TD (Helcats, Scorpions, SU-130s) and you've got it.

      I think I competed that particular mission in a Pantera when an Emil II tried to ram me coming down a hill. Emils might be heavy tanks, but they don't exactly weigh much as he found out.

    4. Balthazars


      Thanks for the suggestions. No Cent 5/1 so that's a no-go, the Panther M10 might be a decent shout, could give that a whirl (never played it, I think I have it, but do need to save up on credits for equipment so possibly a decent idea). My main issue is that I don't have many low-tier medium tank grinds at the moment so have to go back and find something.

  14. For what it's worth: Buy: 1. 60TP - it's an armoured heavy with 750 alpha so you'll probably like it. Seems like your type of tank. 2. STB - as you said, the rebalance has made it arguably one of the best tier 10 mediums in the game currently. I don't have one, but it seems strong these days so it's probably worth a try given you've not played it in a long time. 3. 277 - it feels like a side-grade compared to the T-10 because in-tier it is not quite as good, but it's still a solid fast heavium with a pretty darned good gun so can be fun. Don't Buy: 1. FV4005 - because fuck that tank.
  15. Thanks, I kind of figured that would be the case, but always good to hear it from the prophet himself!
  16. Gehakte has always had a thing for slow brick heavies. @GehakteMolen for what it's worth I'm using Hardening, Rammer and Optics on my Maus, although once I have more credits saved up to buy equipment I will probably try either Improved Rotation or maybe Turbo on it instead of the Optics (the Improved Rotation seems like it would be more useful than Turbo), but with hardening already it seems noticeably tougher (and 3,300 HP is just hilarious) mostly because of the bonuses to track repair, as it allows you to bait so much more with your tracks and keep on angling between shots.
  17. Well, the CS-52 appears to be a big winner for WG given the number of them flooding the matchmaker currently (been like minimum 3-4 per side in any match with tier 8s in it thus far). Even if on average people got an 80% discount on it, that's still a lot of dosh.

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    2. lavawing


      maybe just the timing? CS' marathon was right around the end of the summer break (WoT players are all kind of old tho)

    3. dustygator


      Plus with COVID, many people have more free time now than ever before. 

    4. Rexxie


      i think it's mostly covid. people are either out of work or working from home, and i'd say middle aged guys outnumber school kids 10:1 when it comes to people who would actually pay for the tank.

      be real though i cant enjoy t7/8 in any tank atm. matches are just stacks of cs-52s and a few bourrasques. even as someone who ground out the LIS, i would probably delete it if i meant i didnt have to see them in pubs.

  18. Balthazars

    Obj 430U

    1. Nothing - there's a half-decent chance that they have either just ground it out through sheer luck and bloody mindedness through hundreds or thousands of games, or they rigged and set-up for missions with a platoon and/or other shenanigans. 2. Not sure about the Udes (haven't played the tier 10, hated the tier 9) but the STB and Leo both got buffed in more recent times, so they are fast mediums with great guns. IS7 still relevant because fast with actual armour. 3. To me yes. The 430 at tier 9 has been nerfed same patch as the 430U, but similarly not convinced the nerfs do that much to it, although I have not played it since the nerf. It already over-performs, and for me was noticeably more powerful than any other medium in the tier. Bad gold round and 5 degrees of gun depression are its only weaknesses.
  19. @Rexxie it was the HD re-models that did that in. I imagine that the cost/benefit analysis of the time required to turn all the models HD but keep the same level of detail as in the SD models didn't stack up and so they went "nope" and simply made the armour uniform across each 'plate' or surface. I agree, it's a bit sad. Knowing that a certain piece of armour facing you had some weak-spots did allow better players something to leverage beyond just just tapping 2.
  20. So, the Leo PTA in late 2020. It's awesome, and it's easy to understand why it's one of the tanks of choice of stat padders and try-hards the world over. Since its buffs, the tank is super comfy, with an extremely nice balance of mobility, firepower and view range, while only lacking armour. The lack of armour does hurt you in certain circumstances (arty and HE slingers, especially high tier wheeled bastards with their OP HE rounds), but otherwise the mobility more than makes up for it. The buff to the gun made a huge difference, that higher 420 alpha makes poking feel more worthwhile given that you can't remain exposed and the longer reload helps force you to manage that exposure. The gun handling is pretty nice, not quite best in tier, but you can snap-shot and hit things on the move quite reliably. Penetration is excellent and standard rounds are also more than sufficient for the vast majority of circumstances. Stock grind, while I didn't do it, is probably pretty painful given you have limited mobility with the stock engine and you of course get that crappy gun that was already mediocre at tier 8 on a tier 9. Knowing that, this is one of the few tanks where I dropped a heap of free-XP from the get-go, unlocking the gun, tracks and engine before grinding the turret. No regrets. The tank just allows you to consistently perform, and it's great fun to play. My first game was a 5.1k damage (only a first class mastery, it's hard to master with so many great players playing regularly in it), so knew would enjoy it. 60 games to finish the grind (there were some blueprints on the Leo already unlocked), 60% win-rate (pretty much best of my tier 9s, only behind my M46, equal with my Obj.430 and T49 and ahead of all my heavies). 2,320 DPG with 648 average assist - highest in all my tier 9s and on par with some of my tier 10s. It's a lot of fun, easy to recommend. EDIT: Decided to get it up to 100 games because OCD and it's actually fun to play - improved slightly to 62% win-rate, so now outright best behind my M46, and marginally improved my DPG to 2,342 and average assist to 654 (my performance was a bit bad over the last 10 games to be honest). Still, these are figures more akin to my performance either in the best heavy tanks (as I perform best in heavies), or tier 10 tanks, so pretty darned good. I also managed a mastery badge, which was a nice surprise (took 1,358 base XP). Ran Optics, Vstab and Rammer throughout the entire run. Plus I had a pretty potato crew, with only 1-going-on-2 skills, except for the commander with 2-going-on-3 skills. Will be interesting to see how the planned nerfs hit it, as the gun is such a big part about how comfortable the tank is.
  21. If nVidia's marketing stuff is true on the 3000 series, then the 3080 is double the performance at just above half the cost, and the 3070 will be about equal, if not faster, at half the price. If those claims are true, yeah, anyone that bought a 2080ti will probably be kicking themselves. But while it does sound like this generation of cards will be a major step forward, I'm also sticking with 1080p native monitor for the foreseeable future, so I expect my 1660 to continue to be more than adequate.
  22. I've been playing the M48 quite a bit because I just seem to enjoy playing the Pattons, and can agree that the Turbo really, really helps it out. Going 50 and with good power-to-weight ratio means that you can finally outpace things like Cheiftans in straight lines and are competitive with other meds in getting to key locations. I was previously running Vents/Rammer/Optics on my M48, so now running Turbo in the mobility slot with a Rammer and Optics. I'm too stingy to run food, but realised that with nothing better to buy with those stupid anniversary coins, that you can buy Optics directives, so I now run those which means I only lost about 5-6m view range from dropping Vents in the improved slot. Feels pretty good, although I've struggled to nail any really good games in it since, but it seems like I smoothed out more of those bad games because you can get to important locations more often and/or relocate better.
  23. I think a lot of the comments here show that overall, the new equipment has been a win for WG. While if looking to min-max for certain formats there will likely always be optimum builds, there are now many more viable options on a large number of tanks that will allow people to cater to differing playstyles and preferences. I think it's great how @sr360 seems to love putting turbo on almost everything, whereas others are gearing more for vision or gun handling on similar tanks. I'm still a bit too credit poor to experiment too much so have held off tweaking too much stuff except on tanks which I'm currently grinding or playing more, but certainly for some types of tanks - heavies, assault TDs and lights in particular - it felt like there were genuine options to consider and try out. That's been a big plus.
  24. Not that surprising that reward tanks and rare premiums (the Black variants for example) are often near the top of difficulty, likely due to limited numbers of the tanks in circulation. For example, I would imagine that's one of the reasons why the Chimera is the highest tier 8 tank, because there's probably not that many of them around to begin with. Was surprised that the Type 5 is still so high on the tier 10 list, given it's been quite some time since it was nerfed hard into the ground in terms of the gold HE rounds which was part of the reason it performed so well before. Not surprising that the easiest marks at tier 10 are almost all TDs, although interesting to see that flips around at tier 9 to mostly be all the light tanks.
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