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  1. I can't remember how I got mine, but I have one and recently started playing it to prepare a crew to go down the STB-1 line while it was one track. It's okay, fairly decent combination of DPM, gun handling, view range and mobility although it is not outstanding in any category except maybe DPM (at least for a 240-alpha medium). Top speed is a major letdown though, it's like the Pattons in that it only does 44kph, and it is soft so gets murdered by arty and HE slingers very easily. I do think the view range buff will be good for it, as it will give it something which is a noticeable strength to leverage. But overall it's still just a 240-alpha medium at tier 8, a category of tanks that has been power-crept beyond belief in the last few years. You will often struggle to do enough damage quickly enough to significantly influence a battle, and cannot even trade effectively against a number of same-tier peers who either have burst or just flat out bigger alpha. I wouldn't recommend it as a main credit earner as a result. Ironically in this case, the tech tree STA-1 is probably better given it has a notable DPM advantage for a 240-alpha medium. I have 49 games in mine, a surprisingly high 57.14% win rate, with 1,206 average DPG which is about on par for most of my 240-alpha mediums.
  2. To me the T29 gun handling does feel pretty bad. I guess due to good aim time when you're sitting stationary hull-down you can probably snap okay at close targets because everything moves so slow (hull and turret) which would help with the dispersion, but the turret traverse especially makes the gun feel very derpy the moment you have to engage at anything beyond point-blank. I do have a crappy crew which doesn't help, but to me the firepower on the tank is one of the worst in the tier/class. I don't know how some people play it with the 90mm either. That thing also has worst-in-tier/class hull and movement dispersion (although turret dispersion is middle of the road) in return for competitive DPM and anemic alpha, plus the need to basically only fire gold given standard penetration is only 160, it doesn't feel like a viable alternative. It has a godlike turret for the tier, but the hull is utter trash and gets penned by same tier mediums without issue and it is slow so it is really a one-trick pony - find a place to hull down and hope you don't get rushed or GTFO. When you consider tanks like the Tiger I and KV-3 got buffs in recent years, I don't think the T29 is anywhere near as overpowering as it once was.
  3. You're completely right because I had a total brain fade and got the tiers mixed up. The tier 5 Churchill is the one that is okay for the tier, the tier 6 is the absolute turd, and the Black Prince, like you said, while not good is workable in the right situations. I chalk it up to my mind refusing to properly remember grinding that line due to how traumatic the lower tiers generally are.
  4. There are lots of good options for heavy tanks at Tier 7, and the 'best' likely depends on personal preference. For me, the top contenders are the Tiger I (especially after the alpha buff, it can hit hard and has excellent DPM and a big HP pool), the IS (alpha and mobility), and the O-Ni (actual armour and a scary derp, plus a pretty competitive non-derp option as well). I'm grinding the T29 currently and it doesn't feel that good outside of hull-down due to poor DPM, not-the-best gun handling and a paper hull and pretty mediocre mobility. It's strong but I don't think as flexible as the others. The 45TP is a decent all-rounder. The AMX (forget it's name) is okay with the 105 but is huge and soft. The Tiger P is garbage, despite the fact I somehow seemed to do really well in it. Compared to the Tiger I it has worse turret armour (bigger cupola and a worse mantlet), only marginally better hull armour (a few spots will bounce things), worse mobility, a worse hull profile (longer so harder to hide and has shoulders so cannot sidescrape), worse DPM (like, much worse, worst-in-tier worse), and now also worse alpha.
  5. The tier 6 Churchill is okay. It's the tier 7 one that is the absolute turd. The absolutely trashed the best medium tank in the game by turning it into a rubbish heavy, so forget the VK30.01P. The KV2 is arguably the best because the HE means you can do unspeakable things to enemy tanks even when bottom tier, and of course for the memes. KV-85 is really good with the 85mm, basically a high DPM heavium at low tiers but it's technically not a tech-tree tank anymore. The ARL-44 is decent but fat and soft. That sort of leaves the VK 36.01 (H) and the T-150 as the only other candidates. Both have good guns and enough armour to actually function like a heavy in the tier (which is actually quite rare), although I have only played the former and not the latter.
  6. Don't... tempt... me... Feeling increasingly salty about having only landed the Bisconte and not the GSOR or the Bourra as while it's not a bad tank, it just feels so limited I don't know how much I'll end up taking it out in future and its tech-tree line looks garbage at the moment. On a slightly more serious note, I hope the line about you going hungry due to buying lootboxes is said mostly in jest.
  7. I'm not a purple player, but I am a pure solo player - so for what it's worth, in my opinion you'll likely stick with the old combination of Optics/Vstab/Rammer/Vents in many cases unless you want to try some funky stuff. Most tanks do not have good enough gun handling to drop the Vstab, but dropping the Rammer is viable on tanks where pure firepower isn't the be all and end all, or Optics if you have strong crews and also run food. Vents is more viable than before because it gets the bonus in any type of slot, so it's a good option if you're not using equipment from the 'specialised' equipment category on the tank (e.g. not using any surviability equipment on a heavy tank - Vents is a pretty good alternative to Optics here because with the bonus you're generally not loosing out too much in view-range for the added benefits elsewhere from higher crew skills). Tanks like the T-10 and 277 probably need to stick with Vstab, Vents and Rammer with good crews and food to be optimal but they can probably be quite fun with a Turbo because you will be fast enough to contest spots normally only soft meds and/or lights can get to that quickly. Hardening is only really useful on tanks with high HP for the class/tier or on tanks that can't afford to be tracked much and thus benefit from the full health track module on repair, so I pretty much only have used it on heavy casemate TDs and the Maus. I wouldn't use it on something like a French autoloader heavy for example. IRM is a good alternative to a Vstab on things that can't mount it, or to double stack with it if the gun handling is very poor. Again it's particularly strong on heavy casemate TDs or slow heavies because it boosts rotation speed as well. Turbo generally lets you do fun stuff depending on the type of tank you throw it on, especially if you like fast tanks.
  8. Overall I agree, gimmicks are bad and in particular they are bad because they are a nightmare to balance. It's a fine tightrope between making a gimmick useful and making it absolutely broken. Autoloaders alone, as the first real gimmick introduced to the game, shows that the line between useless and overpowered is narrow indeed and very easy to cross to one side or the other. I understand why they feel they need them though, as otherwise the only thing that differentiates tanks in the game are some very minor differences - but where once they tried to give flavour through that (e.g. Chinese tanks had higher alpha and no gun depression relative to Russian tanks, which is a reasonable and easily distinguishable difference), but because they flavour seemed unpopular, they've gradually shifted increasingly towards the gimmicks. As for the tank in question - yeah, I'm disappointed. It looked initially like it could be an interesting tank in an interesting line (plus sexy look, although not quite a sexy as the new tier 10 reward medium, a bit salty about that given I'm not in a clan), but as it currently stands it would be simply awful. The poor DPM and awful gun handling and low HP already frustrates me hugely in the Bisconte, and this looks like all those weaknesses magnified, and you don't get anything useful in return.
  9. I don't have most of the tanks listed, but for what it's worth based on observing them: the best two options are probably the T54-proto and the 112 given they have usable armour and decent enough guns. The Liberte is solid enough too. The two 105 TDs are okay if you don't mind playing paper TDs as they are both fast and have decent guns for the tier. Anything that is 240 alpha in the current game is basically trash however, so the FV4202 and the Jagtiger 88 are probably better to avoid. The Patriot has some use as a semi-mobile heavy with a strong turret, but I didn't like it much back before premium tier 8 mediums started getting more than 240 alpha and I wouldn't play it anymore now either. It also has really bad gun handling for such a pea-shooter which I think just really limits it. Maybe if you put a Turbo on it and play it like a slow medium it might be okay. Panther 88 got an alpha buff which is pretty nice (280 means it will roll for over 300 fairly regularly) but it's still a Panther hull which is garbage at tier 8. T92 is not that good as a light tank in the tier but not the worst either, but from what I recall you don't really like playing light tanks anyway?
  10. Balthazars


    I actually liked it quite a lot back in the day, although I used the top 10cm instead of the derp. I thought one of the good things about it back then was that both its derp and its non-derp options were actually viable, which really should have been how they did the entire line instead of giving the top tier tanks rubbish non-derp options, then giving them ridiculously good derp options, and then nerfing the derp options back into the ground without properly buffing the non-derp options again, basically just ruining them. The top 10cm here has stats comparable to the 105 on the T29 or the 122 on the IS for example, and is competitive on a heavy tank for the tier. The derp however just makes you more consistent, especially with all the armour buffs a lot of tier 8s and tier 9 heavy tanks received over the last few years.
  11. Setting it up for vision like a light tank certainly feels very viable being on the receiving end of it in an actual light tank, especially one that has a crappy crew in it (RIP me deciding to start grinding Russian lights from tier 7 with zero-skill crews). Even without the turbo it is fast enough to contest key vision spots against some lights (especially lower tier ones), as @CraBeatOff notes you can push the vision so that only the two best tier 9 view-range lights outperform it (and even then only just) so you can out-spot most light tanks and it's stationary camo is about on par too. Given it has better HP and a vastly better gun as well, this thing absolutely shreds lights when set up for vision, leaving you free to then run amok on a vision-less enemy team. I've been feeling even more salty about not getting one into a lootbox.
  12. +1 for anyone who vetoes Mountain Pass. What an abomination of a map, especially at high tiers where it is impossible from the south spawn to cross the gap next to the dip without dying or losing most of your HP, particularly if driving anything that goes less than 50. But at the same time you feel compelled to try and cross anyway, as the rest of the map is more or less freaking useless. How such a grossly imbalanced map survives in its current form utterly escapes me. After that for me it is Minsk, as others have noted, all the extra garbage on that map clutters it and makes trying to land shots a nightmare. I also just don't like the layout/design of the map in general. If I had more exclusions, Paris is kind of up there (very tank situational, some tanks you are locked out and unable to do much of use until the heavy brawl starts to break) but I would probably block Erlenberg next, then Paris, then Pilsen.
  13. That was the point I was trying to make above. 1,500 base DPM on a tier 7 heavy is beyond garbage, the lowest by a huge margin as the previous lowest are all about just below 1,800 DPM. When you consider that it also only had 220 alpha for that trash DPM it makes you wonder how exactly it was supposed to do anything. Now it shares equal lowest DPM in the tier for a heavy tank, with I think from memory, the Tiger P (with slightly more alpha) and the AMX M4 45 using the 90mm (also with slightly more alpha, but no one should be using the 90mm on that tank anyway). Still a steaming turd.
  14. Hmm, seems like the luck for the forums regulars is a bit more slanted towards the bad side this year. I kind of want the Bourra really badly but I keep on telling myself I cannot afford to throw another $130 bucks at this game... Must...Resist...
  15. Yeah, but at least that thing has a bit shy of 1,900 DPM with it's rate of fire despite the sucky alpha. Don't get me wrong, the Black Prince has a bad gun, probably the single worst gun on a heavy tank in the tier, which is kind of it's 'thing' along with being slow with useless armour. But if this thing really has 220 alpha with a 9 second reload, it will have less than 1,500 DPM base. That is beyond garbage for the second lowest alpha in the tier on a heavy. For comparison, the Tiger P has about 1,800 DPM, and that too has an awful gun for the tier. If it goes live like this, it will be the worst tier 7 heavy in the game by some margin.
  16. Really, a 9 second reload for 220 alpha on a heavy tank, with what looks like basically no armour and garbage gun handling? 220 alpha at tier 7 on a heavy tank! In a world where they felt the Tiger I having 240 alpha was too low already (and the Tiger P cries forgotten in a corner). Interesting pick for first tank in the line to release information about, because there's no way in heck anyone is excited for this thing.
  17. I've only had time to get 4 games in. Agree the gun handling is HORRIBLE. I am running IRM and Vstab (and Vents) and it still takes an age to aim in. I'm not really used to the 'reload saving' mechanic so it is basically playing like an Italian med right now. Mobility is okay in the straight line but poor power-to-weight so it really struggles up hills. Turret is okay and has spaced armour but hull is not very good. First three games were all pretty good, 3k average damage or thereabouts. 4th game my team got steamrolled and I derped out. Feels balanced-to-strong, definitely not OP.
  18. I had two really good years in 2019 and 2018 where I got all tier 7 and 8 premiums that I did not previously own (so I have picked up the IS3A, Defender, SU-130PM, E75TS, 703-II, E25 plus probably one or two others I can't remember). Given the price for 75 boxes, you basically need 2 tier 8 premiums to be 'ahead' given you also get the gold equivalent. I would consider 1 tier 8 premium as 'breaking even'. So this year, I only broke even. 75 boxes. Only 1 tier 8 premium, although at least it was the Bisonte (I really wanted that or the Boura, the GSOR also looked interesting). Only 1 of the 3D skins which is a surprise as most years I get almost all of them. Low on the gold too, only around 25k. About 5 million credits, and about 60 days in premium time if I'm not mistaken. All of the lower tier premiums, including that new french tier 6 autoloader. I got a couple of doubles of low tier premiums. Definitely a bit salty about missing out on a Boura after seeing so many of them flood the matchmaker, but after 2 years of really good luck, I guess it was due to run out sooner or later.
  19. Well, for people who have been trying to 3-mark the Borat, now may be a good time to do it, MM is flooded with players who have brand new ones and it seems like heaps of them absolutely suck in it lol.

  20. Christmas lootboxes...contains chance to win both the Bourrasque, the Bisonte and the GSOR 1008 (even though it's been nerfed, it's obviously new and never been available anywhere else). Damn it, I'm probably going to buy at least 75 boxes as there are at least 2 of the tier 8 prems that are pretty damned good and I would like to have.

    3D skins overall look pretty nice this year too, except the one on the Maus, that's damned ugly because of that stupid AA gun. 60TP, WZ1115a and STB-1 all look pretty nice. And f**k the CGC cause arty.

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    2. Balthazars


      @ProxyCentauri the Bourrasque is potentially the most powerful tier 8 premium they ever released, certainly in the hands on a competent players. Apparently has the highest win-rate of any premium on EU. Was one of last year's mission marathon rewards and has not been otherwise available. Which is why they've put it in lootboxes this year, they know it's a winner and people will be tempted. Like me. Damnit.

    3. CandyVanMan


      Didn't like Borat, but I haven't tried it with prem ammo yet.

      Bad accuracy and low pen wasn't amazing, might try it again with liberal prem spam.

    4. Sapros


      Borat's only marathon I didn't complete. I had no clue it'd be such a monster.

      I bet I'll only get an ISU.

  21. Somehow I felt it was helping me compete on those bush-heavy maps against some other lights that perhaps weren't quite set up properly, and also because I've been a bit poor recently so changing out equipment too much for me at the moment is a bit of a no-go. That said, not long after finishing the grind I did switch over to Vents (putting it in the Vision slot, only lose 3-4m in VR compared to having optics in it, plus the other benefits to camo and gun performance), and I definitely see the wisdom of your advice that Vents or Turbo are likely overall better options here. Also I have almost finished grinding out Recon on my commander over the course of the grind compared to when I started, which obviously helps too.
  22. Thank goodness! Incinerator for Obj 260 complete! Now to try and do the 4k damage + base capture or defence for a heavy tank... :S

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    2. Balthazars


      @PityFool holy crap, I never even thought of that! Thanks, I guess time to re-activate encounter mode...

    3. PityFool


      @Balthazars yea haha, it's actually quite easy on encounter. 

    4. mistervanni


      yea the extra modes are basically a necessity for missions, also i failed that same one last night for 5 damage T_T damn allies chasing the last arty in the right spot...

  23. Continuing to grind my way through some new lines in 2020, how's the 13-90 for an average player who also happens to be pretty crappy as a light-tank driver? It's pretty good, all things considered. Tank has a good combination of mobility and size making it pretty decent both as a passive and an active scout as you're not the easiest thing to hit and can hide in some pretty small bushes. It has a great gun for a light tank, which is absolutely the highlight - 960 damage clip isn't the highest, and can make it a bit awkward trying to engage higher or same tier tanks as you can't always ninja a kill, but it's enough to be a serious threat to most tanks if you get the drop on them. Penetration isn't the best, but gun handling is pretty good if you can afford a bit of time to aim, and it's pretty steady when firing on the move. The main weakness is the view range. You get no increase in the already sub-par 380 base from the tier 8, which can be a pretty huge disadvantage going up against other scouts if they are kitted out properly as they will out-spot you fairly reliably either due to a combination of better view range or better camo (sometimes both, like with say a T-100). It's an overall fun package, feels pretty balanced so can recommend. 105 games to finish the grind, but only a 49.52% win rate (it was as high as 55% at about 80~ish games through the grind but I hit a really rough run of games). 1,235 DPG, which is about 2 shots better than my WZ-132A (which supposed only strong point is its gun) with 989 average assist - better than the WZ as well, although not by much. Running Optics (in the Vision slot, as that 380 base means that without food you just can't get it high enough with a 3.8 skill crew), CVS (help compensate a bit with that low view range) and Vstab to help out the gun.
  24. It's likely not an optimal setup, but I have been running this setup and still doing pretty well in it. I still feel tempted to try it with a turbo, but have held off for now because I'm sort of poor. Generally I feel mediums find it tougher to drop one of the Vstab-Optics-Rammer setups, especially without food, as the mobility category of equipment is generally not that strong, with only Turbo being outstanding and even then only if you are the type of player that can leverage better speed beyond just getting somewhere at the start quicker. Vents is the main alternate choice as it gets a bonus in the mobility slot. I'm stingy and play without food, so most of my tanks have kept the above set-up too. Tanks that benefited most from Equipment 2.0 in a broad sense, in my opinion, were assault TDs (many good options, including IRM and Hardening) and lights (option of going full vision or maximising gun performance). Otherwise, the tank needs to have a clear weakness to be nullified or a clear strength to be leveraged to really get funky while still being somewhat optimal when running solo - good example is the M48 which has good enough gun handling that it can drop the Vstab and gets a very big benefit from running Turbo in the mobility slot.
  25. These marathons have always been ridiculous grind-fests and they only seem to get more ridiculous every time, with higher base XP requirements and lower overall rewards. The only reason it still works is because they keep on stuffing OP tier 8 premiums behind these grinds. I know I will never complete any decent portion of them (best I typically manage is a 50% discount) so I increasingly just don't bother. While lootboxes in general are an absolute bane to gaming, at least WG gives minimum gold equivalent value for them at Christmas, and they remain far and away the best value thing you can buy from them (although that value has been decreasing each year too), and they still feel like a better overall use of your actual cash, if nothing else to raise gold to buy other things.
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