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  1. The correct answer to cap/kill all is situational and relies on experience and judgement. _Juris does an excellent job here laying out a decision tree. However, your typical orange/yellow lacks the experience and judgement to be able to know which is best. That decision tree is too nuanced for players who are still struggling with more basic decision making (as evidenced by their orange/yellow status). When you're good at something, you don't need to think about it, you just know. What those red/orange/yellow players need is a rule of thumb to help them 'know' rather than having to think thru a decision tree while they should be focusing on driving and shooting. That is why I tell my guys not to cap, because "19 times out of 20, capping is bad or wrong". Always killing all is occasionally wrong but it is almost always right. Start by being right 95% of the time. Congratulations, you found that 20th time story. I could regale you with 19 stories of cap attempt idiocy where players took their guns out of the game to sit on cap and be defeated in detail, or sat in a wide open cap circle advertising their presence, or were the 4th player on cap rather than screening, or pushed on to counter-cap instead of defend and lose the cap race 100%-40%, but is that really necessary? Just think about how many times in a pub match a red/orange/yellow says "cap now" or "cap fast" when doing so at that moment was the worst possible decision. THANK YOU for bringing math into it at last. I didn't know that. Sadly, I guess there will never be a factual answer. Nevertheless, I am still curious about what a plot of Cap Points vs XP would look like. I thought that too at first reading, but it is XP earned "Per [base cap] point scored, up to 100 [base cap] points, if the base was captured successfully" (Italics are mine). It doesn't actually say you get 1 XP per 1 [base cap] point. It might be 0.4 XP, 1 XP, or 3.14 XP per base cap point scored. Cap XP is another unknowable value, just like the Team Performance Factor.
  2. I agree with you on pubbies trying to cap at the wrong time. If only I had 1 gold for every time someone said "cap now" or "cap fast" when capping was completely wrong or stupid... Capping adds experience for the tanks that are capping based on the number of cap points, but only if the base was captured successfully. Killing all (ie more total damage) increases the Team Performance Factor experience multiplier for everyone on the team. Hence my question about a plot of cap points vs XP.
  3. Someone is making the argument that by capping out and ending a game early, the minutes spent "killing all" could instead be spent earning 'fresh' XP in a new game and, in the long run, that earns more XP and credits. Similar to what Necrophore says below - higher 'XP per hour'. I think that is bullshit for a number of reasons, but wondering what the data says. According to WN8 creators, it doesn't. http://wiki.wnefficiency.net/pages/WN8:_FAQ
  4. I'm looking for some math to apply to the neverending "Capture" vs "Kill All" debate saga. I've read on the wnefficiency.net FAQ page that statistically speaking, cap points don't win games. (Someone referred to a post that explains in greater detail why that is so but I can't find it. Anyone have a link?) What I am curious about is the statistical relationship between cap points and experience earned. Statistically speaking does capping earn more XP or does killing all? Is it possible (or has it been done) to plot aCAP vs XP to show if there is or isn't a strong correlation like the graphs below?
  5. On the home page where NA Server Stats are displayed, what is used to differentiate "Active Players" from the "Overall" player numbers? I have various assumptions or guesses, but does anyone actually know? Overall Average Win Rate: 48.89% Average WN8: 784 Recent Win Rate: 50.42% Recent WN8: 1093 Average Tier: 5.19 Players Tracked: 538591 Clans Tracked: 12261 Active Players Average Win Rate: 50.99% Average WN8: 1215 Recent Win Rate: 52.41% Recent WN8: 1476 Average Tier: 6.27
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