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  1. Wow rude. I guess Snuupy's bad habits have really rubbed off on you
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    2. cmdr_riker


      Thanks! I hadn't seen it until now.

    3. Medjed


      everyone who posts a screenshot gets the goldz? managed it from the first try...also first battle in Chi Nu Kai :D

    4. MisterSwift


      Yep, everyone gets the gold, but only after the event is done on the 3rd day. Plus they do it manually so it takes a bit of time for them to give everyone their gold

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    2. Gimia


      It'll be removed from in-game purchase with gold on the 22nd, from cash shop January 15th. Notice how in-game date is 2 days before premiums go on sale.

    3. Constie


      Usual WG :SerbConfirms:

    4. precambrian
  2. For what it's worth, it accelerates and turns a lot better with the top engine & tracks. It's still capped at 40km/h, but it gets there a lot easier. That being said, I'd still go for the 105mm first (you can postpone grinding the tracks if you're willing to fit the suspension equipment)
  3. The eagerly awaited Firefly has finally had its placeholder stats replaced with preliminary stats. Will it live up to all the expectations it has been accumulating over the years or will it fall short and be found wanting? Decide for yourself! Currently they are: Tier: 6 Price: 945000 credits Hitpoints: 750 hp Weight: 33.026 ton Maximum speed: 36/18 km/h View range: 360 m Radio range: 550 m Engines: Wright R-975C4: 460 hp Power-to-weight: 13.93 hp/t Tracks: Traverse: 40 deg/s Terrain resistance: 0.8/1.0/1.8 Armor: Hull: 50.8/38.1/38.1 mm Turret: 76.2/50.8/50.8 mm Turret
  4. Platoon? That's crazy talk! I play online multiplayer team games like this to be anti-social and not have to deal with other humans!
  5. Initially I thought by "individual" the missions would be tailored so that each player gets mission requirements based on their (current) skill level. So... why are they called Individual Missions again? Clearly I'm missing something
  6. Enjoyed both replays. If I was in that Bulldog I would have probably died way earlier without getting anything done, seems I have a lot to learn. Also, what the hell was that T95 in the 13 90 replay up to?
  7. I wouldn't use server reticule on its own, the jumpiness drives me mad. My preference is client + server > client > server-side. And the only way to get both to display at the same time is with a mod, so yeah. Also, some relevant advice from a
  8. For what it's worth, from my small sample size, my Cent I was bottom tier 20% of the time, and middle and top tier 40%/40% of the time after 106 matches. Cent 7/1 was top tier 38% of the time, and got into tier 10 matches 62% of the time (266 matches). (All these exclusively on NA East though)
  9. I play with 250ms regularly as well and it's playable as long as it stays stable at that 250 and doesn't jump or spike around. Definitely get one of the mods that lets you display client side and server side reticules at the same time. Personally I use the one in Aslain's mod pack but you should be able to find it seperately on its own. Edit: ServerCross.rar in here worked the last time I used it 2 or 3 patches ago:
  10. I think he means the aim time/accuracy/dispersion, not the pen
  11. I own one but I'm not good at playing it so I usually only play it when I need to grind credits. If I'm going to play for fun I'd rather drive something with a gun that isn't lazy and a little bit more oompf in the engine. That being said, I don't see many of them around these days compared to say, 1 or 2 years ago. I always just put that down to us having a greater choice of tanks to choose from.
  12. Eh don't take it too badly, all (well most of us...) have those days where no matter how hard we try to win and how well we try to play, it's as if all the teams we end up are going out of their way to try and lose. We just need to get better at carrying them kicking and screaming towards victory.
  13. General Discussion forum of the official WoT Forums, which is a terrible, terrible place.
  14. Sometimes I wonder maybe if having a 5x wasted on a quick cap or a win where you died early might lead to people getting more frustrated and going on tilt more often than on a normal weekend. Especially for the more average players who don't consistently perform well, getting your 5x on a 200 xp win instead of a 1000 xp win seems like it would be a sure way to getting mad and frustrated and not playing properly, not to mention spreading a surprisingly contagious foul mood.
  15. Wait for the red team's turn to get the moron teams? Seriously though, both sides get the same retard teams, you need to learn how to use the enemy team's failings to your advantage, while minimising the disadvantage from the tomatos on your own team while taking advantage of their HP and distraction of the enemy while they're still alive. How exactly to do that... someone better than me will have to tell you
  16. Friends don't let friends play arty
  17. EU players: BT-SV is in the gift shop for 24 hours: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/wintercalendar/

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    2. Zinn


      Good lord, how about no to that one?

    3. Fulvin


      It's actually not a bad deal if you consider the value. The gold alone would cost 100€ in separate 5500g/20€ packages, so the month of premium and the tank are basically free. Although I don't see why people have a hard on for tier 3 tanks, rare or not.

    4. punishersal


      If someone suddenly gave me 100 euros, then maybe yeah, I would get it. But if I just want that tank, 100 is totally too much.

  18. I guess what he is trying to say is that the reduction in aiming time is only beneficial if you stop moving and keep your reticule stationary so that it can shrink in on the target.
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