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  1. Hey I notice you don't go with optics which I always thought was mandatory on mediums and even many heavies use it. Is the situational awareness + vents to sort of make up for that or do you just never really go out and do any spotting?
  2. Anything on open field maps that have few buildings? I really hate those. Any tips there would be great. I can never flank anything since I get spotted long before I ever make it around a hill. I don't want to hang back and snipe because like I said earlier that doesn't help the team win.
  3. Right I'll edit the main topic for some more info as well as restate in this post. My current ones I want help with are the tier 6 british and chinese meds (as well as their later tiers if played differently) and the FCM 50t. I would say my WOT general knowledge is good, I understand weakspots, almost all game mechanics, I use xmv and a variety of aiming/map/other mods.
  4. So I've heard a lot of people give advice like "just play it like a medium" for a lot of vehicles especially heavies that have no armor. I am pretty new to this game and especially to medium tanks, just got my first ones 3 days ago actually. Don't be fooled by my number of games played most of those were afk...but I am taking the game more seriously now and not just playing for the grind (thats why I'm here now of course). I started with TD and arties, realized I cannot change the course of a battle with one, and now I want to learn mediums. I went ahead and picked all the worst lines to
  5. So I've always played TD's and some arty but now starting to realize that I can't have any really effect on the tide of the battle in these tanks, and it is more important to spot enemies and secure locations etc. So I started some medium tank lines but boy are they hard to play. By sheer coincidence or horrible luck I've picked the fattest medium tanks that cannot be hidden (british line, FCM 40 t) and I know these are good tanks but what do I do when I can't hide behind a bush? I get trashed on frontline easily, even when I follow a heavy into battle they just aim for me, or I try to spot so
  6. First post. New here and to the game(ish). So I've been researching forever on best equipment setups and everyone seems to say that all autoloaders must have GLD. Most (if not all, didn't check) french auto loaders have the exact same aiming time that it takes to reload the next shot. Why on earth would you put one on to bring down your AMX 50 B's aiming time to 2.25 seconds when you have to wait 2.5 seconds to fire again regardless? This leads me to believe that the only time the GLD is ever useful is on the first shot, and that is only if you are standing still. My understanding is that yo
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