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  1. Fuck Off As A Service (FOAAS) http://foaas.com/off/Getsome
  2. Well, I'd like to point out here that the did not include the For guidance in this matter, I think it good to refer back to scripture. Spends Money to Reroll Seems appropriate.
  3. This really is priceless... ‘Mom of the year': Baltimore woman praised for smacking rioting son
  4. This is what is wrong with HP's electronics in general. They build it good enough to look good and survive the warranty period, and random things start breaking. Three years in, you can expect keys to break, USB ports to stop working, and the machine to generally look and work like its been dragged down the street behind a car. In contrast, last year I replaced the battery on my 5 year old ASUS laptop. Despite being carried around in a backpack and being dropped at least 3 times, it may as well be brand new.
  5. Hell if I know. I bought "new" from Amazon during the peak of the bitcoin mining rush, but who knows what kind of shady shit was happening.
  6. This is a bit of a tangent - don't take any of this as advice, just someone else's experience. My Gigabyte R9 280X shipped with the wrong BIOS installed. The card "worked" but I had similar graphics issues to yours. I set up an RMA and was ready to ship it back. When I was packing it up, I noticed that the memory chips were a different brand than the one indicated in GPU-Z. On a whim, installed the BIOS for a different board revision that would have had the memory chips I had on my board. The update fixed the issues, and the card has run stable that way for a year now. In your sh
  7. ASUS: Good. MSI: Good enough. Lenovo: Meh ok. Dell: Inconsistent. Acer: Disposable. HP: Garbage. ASUS is Apple hardware without Apple software. At the consumer level, their stuff has the best build quality at most price levels.
  8. When it comes to Xeon 1231 vs 4690K, I have a hard time justifying the premium cost of Hyperthreading, the lower clock speed, the inflexibility wrt overclocking, and the absence of QuickSync. If you do go with the 4690K, know that it occasionally drops to $180 at Microcenter.
  9. Take the SSD to 256GB. That is the top of the capacity/price ratio atm, and by experience, 120GB is really quite constraining. If the computer will be on a LOT, a Gold PSU will pay for itself. Purely optional though - your current choice is adequate. Nice system.
  10. Both my TR2 units were made by FSP. Both were purchased around 2010-2011. Apparently they switched hec at some point. That is... disappointing.
  11. Conclusion: TBD I don't believe you. Take your computer to a technician, ask what is broke, buy what he suggests to replace it. Expect to pay about $220 USD or your local equivalent - that should cover about an hour of the tech's time for diagnostics and the retail cost of the replacement part.
  12. PSU failed with no secondary damage? Good PSU. Thanks for the report. Let us know if they dishonor the warranty. Not my experience. I use them a lot.
  13. So this mod is to WoWS what Battle Assistant is to WoT. Or is it just me?
  14. 1 x 8GB is worth an extra $10 for the sake of upgradability. Try to get DDR3-1866 or DDR3-2133. DVD writer + Blu-ray reader drives are down in the ~$50 range. Optical standards are heading that way. With the parts you have specced, I would downgrade to a Seasonic 550W. You'd still have a lot of headroom.
  15. I suppose I misspoke. A 64-bit integer can provide half-millimeter accuracy over light-year's distance, without incurring the extra overhead of floating point arithmetic. Meanwhile, a double's precision loses millimeter accuracy by the time you leave our solar system. With that knowledge, why the fuck would you use floating point math for map coordinates?
  16. Star Citizen v0.1.1 amirite? Also, using doubles for map coordinates; why the fuck would you do that? Bad at math?
  17. Why did I actually read that shit...? =/
  18. 1. Get Android SDK 2. do { show(googleImageSearch("boobs")); } while (true); 3. Profit!
  19. I played a whole match yesterday where the guns were aiming about 10 degrees to the right of my mouse pointer. I figured it out while I was still making ranging shots, and managed a BB kill despite it. Problem went away at the start of the next match. --------- This whole WoWS experience has made me wonder if I was a 47% shitter in the WoT beta too. The first time I ever looked at my WoT profile, it was ~51% I think. Maybe such thoughts should be a sign that I should just uninstall this whole game genre now and never look back.
  20. This is funny because it was posted on a World of Tanks forum.
  21. I keep hearing, "just shoot HE," which sounds like in-bred ignorance. Anyone have some knowledge/guidelines on the damage mechanics?
  22. Well, social features came out for Elite today. The lag is real.
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