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  1. Wait.... there are actually people checking my profile? Ask me about random stuff if you are prepared to get a lengthy and confusing answer. lol

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    2. Teslarod


      Not gonna lie I regretted it. German heavys where my first line to grind for. Got to the E-75 without premium acc, took me forever and shouldn't have done it. You have now idea how well your statement fits for this time frame (guess it were my first 5k battles or so, 48% WR or something like that, still have much of that potato in me).

      Leo medium line? Right from the start - not a fan. VK and Indien where 2 of the most infuriating tanks I ever had the pleasure to drive.


    3. Teslarod


      NOOOOO posting place is limited here? Haswell - probably to long to fit in the space I have available to describe.

    4. Teslarod


      @Rover I am German thus a a boxtank fetish. Basically all German T9+ tanks I own are flabbergastingly good and fun at what they do. E75/E-100 where my first high tiers. Leo Prot my fisrt high tier med. Thus I suck at playing my favourite tanks - it's tragic *sniff*

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