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  1. someone please tell me there is an ignore feature on this forum :doge: 

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      There is. Strangely enough, all those who made my ignore list here have all gotten banned...

    3. Teslarod


      @TheMarine0341 Hm the only guy I ever ignored before was Garb... oh yes, I see what you mean.

      Nice, tagging someone and hovering over the icon lets you ignore someone directly :doge: life is great

    4. Flaksmith


      I have triggered him hard, so now he wants to ignore me @TheMarine0341

  2. Try Mawaru Peguindrum, Arakawa under the Bridge and Tatami Galaxy if you want some WTF without the gore.
  3. while we're talking about CG anyway Now that everything that needed to be said got said and we await the result with necessary precaution... GIFF MOAR C.C. HYPE (@KnobbyHobbGoblin lmao)
  4. Always a pleasure to come back here... Girlish Number really is a little surprise this season, didn't really expect to enjoy this. Still waiting for some serious machinations going on tho. Dat GitS trailer looks worse than I expected... my money for a good Sci-Fi movie next year is on Valerian.
  5. You either need to like Cowboy Bebop's style or have to be a "old anime is best" snob to watch it. Deathnote and AoT make for perfect anime poster children. Hellsing Ultimate OVA for mindless gore and fun, Black Lagoon for good ol' schoolgirl free anime. Or what Lock and Knobby recommended. If it's cartoons you want I can recommend Archer, Venture Bros or Rick and Morty
  6. Lol TOR in 2k16 or "how to sign up for the FBI Blacklist" hope you run your account through 2 or 3 proxies or end up as the 95% who never get a real look I don't know what exactly Drifter is... its for certain not dark, well maybe the humour is. Dunno I'd call it "Gritty Fun" or something. Just look at the OP So far it got nothing to do with stuff like Black Lagoon that occasionally gives you some feels or shows you the real bad side of things. Prime example is the Elf village happening. Immedeate revenge neither builds tension nor creates dramatic build up. Its just p
  7. Oh thank *generic higher entity goes here* thats an actual grill for once, I'd have bet my firstborn and then some that its a trap. @Lockhart77 #herecomedatboiharambe
  8. Well if >90% of all anime and >99% of all Maga are shit I wonder if I'd ever try my luck with LN. Okay at least I have 2 more "shows" to watch now. Sakamoto-san and To Be Hero are legit fun. A shame both are rather short.
  9. School Days made me laugh so hard... like the entire last episode I was barely hanging in my chair. Muh sides. #prettydamnshit/10 #totallyworthit btw I'm a Drifters fanboy now. Does anyone know how many episodes we get?
  10. Huh... I remember watching like 5 episodes and dropping it afterwards. After that I had the impression it would turn out to be another Shonen and too tame/flat for my taste. Does it step up it's game later on?
  11. oh gawd this season... so bad I'm basically clinging on drifters as a last straw (plsdon'tbeshitplsdon'tbeshit) So yeah we get another season that looks to be abysmal so far. Saving grace is probably the one hidden gem we have yet to discover. That Izetta thing checks all my usual alarms to not get hyped. "15-17 year old saving her country and the world" is something that gets me cringing instantly. Oh wait it gets better, did I just watch half a copy pasted opening episode from Code Geass? Oh look its probably Aldnoah Zero set in WW2. At least its bearable to look at.
  12. 114? Okay... Finally remembered to pick up Gintama again, I always forget why I even stop watching it. While binging it outside of the story arcs can be exhausting, watching a episode here and there never disappoints me. ... and I can't let Solo stay ahead of me in his progress on the show, heck he still claims he doesn't like it ("hey I watched all 300 episodes, it was meh" yeah, sure )
  13. Sooooo I just found out who Lina Inverse is, Guess who is is reflecting on thousands of hours playing DotA as a kid without knowing that now...
  14. 6 is low enough that I already regret watchin it in the first place. Its a below average score compared to general ratings to give you guys a means to compare on the commonly accepted scale. A 6 might as well be a 2 or 3 as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Its a prime example foor a shot that started on a generic premise, did some things right and improved over time only to devolve in an utter shitfest of mediocricy, fanservice and boring deus ex machina bullshit. We only partly hate it because of what it is (probably a 6/10 or so) but what it pretends to be or could have become (solid 8/10) after the first 2/3s of Season 1, but that never happened so fuck this abomination and everything it stands for. People actually liking this crap is why we have like 2-3 good show each season, because the plebs are satisfied with mediocrity and pla
  16. If I'm not gonna find you Solo will, not sure which one is worse. Good luck with the rest of your life anyway
  17. A week? What? I bet If I turn my old Nokia back on (haven't used it in 5 years) it'll still run
  18. Lovely Complex ain't half bad. Depending on if you want more happy go lucky or drama you could give Sakuraso no Pet na Kanojo or Nana a shot.
  19. Chill out m8, as said many times before. Its okay to like whatever anime you want to. Heck @KnobbyHobbGoblin and I share something we'd rather forget in that regard. Still this is wotlabs anime and you really need to be able to handle a bit of "your waifu is shit" talk with a grin on your face There are quite a few shows I hate even more than SAO. On the other hand I'm probably the most hardcore Hunter x Hunter and grimdark craver on the entire forum. Wich might not be everyone's cup of tea.
  20. Lol to the first one, I'd suggest you delete the 2nd one rather soonish, before someone takes it the wrong way. This might be wotlabs but there are appearances to uphold
  21. .... I beg you pardon but what does Hellsing: Ultimate have in common with the other two? My brain just started smoking trying to figure it out, I need to know ASAP.
  22. alright, alright... I'll try to watch it when I take my remaining 19 days of vacation this year. For the rest of you guys, here is a present : mpd :
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