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  1. I see... But i think my actual knowledge wont allow me to do that... Could it be a way to make that only one IMPORTXML function per player, retrieves all those three values? WN8, Recent WN8 and WR%?
  2. Hey guys, I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but i am trying to build a spreadsheet so it helps my clan with some basic things The idea is you input the name of the player, and it automatically loads you the basic stats of said player. What i've could do until now is this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fo5JsNNTRpH0mN1xHTN58CV9u4ECCEX4c_rqF-aG8A8/edit?usp=sharing The problem is that i used a function called "IMPORTXML" to retrieve the data from Wotlabs but it seems that the google spreadsheets have a limitation on how many of this formulas you use.
  3. hey whats up? check Y0L0 if interested. I'll give a heads up to the commander and probably we will talk with you. Good luck! Edit: Ignore my stats, ive been busy as hell lately and couldnt play a lot. but we have some daily active players and others in the same situation as you.
  4. Hey whats up!? I will talk to you soon, maybe you can come play with us some games and have a talk about our clan. Good luck!
  5. Interested in Y0L0? let me know and you can play some skirmishes, platoons or whatever with us. And btw, as long as you can hear the call and type or use the ingame commands to let us know you heard the call, thats okay. Will be waiting for you! Good luck!
  6. Hey, whats up Cheeki, Come check us out. Later on the day i will contact you because now i am at the office. but well recruiting for WoT its more important than job thats why i am browsing this forum Good luck! PS: Damn havent check my wotlabs since long time, do not look at that recent, dying computer (Quad2Core + 8600GT-512 Mb) with 15 FPS in addition with shit load of work might be the reason of it.
  7. Pmd you in Game, come talk with us on TS whenever you can
  8. Check us out, will contact you in game too. good luck
  9. Hey whats up Deer! long time man! Come talk to us on our Teamspeak, we can catch up a bit and see what your interests are! good luck!
  10. hey whats up Crack? Come to our TS. yolo.teamspeak3.com We can talk a bit more about your interests, and we might have a spot for you! Good luck!
  11. why nobody Bumperid this thread?? We are recruiting and now with our Sister Clan! Y0Y0! come and sign up now!
  12. i just read "hello to everyone" so i will come and say "Hi, i hope you are doing ok".
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