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  1. Its sure that if there was way to keep current gameplay somehow, WG would have done that instead of spending two years(?) and lot of manhours and money to make risky, potentially wasted try for total rebuild of carrier gameplay. Tells how broken current gameplay is. Guess fixing current gameplay problems would have made it simply too dull (like tier 4-5 CV:s currently). Removing spotting ability, simplifying fighter mechanism etc etc. Low tier CV's are pretty OK except their spotting ability. High tier CV:s make WoT arty look fun, balanced and fair mechanism, literally. Decent T10 CV player can prolly win against 3 ships of any other class solo, unless opponents are specialized AA cruisers.
  2. Pro tip #2: using that 3rd shell is almost always mistake. Reload is horrible.
  3. Thinking it more, in fact IS-3 could be worth trying. Very strong tank but maybe masteries could be reasonable easy for same reason as why 3 marking IS7 is relatively easy, there is soo many players using it that requirements could be low despite tank being one of best in tier8.
  4. Speculating just for fun.... What tank would you use (tier 8-10) if you had to get 3 mastery badges in 10 games ( mission: Receive the Mastery Badge I Class or higher within 3 battles out of 10. ) ? - I guess it should be some unpopular, weak tank so that less good/average players use it and mastery badge requirements are low. - Tier 8 or tier 9 at most, or some really unpopular tier 10. But tier 10 gets less exp and competition is harder and no bonus for shooting highter tiers. - Maybe something which has weak gun but strong gold ammo because it still needs to be able to perform strong. - Or maybe I am thinking too complicated and just taking something dirty like Type5 is enough and brute forcing good games. But requirements are pretty damn high in tier 10 tanks I thing, if I remember correctly some 5k damage matches in t10 medium are often not enough for Badge I. Maybe elc even 90 or other tier 8 scouts, hope few good scout maps during 10 game run.
  5. Also IS7 has weak gold ammo so even using gold ammo wont save IS7 for bad players. Going against angled Type5 with IS7 and even with gold loaded it gets really hard to get reliable pens, whereas 340heat tanks can just blaze away without much aiming. I bet IS7 would be commonly used in Clan wars if it had 340 heat.
  6. True, maybe they do not have THAT much control. But just like someone wrote earlier this thread, when we see prerelease tank stats we already have pretty good and accurate idea about its powerlevel... just by simple numbers and armor model, even without single test match. Add WG:s internal testing and well, clearly overpowered/underpowered tanks do not "just happen". Remember they have straigth out admitted years ago that some tech tree tank are made underpowered to make more money. I thing that comment was originally about tier 7 Chi-Ri years ago, tier 7 was common weak/cash grab tier for many tech trees back then. Notice how almost all newer premiums just happen to be strong or even more than slightly OP? How many of the lately released premiums have not been strong/better than tech tree equivalent? Often not that much overpowered outside some special cases (Defender, maybe wz-120whatever TD, scorpion G) but almost all of them are clearly little bit too good... Are there ANY newly released tier8 premiums which are even slightly underpowered? Funnily WG seems to be able to balance those premium tanks just perfectly for profitability. Better than tech tree but not too good because that causes public backslash (Defender) or fills matches with too many of them (Scorpion G, E25). Especially newer premiums seem to be all competently balanced for good, some older were straight out trash (t59-patton, original t34-3, panther88) but those older ones were released years ago and well, I can believe WG balancing department was really honestly bad back then. That or financial department had not yet taken control of company. AFAIK WG is making hundreds of millions profit per year, they have probably PhD/equivalent level peoples in marketing/financial departments who crunch numbers and see exactly what makes money and how. And when those peoples tell balance peoples (murazor etc) that new top tier needs to overpowered (or that new tech tree need to be special intresting = something overpowered there), Murazor asks "jump how high?". Anyway reading between lines Murazor's comments kind of imply he has no real saying about balancing, seems he is just lowly scrub there and doing whatever higher ups (Balancing Director etc) tell him do. Btw now thinging about premiums, intresting how there seems to be generally two categories of premium tanks: Tanks which sell for being good/competitive and then tanks which sell for being historic/intresting somehow. Competetive tanks are usually tier 8, often non-historic paper designs which are statwise strong. They sell for competetive high tier players who want to win games. Examples, pretty much all newer tier 8 premiums. Then another category, historical tanks with somewhat historical stats (for example fitting guns used in real life, not fantasy oversized guns like usual). Often not very good for winning games. Often lower tiers. Probably aimed more to casual, less playing players who buy those tanks because they saw it in movie or know them from history stories. Example Loza's M4-A2 Sherman, KanonenJagdPanzer (rare case of weak t8 premium) Oh and special props for WG balancing department for releasing ELC EVEN 90. Intresting, unique, not overpowered but still strong when played by good player, straight out weak in bad hands. Probably very difficult tank to balance well being soo unique and they still did it very well.
  7. Can you peoples stop being soo naive... WG is totally capable creating balanced tanks, that there is underpowered and overpowered tanks is calculated business from their side. Even the amount of how much exactly some tank is under or overpowered is probably calculated for best profit and customer retention. Ok guess sometimes they could honestly miss balance when tank they make is of new type for which they have no prior data... like swedish TD's etc. But if there is nothing special in tank, they can dig for old data of 400 or so tanks.
  8. Old Providence years ago was all about rushing down and under opposite hills right from start. Even good arty players rushed down so they would get better shoots on enemy tanks who have equally rushed down and across valley. Map being little bigger can help but slow tanks are still prolly doomed to camp if they cannot get down and across fast enough. Especially with 268-4's and grilles being soo fast on getting on firing position.
  9. Maps may well be unbalanced but players are also not learned them yet which can skew results. So WG really should wait some months for map meta to settle down before reacting. Though, we know players never learn some maps (see Swamp north heavies always going to do south-west corner).
  10. Wonder if ALL bushes are now "strong" ones which give soo much camo that even bad camo vehicles are hard to spot. Pre-patch different bushes had different camo values.
  11. That is exactly what I wrote few pages ago in this thread. If you want be agressive and do good damage, try small gun. Its only 215 pen but its enough against same tier tanks if you can aim weak spots, and plenty against higher tiers if you get side shoots. And when you are close range you are usually shooting enemies downwards (O-Ho size) which helps against tanks like IS3 whose armor gets lot weaker against that. Yes it wont work against front armor of higher tier superheavies, or opponents in good hull down positions, but on the other hand you get ability to plough over and out dpm equal and lower tiers. So gun options are: 1) Fit derp. DPM will be utter trash unless you get lucky pens. Play campy, delay and pray for long games or you wont do much damage. You can damage anything frontally which is nice though its still bad idea to trade with higher tiers, O-HO is too big, slow and weak for peek&boom. 2) Small gun. Together with O-Ho hitpoints can go agressive ham when situation allows and do some serious damage fast. But can also end in where you simply cannot pen opponent (Type4/Type5, high tier heavies frontally etc etc). Remember there is always at least 7 same tier tanks in match even in worst case. I dont know how meta has changed since I 3 marked tank year ago, new heavily armored heavies/meds can make small gun harder to use. But try it if you feel frustrated about lack of dpm.
  12. Boosting all tanks accuracy like that would literally trash game balance instantly and also make game overall much duller as removing/nerfing accuracy as a stat would mean one less thing making different tanks feel different. I get that some invidual tanks (like tier 10 scouts, or low tier tanks overall) could get accuracy boost, but all tanks? That would lead for everyone sitting bush camping because anyone spotted would be hit and killed immediately by 10 laser accurate 500m range shoots from other side of map. Any mistake would be punished much harder. Thing about playing against 10 srtv103b, would be it be funny? Same thing. Current "bad" accuracy makes more room for flanking and moving around map so if you want tanks be more accurate, better invent some mechanism for compensating that. More accurate all tanks are, smaller and tighter maps are effectively. Like sr360 said, AW tried this in their frenzy of implenting all wot-whiner ideas... and it did not work that well.
  13. Fuck it: I bet there is something stupid like, you get experience just by being close some friendly tank doing damage or something.
  14. Climbed to rank 13 with batchat and 13-105. Maybe not optimal but funnier than heavies/other meds whose main role in ranked is just sit hull down brawling and spamming gold each others turrets. Of course like half of maps there is no room for scouting but other half those tanks offer something normal meds cannot do with speed/vision. Bough also couple pieces of improved equipment on batchat, 520m vision range is pretty nice on open maps. T100LT still best for pure scouting but firepower is soo lacking in city maps, 13-105 is nice compromise, can clip pretty well but still works like scout too. Also intrestingly at least last night seemed there was almost zero scouts playing higher ranks. Had to wait couple mins in queue to get match with scout. Maybe because scout experience received seems to be pretty bad overall. There are some hidden mechanisms with exp gains, after playing lot of scouts its clear its not only spots and damage which effect. Even games with like 1.5k damage, 3k spot assist are only around middle of teams exp earned. Whereas some IS7 or super-conqueror with sub-1k damage, zero assist, zero spots etc can end top 5.
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