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  1. If the 121B would get decent DPM it would be an interesting choice, you can never have enough socialist wedges, but in its current state I'm looking forward to completing my collection of Pershings/Pattons/Frankensteins (looking at you, 59-Patton).
  2. That is hull HP. HP for hull and turret are counted separately and then added up for total HP of the tank. 1600 hull HP + 400 turret HP = 2000 total HP.
  3. Just watching the worlds best WoT player (QB ofc ) playing this thing, it is right between a Hellcat and a Grille 15. With premium income. Nice balance, WG!
  4. Most german high tier TDs have two loaders, training a radio operator isn't exactly more helpful than a loader.
  5. As you may have noticed there is a new premium tank coming, the tier 8 TD Rheinmetall Skorpion G. It has changed quite a bit since we saw it first a year ago, so I made a new thread. You can see the detailed stats for yourself on tanks.gg: http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/skorpion-g In short: - mobility very similar to the 263 - slightly less DPM/RoF than Borsig/Ferdi/JP2 - more accurate and faster aimtime than any of them, but with bad bloom - 6° depression to the front, 7° to the sides - absolutely no armor whatsoever coupled with low HP (1150) and a fairly
  6. If people are too retarded to shoot your cupola this tank is actually quite good. I got it as a gift as I would have never bought a tank like that, but it is actually not as bad as I thought. Still not good though. This is my second battle in it and also the highest XP game in random battles for it on Wotreplays: http://wotreplays.com/site/2858111 (6k dmg, 8 frags, 4260 blocked)
  7. 6k dmg, 8 frags, 4.2k blocked. 59-Patton OP, pls nerf 


  8. Any chance to call it Rubicon instead?
  9. That is vs. AP with 5 degrees of normalization. Against HEAT it is 320+mm - and that is just a small area. Also you tend to shoot up at the Maus. From a slightly lower angle you can add another 10 to 20mm to it. A correctly angled Maus still is a very tough target even when it gets HEAT spammed.
  10. Undocumented changes to Cliff in 9.15.1



  11. Can you post a direct link to the sweaters made from your chest hair? Couldn't find them in the list.
  12. How many tier 9s do you know that you can ace with only 1100 base XP?
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