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  1. ^what he said + the shell velocity is nice. You shoot and the shell is on target, quickly.
  2. I think FAM is more of a shojo/foxey hybrid than a foxey replacement. They've still got 75 members in foxey, although they lost the officer core to fam and probably have many inactives. On the bright side, if op gets into FOXEY, he's probably a good bet to get into a lot of cws battles. They've always been really good about getting active people into battles, so op will get experience.
  3. Some console guy is trying to tell me that wn8 for xbox players is still 95% accurate even though console has a different data set and will have different expected values. 95% accurate. Seems legit. 

  4. Got banned for 1 hour for team killing bots on Proving Grounds lmao 

  5. Going stream shitty console tenks. complete with text to speech for lulz. 

  6. I got it b/c I don't have a type on pc. It's a great platform for the current free-for-all meta on ps4. Good blend of mobility/ufp/turret- qualities that can be abused. I also haven't noticed a ton of tier 8 arty yet. It seems there's quite a bit more at lower tiers. But, inevitably, people will have ground up those lines and we'll see more.
  7. I've been playing a bit on PS4. I think the game looks fantastic and has some really good features that I wish were on the PC version, but the controller is a really severe limitation. Like you said, a simple action like poking and retreating is just so infuriatingly difficult with a controller. I'd rather they just let us use the D-pad- it's closer to wasd than the stupid joysticks. If I can set up a mouse and keyboard to this junk, I will. The mini-map is also garbage- you can see about 3 and a half squares all around. As for the meta- it seems like a complete free-for-all. There's no
  8. Word. That's a $1,500 studio here in NYC.
  9. depends. If you're playing racing sim then controllers are terrible. It's G27 master race. Or if you want a really good budget option it's all about the thrustmaster T150. I have both- one for PC and one for PS4 (PS doesn't support G27). Anyway, one advantage for owning a console is the sports games- if you're into that sort of thing. No MLB the Show on PC or NHL (that series has taken a dump tho TBH).
  10. I think 904l is a little shinier with better acid resistance, but 316l is good enough to wear everyday for the rest of your life. I mean, people go diving in salt water with 316l. Just wash it off and it's fine. In theory, 904l is probably superior if you dip your arm in sulfuric acid. But, who does that?
  11. I disagree. They're not novelty items. Novelty items don't serve a practical purpose. Watches tell time and they're also used similarly to jewelry. They look nice. There's also many variables that factor in the price of a watch. The materials (18k gold or stainless steel, etc), the movements (purchased from a movement maker- which some won't even sell to you unless they approve your project), the complexity of the movements (Swiss mech or Quartz), etc. Good watches are made by hand and take a long time to make. Keep in mind that the best watches have usually retained their value over tim
  12. Trying out wot on ps4... lawl

    1. Chiefofops


      O gawd there's still arty

  13. I feel like I saw you in a few games today.... anyway, welcome!
  14. After they dropped the pen nerf idea- does it seem like WG is kind of systematically buffing armor (JT88? and T34 upcoming) and bringing in new tanks with tough armor (japanese heavies)? Or just confirmation bias?

    1. Tranderas


      WG stated last year that one of their ideas for overhauling the game was to make armor meaningful. That meant giving heavies more armor and nerfing med pen. They did nerf t10 med pen a little, and the armor buffs (especially on the e5) are consistent with "we want armor to matter even if you are firing prem rounds."

    2. Chiefofops


      Interesting. Thanks for that

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