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  1. QFT. My questions are fairly simple: 1) Pravda or Black Forest Peak? 2) What's your opinion about high tier scout tanks, like the Type 62 or the SpIC? Do you think they are redundant with tier 10 meds (especially the BatChat) or do they have a niche that only them can cover? 3) Related to the former question, what do you think about the fact some tanks are facing other vehicles that existed 20-30 years later IRL? The Konigstiger comes to mind when facing AMXs or even the T69. 4) Do you think implementing something similar to WN8 in WoWs is a good idea (and why or why not)? 5) I've read abou
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll be more cautious when referring to him from now on then.
  3. Don't know what people thinks of him here, but it was him that sparked my interest in light tanks. I agree about the Belarus =\= Russia derp, but quite frankly I don't know any other scout specialist streamers/Youtubers out there. If there are, please let me know.
  4. Jingles is great. His wide range of content makes him a great source for information and entertainment. "Mingles with Jingles" series is something that really made me wish to actually meet him in person, "Epic Fail" and "GBU" series are funny (better than RNG WG videos) and his entry-level videos for games like the "How to not suck" ones are good for new or improving players. I really like him and had a lot of fun watching his ESL commentary some time ago. Like someone else already said, he's a great plus to the community: him and Sir Havoc provide great basic teaching for players and I really
  5. Nah, it's just a reference to Girls und Panzer. Thanks for the kind messages.
  6. Good evening, comrades. I just decided to register to this forums after I searched left and right for tips to improve my recent performance, rather stagnant lately. Let's see if I can somehow manage to advance some steps to purpledom. See you in the forums!
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