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  1. Aha, so that is why you are always talking about shooting the drivewheel. which can be front or rear depending on the tank because it tracks and does damage?
  2. Can't you just make a new account and go try it?
  3. So any general tips on knowing when you can actually fire without hitting something using third person? The reason I use first so much is often times the tank highlight can pop up when the target is actually blocked between first/third person.
  4. The fundamental issue is that the vision mechanic/system even for those who know how it is supposed to work often creates seemingly random results. In addition as is obvious by the peoples hate of arty, damage you have no response to provides a lot of frustration and anger. Sixth sense at least makes it feel less shitty when you suddenly get shot in the ass repeatedly by an invisible tank because you knew SOMEONE could see me and I should react accordingly. Sixth Sense being innate would be a huge boon to the game in general I think.
  5. True, I was hoping since the data was there you could switch to another tanks view or something.
  6. Remember the credits takes far longer than the experience. At 6mil+ credits per t10
  7. How often do you solo pub? If you platoon often what do your platoon mates like to play style wise? Of those you listed I think I would pick the E50 M first, but the E-100 is really solid and the E-75 is great.
  8. Maybe you just need a gimmick or focus Trobs. Zevens is kind of the live commentary. Focus on map commentary? Focus on certain types of tanks? T10 gameplay is great but I bet a lot of people eager to learn are in lower tiers, maybe more middle/lower tier information would be a combo for success? One question I had related to the LEARNING of good positions in this game. Is there a way to free cam or something in the replays? Because sometimes I want to go back and see from another tanks perspective what was showing on my tank. When I think I am in a good spot and then get owned, I want to break down that scene from multiple angles.
  9. I'm kinda jealous TBH I need out of games it was fun when I was young and single, less so being married with kids.
  10. Nice, I understand crunch all too well. Spent the last 15 years in the video game industry lol.
  11. Hmm I have definitely killed T29 and T34's by hitting the cupola. Especially when I cant see the rest of the turret
  12. So of the new american line given their matchmaking how do you rank them? T37 is supposedly ridiculous in strongholds, walker bulldog with the autoloader everyone says is OP/
  13. I mean, I play american heavies extensively and mediums, I look for hull down positions all the time. But the turret on the Tiger just doesn't seem to be anything but a bag of hitpoints. I watched the replay. But I only saw you bounce one shot and your stats show 1 non penetrating one? I saw a lot of the enemy shots going totally wide on the part of the IS or shooting terrain objects near you. You made excellent use of available cover but again the Tiger needs to be driven like you expect it not to bounce. Its not like a T29 where you can hull down and dare people to bounce off your turret.
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