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  1. I'm not saying they changed it, I'm asking if anyone else is having the same experience as me. Have you noticed anything, for instance? How come that after a patch I get ammoracked nearly every game and twice in lots of them, which is something that never happened to me before this frequently. And knowing WG and how many times they fucked up stuff that wasn't even supposed to have been touched in the patch I wouldn't be surprised if something actually had changed. Remember the M50/M55 hit model? Or the times someone messes up and creates holes in the tanks armor? And it hap
  2. I'd rather bring a leopard if I really have to avoid being shot. I play aggressively with the 140 but have never had such a big problem with ammo rack as I do now.
  3. Nowhere in the patch notes does it mention any change to the 140 but it really feels like it did. I'm just wondering how many people have felt this on the new patch as well. Having over 1400 battles on the tank it never felt as bad as it does currently. I'm getting my ammo rack damaged at least once every 2 or 3 games. It's surreal.
  4. Hey there, Has anyone else been getting ammoracked every damned game since 9.13 release while driving the 140? Needless to say I have safe stowage. This is making me rage a lot and it feels like they messed around with the 140's ammo rack hp or something.
  5. Anyone else bought some premium tank in game by mistake? I was checking the LAV-150 90's stats in that pop up window they have where you can see all the details of a vehicle including history and such. I accidentally pressed the left mouse button twice in the middle of the screen and suddenly the gold is gone and I'm the unhappy owner of a new vehicle. I saw the little window where you confirm the purchase during a fraction of a second while it happened but nothing could be done. Funny thing is, I went to my.com's support and the last response they gave me was: I once bought a vehicle by mis
  6. Garbad will you revise your opinion on the T-34-3 now that it is buffed in the 9.4 patch? Even though you rage-sold it lol The main issue remains but this makes the tank a bit more competitive. And damn, this thing makes stupid amounts of money!
  7. Hello, So for someone who doesn't have a type 59 and lost his faith in ever getting one, which premium tank should one get? I'm primarily considering the profitability and only then its "mediumness". I'm tired of the T34, constantly fighting t10s and crawling around the map and while I enjoy the IS-6 it simply doesn't print the money it should when you need to fire apcr. On the test server I felt the T-34-3 is barely mobile and doesn't allow for mid to high range engagements. It's only good thing is 390 dmg shots, but even that only happens each 11 seconds +/-. And I'm sorr
  8. I kinda miss Total War... Winning against shit odds is the best feeling you can get in any game
  9. I carry 5 HE on both my RU meds and yes, I've ran out of APCR some times but still, dealing at least 400 dmg to an waffle e100 is satisfying! not to mention that you suddenly become a HUGE threat to the guy as you can finish him pretty quickly. If you don't hit the cheeks of the turret then I'm not really worried about the low rolls as I'm pretty sure his gun will be either messed up or outright broken, which is even better if he was in the middle of a clip As for firing HE at arty... I've had so many shots at arty that didn't pen and low rolled that I gave up entirely and simply 2 s
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