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  1. No, you're not a math asshole. But if you are, I'm a bit of one, too. I totally get that the fluctuation in WR is insignificant and if the scale were to be normalized, that the graph line would flatten out to a gently rising slope. AND... I'm talking about the pattern of fluctuation itself. I just looked at your WR stats (and Gr1nch_1's, too) and the same pattern of up/down fluctuations is present. There's a peak / valley every 300 or so games.... consistently. As a 'math asshole' or more correctly, a 'statistics asshole', this is significant and points to an extern
  2. I've proffered in previous posts that my decision making process for when to play aggressive vs passive needs improvement. I'll just have to play more to get gud and make better decisions. However, all things being equal and assuming my (arguably inferior) play style is consistent, how can the WR cycle up and down in an obvious pattern like that without some external influence? (The standard deviation for this fluctuation is only 0.05% - which is admittedly minor.) If the observed cycles were all my doing, that would mean I'm consistently brilliant and impactful for almost exactly
  3. For the last 1000 games, my average tier played is 7 with avg DMG of 1500 and WN8 of 1957. That's bad? Perhaps to the the Unicums, yes. But I mean, saying I was merely a 'passenger dependent on the team' seems a bit harsh. I certainly don't camp in the back and am often the highest damage dealer (and at least in the top 5 to 10 XP wise) at the end of the game regardless of whether I'm top or bottom tier in that game.
  4. Dumb question that has been driving me nuts... Is MM screwing with me? I know the answer is always, yes. But this seems like they're taking it to an extra level. My win rate looks like a roller coaster. A roller coaster with statistically significant and oddly consistent up/down periods. Meanwhile, all of my other stats show a consistent increase in performance and almost no correlation to the WR numbers. Is this a result of MM's attempt to balance the teams? I usually play the same tanks every session. I almost exclusively play Random battles and generally don't platoon (
  5. Thank you! I've sent each of you a friend request and message in-game. I appreciate your willingness to help a scrub.
  6. Per PityFool's recommendation... I'm looking for a few willing players to platoon with who can provide some feedback and help me be a better tanker. (I have TS3.) It seems that I can do quite well in some games and then absolutely suck in others. The feedback for why this is so is that I'm not consistently able to properly read the map or a particular situation and make the right choice of reactive action. I can agree with this assessment. What I presumably need then, is 'live' help in-game to make better choices - with accompanying realtime discussion as to the thought proces
  7. Thank you! I'll make a post in the looking for a platoon section. Some of my replays can be accessed here: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Mountain_Raider/id/579542 Can you recommend streamers who talk about their play strategies? Most just talk about random things and interact with the commenters. Only occasionally will they hint at why they decide to attack, defend, or reposition.
  8. Woohoo!!!  I finally achieved all blue for my stats.

  9. Nothing? Not even some hate? <Sigh> Back to the grind.... http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Mountain_Raider/id/579542
  10. I have a problem with being consistent. One game, or a streak of games, is pretty good. The next run is terribad. I've asked other players who PM me rage 'advice' to meet me in a training room and show me how it's done, but none ever do. It also seems that I'm plateauing around the 1700 - 1800 WN8 range. I've watched many streamers. However, the players seldom explain their decision making process for why they're doing what they're doing. I'm also frequently unable to duplicate the successes they have - even when the situation seems similar (or all but exactly the same).
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