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  1. so everybody gets the type. that means grinding through the low tiers will get everyone the authentic 2011 experience of fighting ten types with your shitty ass tier five with no gold ammo
  2. What prompted change to 3-5-7 MM in the first place? I don't remember the official reason. Was it really just to boost queue times for tier tens? Well, now everyone gets into miserable games, but REALLY quickly \o/ I'm looking at their list of problem about present template MM and seems like old MM had none of them, so maybe just switch back?
  3. I also ran wot on HDD and it loaded in time pretty well, although if I reinstalled the game then it would take forever to load in when getting a map for the first time, like a minute after countdown. Anyway, every physics/graphics rework since 2013 has been pointless or for the worse.
  4. Played one game in it with like ten of these on each side, obviously. I didn't have a crew so I used the fresh one that came with it + food. Pretty underwhelming, Type 64 is infinitely superior. This has 400 less DPM than the Type with 85 alpha, so doing damage is a chore. Gold round is also fucking expensive, 2800 credits. Actual bloom is alright even though it doesn't mount vstab. It hits 60km/h+ immediately, but it's not like LT-100 quick. I like the SD model though
  5. tanks.gg is good mostly because it has short URL if you want to look someone up quickly: tanks.gg/na/garbad
  6. pretty sure fov was 105 before the slider. no idea why the default is 95 now, but it's way more narrow than if you look at old replays. patch 9.1 was when the slider was introduced and I found this thread discussing the change, but there's nothing about the specific numbers in patch notes http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/42673-note-default-fov-setting-changed-from-105-in-90-to-95-in-91/
  7. I tried to filter status updates by user and now I can't delete the filter (=>can't see status updates). lol, help

    there should be an X next to the filtered name, but it's not there for some reason right now. logging in/out and deleting cookies/cache does nothing.


    1. kolni


      Nostalgic EJ things, i see u bruh

    2. Fulvin
  8. the more patches they put out the more I want a rollback to some old version
  9. 430v2 change is another implementation of WG's newfound philosophy to have all tanks in a line play as similarly to each other as possible, and the nerf is to pull the 430v2 back in line with the 416 and the K91 that are both high-DPM trash-armor snipers. alternatively they could've made an armored t10 medium instead of the K91 and retain 430v2 as it is without being incongruent with their design philosophy, but considering the already-huge number of armored RU meds, it seems they're looking for more variety with the K91 even if it ends up being not as good
  10. if they make it historical then it will be able to withstand nuclear explosions, but will be balanced by 24 ammo count. neat.
  11. I admit I missed the stat boxes
  12. #remove jap heavies from the game

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    2. Hellsfog


      Has much as the Type 5, Type 4 et. als. are annoying. The 268v4, on the hand, is just broken. 

    3. nabucodonsor
    4. leggasiini


      I like how Type 5 goes from the one of the worst tier 10s into one of the most canceorus ones. In all cases it has been a hated vehicle in a way or other. Poor thing.

      Was buffing the bloody 14cm really that hard? I guess it doesnt have possibility for P2W gold HE so ehhh. I wish they removed the derp but that wont happen.

  13. join date July 2013, zero poasts until today. requesting OP's member title be changed to Supreme Master Lurker Overlord
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