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  1. If you enjoy light tanks and scouting, Tazilon's YouTube videos and website (tazilon.net) are great tools for learning the trade. I learned a ton from him, with quite a few patrol duty medals to show for it.
  2. These were great. I'm sure I'm not the only one who looked at the titles of the videos and thought "Hmm... those concepts seem fairly basic to me." Well, all I can say is, watch them anyway. Watching while some of the little nuances were explained, I thought about my own gameplay. I realized that although I was familiar with these concepts, my application of them in my own games is often lacking. So now I'll have some more mental ammo to fire in my upcoming games, and the improvement will continue. Since coming to these forums about 2 weeks ago and going "back to the basics" with some
  3. Submitted for review is this low-performance, albeit winning, T54 replay. I'd like to see what some folks think as to how it could have been made into a much better game. Feel free to be blunt. I have thick skin. ze replay: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=42366 And a bit of explanation of thought processes / my own observations from the replay, to be critiqued along with it: Initial deployment: No scouts, so I'll try to establish vision. Figure I'll head up along the F1-D0 ridgeline to do that. 14:30 Notice I have 3 other meds coming along. If they tag al
  4. As a little perspective from the other side of the window (i.e. as a potential no-shower): A little communication goes a long way. I really enjoy the team play aspects of skirmishes, but my work schedule is very random, in terms of both days of the week and times of day, so that virtually guarantees that I'll never be available for every night of a week-long skirmish. So when I sign up, I post in our clan forum thread for the skirmish what my availability is for that week. Then, if the team fills and someone else wants to join that has greater availability, it's understood that the capt
  5. Hello, WoTLabs!! It was my pleasure to discover a place where people are genuinely interested in helping other tankers to improve. I had known WoTLabs existed for stats and dynamic signatures, but had no idea of the forums and community here. So, after a couple days of trying to get the verification email to come through, the 5th one I re-sent finally showed up in my quarantine box, and now I'm official. I've been playing since the first of the year. I played a bunch of different tanks up to about tier 5 to get some experience with the different playstyles, and settled on mediums a
  6. After that title, I was really expecting the first line to be "I'm a man of wealth and taste."
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