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  1. It's all up to your personal preference as to how quickly you progress. If you are aiming to get to the high tiers quickly, it is probably best to focus on a select few lines to alternate, ideally of the same playstyle. However if it is not imperative to you that you race to the high tiers, playing a variety of tanks can be relaxing and help you find whatever type of tanks you enjoy playing most.
  2. Welcome to the fold, fellow solo pubber. Not that I have much more experience on wotlabs than yourself, but it's fun to have an account to start contributing. Feel free to hit me up ingame, I'm usually down to platoon a few or something! Edit: Just kidding, you're on EU. So nix the platoons I suppose lol. GL out there nonetheless!
  3. Couldn't agree more. I will tell you I was in your exact same position a couple thousand battles ago, and I made a post similar to yours asking the same question. I didn't think I'd ever make the switch to optics on my mediums in particular, but the reality is here I am a few thousand battles later with optics on all my high view range tanks, and I never look back. While I think it may be worth it to use vents on some tanks if your crew does not have BIA, once you have BIA trained you can substitute other, more beneficial equipment for the vents. Seriously though, I specifically remember w
  4. Hmm, very true about the module damage. Albeit I probably do spend more time in medium/close range with my 62A myself! Though I do honestly feel like the 140 is less accurate when it gets to 400-600m range, even when fully aimed in I am not as sure about my shots as I am in the 62A.
  5. While this is true, the 62A does have a more accurate gun at .36m dispersion, whereas the Obj. 140 has .38m. This, and the 140's extra degree of depression allow it to be more versatile in taking positions that may be closer to the enemy than the 62A, hence the decreased accuracy. In my opinion the 62A makes a better sniper than the 140 because of the accuracy. Long ranges also tend to negate the lack of gun depression as well.
  6. I am actually in a similar predicament, as I need a crew for my only British tank, the Cromwell. Honestly, I doubt it is worth buying premium tanks purely for training crew, as I feel that you may as well just spend the gold on getting a 100% crew and put them in the tank to begin with, then just play the tank? I know it's slower that way but honestly I don't think spending so much gold on crew and prem tanks is worth it.
  7. Here's 3 marks on my 50 100! T8 and not a scout [: Worked crazy hard to get it (not sure if 3 marks is something you should try to get in one sitting though, it stressed the hell out of me) I actually have 2 marks+ on all of my french tanks, save the Foch 155 ^.^ am currently at 92.56% on my Batchat, will post updates if/when I get to my first 3 moe on a T10! Also I have no idea why the pic is so tiny on the post... this is literally the first time I've attached an image to a post here so idk lol sorry needs zoom
  8. I think that it really depends on the map when it comes to the role a T-62A plays in the battle. Some maps that do not have that amazing hull-down spot you know immediately to go to directly off-spawn, I feel like you cannot be as aggressive in taking that forward position. For example, on Swamp. Either spawn you start at, you will likely be fighting on the hills to the north/south of the swampy area. Due to lack of depression you obviously can't sit and snipe without exposing your entire hull, so it forces you to play a bit more of a passive role in early game, taking only occasional pot-shot
  9. I'll shoot you a friend request. Usually will run toons 8:00PM+ central. Pretty chill playa. Can do comms, but I enjoy silent platoons as well [:
  10. ... I laughed so hard at the original FP post xD
  11. Haha fair enough. Probably better than cowering in a corner and dying with no more damage done, for sure.
  12. Suiscout. Lol wat. I think playing top tier lights are a great way to improve your medium play, not really the other way around. While you can rely on excellent camo values in a light, you do not have the armor or gun stats to compete offensively at the same level as top tier mediums do. Thus, learning to impact a game with the limitations of thin armor and very little firepower will bleed into your medium play, rounding out your capabilities in a tier ten medium.
  13. Welcome to Wotlabs [: At only 5k battles you have plenty of time to improve while your stats solidify; good luck to you!
  14. Sweet!! Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Am grinding my Obj. 430 II at the moment, and running 10's in between. I play mostly mediums, and I got voice comms (unless you want to just silent platoon thats cool too). Add meh.
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