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  1. What I've been doing now is block Ensk and Himmel for the first half of my session when trying to do light/medium tank missions, and then block Mali and Prok for the other half when playing slow heavies. I'll probably soon settle for just blocking one map 100 % of the time. That would be Airfield. It's mediocre for every other vehicle class except arty.
  2. For the STB-1, it was ridiculous to puke out a litany of numerical changes to so many different vehicle parameters. There even seemed to be errors included, with the APCR round listed as being of slower velocity than the AP. Maybe the premium round was actually intended to remain HEAT. Before going into so much detail, you should first have a working proposal for hydropneumatic suspension and how it would impact the same parameters.
  3. Is it worth it to drop optics and fire extinguisher for improved vents and food, for 451.73 m instead of 473.43 m view range? I run regular vert stabs, improved rammer, and the rammer directive. I'm 97 % on 5th skill on a regular male crew. Thing is, I only have 50 % effective firefighting skill. So, I guess I might have to start running a firefighting directive, which would make my 50 % firefighting a wasted skill. Min-maxing is painful Edit: After reading the FF directive description in-game, it seems to increase FF by +50 % when a crew member has FF trained to 100%. I've 2 crew me
  4. Jagdtiger vs JP E100: Higher DPM and shell velocity, better accuracy and gun handling, more gun depression, mobility, and camo, and a front-mounted gun. Then again, the JT is bad already at tier 9, and the JP is a gimmick that's not even trying to be competitive. I suppose 420p/1,050 HEAT ain't bad against superheavies, though.
  5. Assuming a liberal use of APCR on the 30.02 D, it becomes a question of higher alpha, better gun handling, and thicker armor on the P.43 ter versus somewhat better gun depression, faster shell velocity, and higher HP on the 30.02 D.
  6. Worth it to trade my only t8 prem, the IS-5 with special camo, for a SP for 1200 gold? The SP seems to have absolutely everything going for it. It even has slightly better camo than all the other American tier 8 mediums except for the Pilot.
  7. To summarize, in the first game (Murovanka), you went into the forest with not enough support. You couldn't do anything all game, and eventually got overwhelmed. In the Serene Coast game, you went to the west flank where your team had clear overmatch over enemy numbers. You were able to keep your damage up all game, because you didn't need much gun depression in that position, yet were hull down. The rest of the replays are giving a 404 error.
  8. Yes, I suppose the PTA has almost has good effective tank traverse as the T-54. I think it's the turret traverse that's noticeably bad, although it's nowhere near as bad as on the B-C 25t AP. The gun bloom on moving and turret traverse can also make the PTA a bit awkward to maneuver. Luckily, the bloom on turret traverse is relatively good, so it feels comfortable overall.
  9. Unlike the T-54, the PTA is not at all dependent on HEAT spam. The PTA is also fast and has gun depression. Agility is quite poor. The top bar on the turret will troll some people, because it's spaced armor that doesn't count as a hit.
  10. Scapegoating always did seem like a poor, albeit tempting explanation for everything that's been going wrong. Murazor is right in that balancing is complex. I think the issue is that people would still wish for there to be someone like Murazor, but with actual common sense, to be able to make good old-fashioned value judgments. Relying on pure numbers doesn't cut it. Not only is the winrate skewed for certain vehicles because of the differences in the sub-populations of players who play them, but not all vehicles should even be equally competitive. For example, the Type 5 is a specialty a
  11. The most important use by far is resetting crew skills for 6th and BiA. You don't want to be losing 10% off all accumulated XP. When retraining crews for a new tank, you can use credits, because then you'll only lose 10% of the primary qualification. If you remove equipment, do it for gold. I rarely remove equipment at all, because I tend to just sell the tanks that have the equipment mounted on them. It depends on how much credits you have, and how quickly you want to progress. I've never converted free XP, because I prefer to slowly grind it through playing. Premium time is great t
  12. Early damage is the best damage. You could've went south to punish enemies as they climb the hill. Spotting the north flank is not that viable. Alternatively, had your Ltwt friend come north with you, maybe you could've cleared the northern flank faster. Karelia with a slow team just happens to be painful. Also, it's beside the point, but your use of manual fire extinguishers bothers me.
  13. *ZOOM ZOOM* *SNAP SNAP* *DING DING* The minimal bloom gives it a unique playstyle. Some people go so far as to replace v-stab with vents, although that's a bit unorthodox. Though lower than that of other t9 LTs except the 13 90, the pen of standard ammo is now workable. The Ltwt makes up for the lack of WZ-132A-grade alpha with both speed and armor.
  14. The 113 and TVP seem to be all the rage nowadays, if you want to be competitive. The E 50 M is heavy duty, and could be fun also. Edit: I do still love my E5. It's not as immune to arty as superheavies are, but the 113 is also weak in that department.
  15. This option seems the most likely to me. With his bullshit, Foch finally succeeded in breaking Ph3lan et al. I doubt the ensuing witch-hunt will help towards: WG explaining their strategy on why they are releasing OP tanks. Stopping their release.
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