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  1. Did the stronghold attack/defense schedule change? I can only see the attack of "-BORG" on monday.
  2. So you type a wall of text and then you want the spam to continue so noone has the possibility to read? Thats what i call: effective
  3. Contact me. @data-penis I have 300MB/month data volume. I dont use my phone for browsing
  4. 404 PAGE NOT FOUND Page not found. Maybe it was removed, or the URL is wrong GG @Lilsaah
  5. Especially in the second battle. That IS3 either had the reaction time of a rock or he DC'ed quite regularly for 10 s. They were so unbelievably bad. @Merkel-topic Fuck that bitch. /edit: In a non-sexual way.
  6. After very tough fights we (@Gasgadur, @TAdoo87, myself) were able to defend the honour of our fellow leprechauns. ... But yeah we won. Yeah!
  7. I would have answered properly in your case though. Dont get me wrong I can say: Je veux une baguette avec jambon. Maybe that helps :3
  8. They used the same answer I use when people write me in-game PMs and the message does not make sense or the guy is insulting me really hard.
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