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  1. Notice the "*immature giggles*". We're well aware of the meme
  2. ╰( ⁰ ਊ ⁰ )━☆゚.*・。゚Dead Pixel [DPIX] *immature giggles* Is Recruiting! ԅ║ ⁰ ۝ ⁰ ║┐ Freshly revived semi-competitive clan with the focus on teamwork both in battle and in association to each member. A willingness to improve individually and as a team is important here and recruiting will be heavily considered around these qualities. We expect to compete at a high level whenever we go into battle and will encourage team-based play on a regular basis. TeamSpeak: the.tsserver.info:4000 What We're Looking For: Recent Win Rate : 59.5%
  3. Check out P1XEL. We're ok. Plan on building it up to be good I guess. Gl anyway o7o7o7
  4. Check P1XEL out if you want. We're ok I guess
  5. Ok. So, a few things wrong with this. 1. Battle caller? What experience do you have? Wanna elaborate? No? Ok, we'll take a shot in the dark and say you called for a pubbie clan for tier 6 SH once. 2. Wanna leave your clan, eh? Leaving in the first stage of the campaign? You know, the time when they need you most? Seems like a trait that any clan would surely like. 3. Haven't even bothered to leave the clan. Not only are you leaving them, but your damn avatar here is of the NARWL emblem. Clearly you care so much about your clan. Enough to leave them in the first week
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