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  1. I personally can't stand my Chi-Nu-Kai: Oh yay, more T29s and Tigers!
  2. Tyben


    Sometimes we find a flaw in his coding that we can abuse.
  3. I wouldn't categorize NA gameplay as charging across the open field. It is rare that I see that past tier 5. Too often do I see Pattons/Pershings/Lights camping the corner of a map hoping for that IS-3 to light something for them to shoot.
  4. This seems to imply that the two of you met through world of tanks?
  5. Which one of you started playing tanks first and convinced the other to play also?
  6. Tyben


    You mean the esteemed Hypnotik?
  7. SWG112, do you find the A line (A6-7) to be a decent spot to push the north if you're coming in from east spawn? I've seemed to stymie pushes pretty well from the B3 hill+bushes using mediums/TDs, but have you seen otherwise?
  8. We're talking about west side spawn, right? Because A6 is a little far forward of a position (IMO) to take if you're spawning on the west. Where as, A6 wouldn't be that bad of a place for east spawn, however I haven't personally tried it so I didn't put it on.
  9. This is kind of my take* on the map, using Okeano's format: *Note: I've mainly played west side spawn, so I'm not as familiar with east spawn locations. I've found up in B3, you've got good shots towards things in the A5-6 region, as well as across the field, some spots into the town, and things at D5. You can also push down the A line, reinforce the town, pull out and go south, etc. I've also had some success working the hills at H5-J5 to try holding back people pushing from the south bridge. The ridgeline at J3-K3, I've found that people will gravitate to it normally, so there's usually people already there (and you're not always spotting targets yourself). B8-9 from the B spawn I've found to normally have campers, but not actually have a very good position for firing on a wealth of targets. Instead, I normally would go down the A line or D7 corner or go south. G7 allows you to fire on most things in the center, things in the west side's spawn, and if you're careful you can go around the mountain at G5-H5 (depending on circumstances). (Note: from the west spawn & in a light, I've taken a position above G7 and used that to spot the swamp and east spawn/bridge) Pushing the K line from the east spawn also gives some cover & if you've got decent depression, you can pop out at various locations to shoot at things in the south town or the H5-J5 hills. I've always found D9-E0 to be way to campy for me. Much like the B8-9 spot, you're really passive and don't actually have good shots on things until the battle is half decided. Furthermore, there's normally going to be someone who parks behind some bushes there (or artillery). Needless to say, I tend to avoid the center of the swamp like the plague.
  10. Yup, I constantly get downvoted when I post anything Clan Wars relate on the subreddit.
  11. I don't think this will account for them. It certainly seems to be a copy of League of Legends's ranked queue.
  12. There is a bonus for getting a killing blow, but nowhere have I seen this bonus as being that high. One problem with just raw damage is that if you were not spotting your targets yourself, then you are giving up a chunk of that xp (half) to whoever was spotting the target for you. On the other hand, if you are spotting a lot of damage for your team, then you can get a high XP game without a lot of damage done yourself. The WoT Wiki has some info on what gives experience.
  13. BiggieD61, most clans will keep their membership in the 90-100 range, even if they have a bunch of people to boot because of inactivity. The reason is that Clan Wars gives you chips (used to setup battles/hold territories) equivalent to the number of people in your clan. So often clans may have people they'd be willing to switch out for promising new blood. If you're interested and Hyttech is offering, they are probably thinking longterm in regards to recruitment and therefore they might be completely willing to help you grow into a stronger Clan Wars player.
  14. Ahh, I've never actually downloaded the program. I would've figured that it has more than just armor values: my phone app even has more than that (penetration guide & hit locations).
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