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  1. Command/Pask tank is ready for painting:
  2. I love me Dark Angels, it's obvious in the fact I sold all my other marines when the new Dark Angels codex came out. For some reason, ever since I picked up one of his Last Chancers novels years ago and read one paragraph of that utter tripe, I have disliked Gav Thorpe ever since. However, I did say fuck that to doing the bone armour on my Deathwing and have done them in first founding colours instead...
  3. o.0 what kool aid you been drinkin? I assume your talking about the novel Angels of Darkness where Boreas is talking to the fallen and he is all like "The Lion was waiting to see who won." ?
  4. Taking a break from finishing the Dark Angels to start painting my first Leman Russ for next years Armies on Parade (stepping out of lazy comfort zone to learn some new processes so starting early). Traded my Sigmarites half of the starter set for what I thought was the khorne half, and end. up with an extra 24 Chaos Warriors, Slaughterbrute, Shrine of Chaos, hounds, Chariot, 5 Chaos Ogres and a Daemon prince. All he wanted for the extra stuff was one of the Sigmarite Prosecutor characters.. SOOOOOOLD! I'll try and get some pics of the Leman Russ this weekend, waiting on the wife
  5. This goes to show that when I behave in stronks, I gets banana... also Predavolk looks pretty hot in purple...
  6. *mutters something about Henry Blake* PS: Fastbois with Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation fun times gets me beat after I get off teamspeak.... and not in a good way.
  7. I'm off to the nearest street corner to make some money... Rough ideas of what this'll go for in the store?
  8. So, apparently I'm banned on the EU server, according to a response from WG support. Whadafuq!?

  9. "Your account has been suspended. Reason: this account has been locked on the non-selected server due to your selection during the EU/NA split."

    Didn't want to see my Type-59 in HD on the 9.10 test server anyways... /wipes tear.

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    2. Assassin7


      I think that means when the servers split from EU to NA your account on the EU server was locked and transferred to the NA server, but with the same login details its tried to log in to the EU account on the test server, and obviously failed. 

    3. KenadianCSJ


      There were dark days where we had to play with yuros?

    4. DarkApostle


      The split was actually before 7.2 ironically. I had now issues a few Tests ago, thought it might have been something client side so logged on using a long lost alt and it works, so it's Wargaming's end.

  10. Looked at Buell, just doesn't do it for me for some reason, but they seem like an interesting bike. Just something about V-twins. They feel more "alive" to me, if that makes any sense.
  11. Went from this (Bought it new in 05, put 88,000km on her >.< ) To this for about a year, then moved to Canada Then bought this when I got to Canada (notice a them here?): annnd eventually I want to get one of these: I have to say, out of all of them, and I have ridden a TRX-850 before too, the VTR was the most fun, and noisy, and cranky.. bloody lack of fuel injection cantankerous old cow <3
  13. Heh, yeah, but I've burnt out tbh, I've been playing PvE in both WoWS and AW atm just because of R/L stress and no interesting in anonymous ragers (no one here really, more myself then the other people funnily enough lol.) Sorry if I came off rather pitchfork and torch style, not my intent. Just tired of the local scene here at home bashing without walking into the store and physically trying it. Thus far people who have voiced ire, and come in, have walked out rather chuffed. It's not everyone's cup of tea of course, some adults enjoy nothing more then stomping kids and teenagers into the gr
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