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  1. Feeling generous - last week I gifted a Patton KR to someone...this week I will gift a Mutz (not the dumbass bundle) to an EU player. I will be using a random name picker so just say "pick me you scrub!" and I will add you to the list. You have til 6PM London UK time. Noon here in central NA. (note I pay for this out of my own pocket as I am not a WG pawn like some we know :P)

    ***Extended to 1045PM UK time - I am at work in central NA and its making the time go by :)


  2. Hey lads, i am not dead. World of Tonks just burnt me out and i stopped playing it for now. I have some private stuff aswell which i have to take care first. Sorry for me disappearing out of nowhere. I promise that i will come back, just not now. ~constie 

  3. fgt stahp being dededed u shud be back nao ;__;

    1. Constie


      oi still alive just 3 more weeks, not time to do stuff. be back soon :d

  4. T22sr on supertest, a tier X reward tank, for a free for all mode? Did I read that right on Rita's blog?

  5. twitch.tv/k0lnidur

  6. Haven't played since July, 4th game back and I get an Ace in JP2... plsssss WG don't nerf this beauty



    1. Constie


      Its just the mantlet which will get nerfed. Lets see how much of a problem it will get.

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  7. 6 fires in 16 battles, so nice to play

  8. Buy 46 Patton or T-29 first?

  9. Worth rebuying T-54 to 3mark it? :serb:  I did like a few games only when it was put in HD.

  10. Which one should I get E50, JGE100 or WZ-131?

  11. Which one should I get E50, JGE100 or WZ-131?

    1. Constie


      I would get the JPE just because it is on sale

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  12. Played 71 battles over the weekend during arty LT mission BS... rip stats :(

    1. Constie


      Yea fuck the light missions, even if i disliked them i kinda managed a 3.5k wn8 or something like that over 80 battles. Now i just need two more for the T55a q.q

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  13. Also, happy birthday to me. Its gona be 1 hr from now actually, but its nearly dat day

  14. How the FUCK do I E50M?  The armor is absolute shit, I honestly think I need to get a leo instead.  Angled lower plate? No problem for tier 7 lights.  Turret? Fuck just snapshot it and it will go in.  I can't believe people think this tank is good atm it's only redeeming qualities are the gun.

    Maybe QB was right................

  15. How 2 German casemate TD? I'm at the Stug atm, starting I grind I should have done years ago :doge:

  16. Was just pondering over some of my less prouder moments in life and then I get this fucking captcha


  17. Am I the only one who's been getting only shit games on EU since 2 weeks?

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