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  1. Confirmed to be no better than the 2nd best ever xp.  

    Apparently there was a battle where all 30 players were dropped, and only 1 guy got back in.  He single handedly killed all the stationary enemy tanks.  

    That is what it takes to beat that XP.

    Heard of it, never saw the actual battle.

  2. Pray for now arty and play the middle if you have somewhat decent gun dep. Hill on 1-2 is a pure campfest so you will not win the game from there most of the times.

    Forest can be somewhat useful if you have a semi decent scout which can spot all those campers in the back.

    With arty i am playing the map kinda the same just changing positons more often.

  3. 1. ) T10 Jap = Maus = No use in CW or SHs // T8 Jap = KV-4 = No use in CW or SHs

    2.) Nothing has a resistance to gold ammo (can't sidescrape like a Maus to absorb everything but lets be honest, who shoots a Maus when its angled perfectly) It has some flat parts and is kinda easy to pen if you shoot it right.

    3.) see 1.)

    4.) Free xp to Tier 5 -> Play the Tier 6 -> Free xp the Tier 7 -> Play the Tier 8 -> If you want play the Tier 9 or free xp it -> T10 basically the T9 but a bit better




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