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  1. Z8kdQdo.gif


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TAdoo87


      wow, actually there is a 55mm thick turret ring, but you have to really zoom in to even see the gap.



    3. hallo1994


      That's a small shell.

    4. Fulcrous


      Given the distance and height, I highly doubt it was the turret ring simply due to how angles and small gaps work.

  2. My 15th tier x 3 mark o;ixT5Q1n.jpg

  3. Well I added my 14th 3 marked ten to my account nf3ghhn.jpg


    1. leggasiini


      Gj dude! :sealofapproval:

      Marked mine right after patch hit on live as expected values were low enough

  4. Well I've 3 marked my 13th tier 10



  5. When he says ru meds does it also include the 430?
  6. WEW LADS ADDED MY 11th 3 marked ten



    1. Spartan96


      change ur name to Night pls thanks :3


      always think this is assads posting alt or something XD


  7. Posting this a little late, but did this last Thursday.



  8. got my 8th 3 marked tier 10 today, fatton op



  9. Well I just added my 6th 3rd marked tier 10 to my garage



    1. westybig


      needs more chat windows kappa

  10. Idk i feel like that I can actually hug ridges now without getting stuck on them is worth the mobility nerf. It honestly is the only reason I could 3 mark the 263 because I could brawl everything with out getting stuck on hill glue. I have also been driving my mediums the same as before, but don't really notice it. I will say I have noticed a huge nerf in reverse speed for heavy tanks in some situations. Like I was playing the 215b and it went 7 in reverse which was very frustrating. I think overall though that this patch made some of the biggest terrain problems go away. I do think it is stupid that you can flip you tank though and that I hope wargaming will disable that feature in a future patch.
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