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  1. You are the cutest thing since sliced cookies.

  2. Zytyx


    Wait what?!?!? Sources?
  3. Zytyx


    The dex has been datamined, seems like the BSTs, typings, and flavor texts were scrubbed. https://sli.mg/a/4HOcnq http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pokemon-sun-and-moon-demo-datamine-collection.3584810/
  4. Zytyx


    The new support sniper is coming!!!!!!!!!
  5. Zytyx


    The Early Access is nearly upon us! Who are you most excited to play? Also, if you preordered by April 29 and haven't received your keys, check here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/breaking/20057851
  6. Overwatch Early Access Hype!

    Also, if you haven't got your key yet and you preordered before April 29, check this out:  https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/breaking/20057851

  7. Finally hit 1k battles


    hopefully I can continue working on being less terrible

  8. If your T530 has an ExpressCard slot, it is possible using an adapter. I've used PE4L on a T420 with little issues. It goes for around $50 on ebay (http://goo.gl/a7yvk7) The issue is the bottle necking due to the limited bandwidth across the ExpressCard slot. You'd also need to supply your own power supply for the gpu.
  9. Zytyx


    After a bit of research myself, It seems Primal Groudon and Xerneas with a power herb are the way to go. I just look around nugget bridge, look up replays of the usual top end players, and browse the showdown usage stats (http://www.smogon.com/stats/)
  10. Zytyx


    Might be a little late, but I do. Probably not the current VGC format though.
  11. I've been lurking on this site for a little bit now, just been a bit too shy to really post much. Seeing all of the recent new player posts, I can probably just casually slip this one in. A bit of history about me and this game (probably long and incoherent) Recently I've been grinding out the Vk 30.01h and the Pz 3/4. I've been really enjoying the gun on the vk, not so much of how slow it is. I'd really like to learn how the play the 3/4 better. Other than that, I'll probably continue down the E-100 line and the 2 German medium lines. Anyways, here's a cat pic for your
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