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  1. Worst clan: BALBA They only play arty... not need to say anything more
  2. If a chinese med can hit 500+, this TD should nuke the map. BTW, another -3 gun depression? Waiting for WG create full flat ground map
  3. Wait, its in ur modpack for 9.15? OMG i ll try it tomorow.
  4. 200+ ping on west. ( tbh i got 200+ on east until last month and 300 on west ). Now 150 on west and 220-250 on west. So impossible to play
  5. SkylineSC

    Type 59 Fan Club

    90% of MoE. Thinking in go full gold to try 95%
  6. Deathadder 2013 here. For me one of the bests. its awesome for FPS and good to wot, at least to me
  7. 1. get the 13-90 2. go full apcr 3.bia and camo on crew 4. use spot mechanics to spot and shot without be spotted. 5. be happy
  8. Mittengard in tier X. Broken MM? k8Hkx5X.jpg 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Private_Miros


      Epic troll. I'd do nothing else with a sheriff account :P

    3. SkylineSC


      i did 0 dmg cuz i alt tab to talk to my friend on ts and i forget we spawn spotted ;/ 

      its now a sherrif account, its training/league account. didnt know that WG accounts can pick maps. 

    4. Fulcrous


      That was a training/match account. That isn't allowed as far as I am aware. Time to PM dance Kappa.

  9. Sorry for the delay to respond. Basic they dont take take seriusly a game. they think `ooo, its just a game, its not seriusly`and then they play for fun. But this for fun is destroying other people game. They do fail platoon ( take WoT as exemple), spamming on voip and text chat at every game. Usualy the tags and names with BR its because some brazilians are verry patriot ( less than 10% of Americans are, but they still patriots) and they put as simbol of this patriotism. In other hand, shitty BR kids put beacuse the Hu3 BR expression, which basicly means troll everything. http://na.wgleague.net/en/team/red-canids/ Here are the ex -GO-, now Red Canids. If you to remember some names
  10. Im Brasilian and i admit, 99,9% of BR clans are toxic. If you read portuguese part of wot forum, every week someone post something about other BR clan. Its like they battle to see who is the worst. For me, the only clan that save in Brasil is -GO- ( Game Over ). Now we have 2 "clans" for tournament teams. Red Canids ( whos playing the grand finals ) and INTZ ( the team i joined last week to try Gold League). The best part of forum is to read someone with 1300 DPG on Obj 907 asking for WG to sell type 59. If he have 1300DPG in an awesome tier 10, what he will do in a tier 8 with bad aim? 400 DPG? Almost all T-22, VK 72, Obj 907 and M60 from BR clans came from combined battles. Sorry for my bad english :/
  11. I usually play RU meds. If you want to invite me. ( im BR, good at english, but sometimes maybe the comunication will fail )
  12. Please, someone teach me how to cent 7/1 pls
  13. How do i install?? Where put the 2 files??? I did a long time ago,but now i cant
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